WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaporlax Sirius Disposable Vape

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There are many longer lasting disposable vapes on the market, but few can match the e-liquid capacity and flavor quality of the Vaporlax Sirius. A premium disposable, the manufacturer estimates at least 2200 puffs from this compact device. The rounded mouthpiece generates great airflow and flavor. The actual flavors contained within the cylindrical Vaporlax Sirius are outstanding. The Vaporlax Sirius is a serious piece of hardware for a one-time use disposable vape. With a 1500mAh, the Sirius has plenty of power and longevity to provide days of vaping enjoyment.



Vaporlax Sirius Disposable Vape

The convenience of disposable vapes is irrefutable. They require no charging, filling, or charging. You don’t need to worry about leaking bottles, burnt coils, swapping pods or even a fire button to push. Disposable vapes become even more convenient when their lifecycle is increased. And the Vaporlax Sirius dramatically increases how long you can expect a disposable to last. It holds an astounding 10ml of salt nic juice. This is equivalent to a third of an entire nic salt bottle. This is seven times bigger than an original Puff Bar disposable vape and over a dozen times the capacity of a Juul pod.

The flavors really work too. Sure, there are smaller Vaporlax disposables on the market but this one is the flagship. It might be the best and longest lasting disposable vape.

Vaporlax Sirius Disposable Vape Specifications

  • Capacity: 10ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg
  • Battery: 1500mAh
  • Puffs: Over 2200

Vaporlax Sirius Disposable Vape Flavors

Apple Peach Pear Vaporlax Sirius

Not every adult vaper is looking for menthol ice salt nic juices. There is something to be said about the sweet and subtle notes of well-executed fruit flavors without a hint of menthol. This is what the Apple Peach Pear Vaporlax Sirius delivers 10ml of. It is a flavor you won’t get tired of because the fruit notes are executed to perfection. The pear and peach play off each other while the apple is subtle but easily detected in every satisfying puff.

Banana Ice Vaporlax Sirius

There are a ton of great banana ice disposable vapes. But not many have an e-liquid capacity of 10ml or the great vapor production of the Banana Ice Vaporlax Sirius. This flavor is a star in the salt nic juice world for many reasons. Banana nic salts simply taste delicious and what they need is a blast of menthol to erase the faint artificial notes. This is the creamy, sweet, and robust flavor that the Vaporlax Sirius delivers every time.

Blue Razz Vaporlax Sirius

The Blue Razz Vaporlax Sirius moves to the head of the disposable vape class due to its pristine flavors and amazing 10ml e-liquid capacity. The sweet and tart notes of summery blue razz are executed. This is a timeless flavor that manages to be sweet without being cloying. The smoothness of the nic salt vapor makes blue raspberry an especially satisfying flavor profile. If you love blue razz nic salt nic juices, we highly recommend the Blue Razz Vaporlax Sirius.

Blueberry Ice Vaporlax Sirius

Deep and rich blueberry nic salt paired with menthol ice, this sweet and cool e-liquid blend is an all-day vape. Thanks to the Vaporlax Sirius and its 10ml salt nic juice capacity, you will get much more than a day of vaping out it. The Blueberry Ice Vaporlax Sirius really cashes in on the strength of fruit and menthol ice flavor combinations. These flavor profiles simply work together, and it is hard to go wrong. But some are better than others and the Vaporlax Sirirus Blueberry Ice is one of the best.

Cool Mint Vaporlax Sirius

If you are an adult vaper who loves mint nic salts, it would have been hard to imagine even two years ago that there would be easy-to-use and prefilled nic salt disposables that held 10ml of amazing cool mint salt nic juice. Yet that is the reality. The Cool Mint Vaporlax Sirius is unquestionably one of the best Juul Mint alternatives. It is also near the top of longest lasting disposable vapes. What is not to love? The sweetness of the spearmint is well balanced by a huge blast of cooling menthol, all of which works great in a smooth salt nic juice formula.

Crush Grape Vaporlax Sirius

The Crush Grape Vaporlax Sirius is a solid beverage vape that really mimics the flavor of grape soda. The concord notes are a bit tart and acidic, more like a refreshing pop and the sugar seems to have a fizzy kick, rather than a jellied edge. If you like the flavor of Concord Grape but would like this flavor turbo charged with more sweetness, brightness and tartness, the Crush Grape Vaporlax Sirius crushes it.

Energy Vaporlax Sirius

The Energy Vaporlax Sirius is a bull in a china shop. You won’t be seeing red after sampling this familiar mix of sweet and sour flavors. A great beverage salt nic juice, there isn’t much else to be said about the flavor profile. You will know it if you taste it and probably should have a good idea what inspired it already.

Icy Fruits Vaporlax Sirius

A fruit medley mixed with ice, the Icy Fruits Vaporlax Sirius is a perfect nic salt juice for fans of beverage vapes like fruit punch, fans of fruit and menthol ice blends and vapers who prefer their fruit flavors to be authentic. This salt nic juice is all things to adult vapers. Enjoy a cold burst citrus flavors and a twist of tropical lychee. Sweet and tart, this is a perfectly balanced all day vape.

Peach Ice Vaporlax Sirius

The Peach Ice Vaporlax Sirius is a long-lasting disposable loaded with the vibrant and sweet flavors of peach e-liquid. An incredibly intricate peach is coupled with a frigid menthol ice finish. This is crucial as peach is sweet flavor profile and it keeps the entire flavor well-balanced. If you like juicy peach e-liquid, the Vaporlax Sirius is a great choice. The 10ml capacity is near the top of the industry.

Pineapple Peach Mango Vaporlax Sirius

Pineapple, peach, and mango are great fruit salt nic flavors. Each is bursting with unique flavor elements, and they all mesh well together. Pineapple is very sweet but has a tropical edge that keeps things interesting. Peach is a juicy and distinct flavor. Mango is one of the best salt nic juice flavors ever. So tropical and deep, the notes are never too sweet and extremely unique. With this trifecta of flavors, the Pineapple Peach Mango Vaporlax Sirius is a winner.

Rainbow Mix Vaporlax Sirius

The Rainbow Mix Vaporlax Sirius may take its flavor inspiration from a confectionary favorite, but the fruit notes are precise enough to stand on their own. The combination of sweet and sour is distinct. It is also immediately recognizable. There is enough variety in this medley of flavors that you will not tire of the Rainbow Mix Vaporlax Sirius as you reach the bottom of the massive 10ml e-liquid capacity.

Strawberry Banana Vaporlax Sirius

Strawberry is a fantastic salt nic juice flavor. Banana nic salts really shine brightest when mixed into cohesive flavor formulations. Both flavors are in their element in the Strawberry Banana Vaporlax Sirius. The strawberry is the foundational flavor, but the banana is so strong and distinct that it shares equal billing. The tartness and distinct sweetness of the strawberry buries any lingering artificial banana notes and lets the tropical sweet banana flavor really shine. This is a tremendous flavor combination and meant to be enjoyed all-day. The 10ml Vaporlax Sirius certainly is up to that task and then some.

Strawberry Cream Vaporlax Sirius

The Strawberry Cream Vaporlax Sirius falls back on one of the classic flavor pairings in vaping. Take a sweet and refreshing strawberry and smooth it out with a silky cream finish. This is a flavor that has been popular since vaping flavors began. It is especially well suited to the smooth and long lasting Vaporlax Sirius. The airflow and smooth nic salt finish really draw out all the delicious cream and strawberry flavor elements. A vaping classic reimagined in a long-lasting disposable vape.

Tropical Punch Vaporlax Sirius

Tropical Punch Vaporlax Sirius is a refreshing and bold beverage nic salt. This isn’t just some cut-rate fruit punch mix. This flavor is bursting with tropical guava, airy watermelon, tangy lemons, and tart mixed berries. A blast of fruity deliciousness. If you are looking for a fruity all-day vape without menthol, the Tropical Punch Vaporlax Sirius is a perfect fit.

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