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SmokTech 900mAh Ego Battery

Smok Tech 900mAh Ego Battery




SmokTech 900mAh Ego Battery

This is a 900mAh eGo Battery battery that is not too big but still allows the ability to vape all day. It has a sealed 510 connector. These eGo Batteries have a switch made of hard plastic, making it more durable.  The button has a white LED and a five push on/off functionality. 

Approximate Dimensions: Length 89mm, Diameter 14mm 

Please note: The eGo batteries should be charged with the eGo charger only or the batteries may be damaged. The eGo charger should not be used with other 510 batteries or the batteries will be damaged. Low Resistance(less than 2.0 ohms) atomizers and cartomizers should not be used with eGo batteries. eGo batteries and chargers come with a 30 day warranty.

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