WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SmokTech Novo X Vape Kit

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  • Internal Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  • Input Voltage: 3.3-4.2V
  • Output Voltage: 0.5-4.0V
  • Output Power: 1-25W


SmokTech Novo X Vape Kit

The full-fledged novo series ushers in another new member, the novo X, which is a stylish and ergonomic pod system powered by an 800mAh battery. It has an adjustable power range of 1-25 watts and uses two 2ml 0.8-ohm MTL pods, allowing you to enjoy the top level MTL vaping with satisfying throat hit. The novo X adopts a small power button and OLED display to present a fresh look and offer more possibilities worth exploring. Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience.


  • Height: 92mm
  • Width: 26.5mm
  • Thickness: 16.5mm
  • Weight: 50.2g


  • Internal Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  • Input Voltage: 3.3-4.2V
  • Output Voltage: 0.5-4.0V
  • Output Power: 1-25W


1 x SmokTech Novo X Device

2 x SmokTech Novo DC 0.8 Ohm Replacement Coils (2mL)

1 x USB Cable

User Manual


SMOK Novo X Overview

The SMOK Novo X is the next big thing in pod-based vaping, and it comes in quite a small package. This newest pod from the Novo series packs everything you could want from a pod into its slim, compact design. There is even a miniature OLED display screen, which is usually only found on much larger vaping devices, like box mods. This is only one small element that makes the Novo X an incredible piece of technology, though. This vape also has a powerful internal 800 mAh battery that keeps its charge all day long and a user-friendly and discreet design. Plus, it has the perfect functionality for great tasting mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping and large, thick vapor clouds. Each of the reimagined and improved features brings you something totally different than any other pod-based vape currently on the market. If you’re looking for an awesome new device that will bring you intense flavors, dense clouds, and smooth MTL vaping, the SMOK Novo X may be the perfect vape for you.

What the Kit Includes

When you purchase your SMOK Novo X kit, you will receive several things in the box. First, you will see the 800 mAh battery pack, which will be in the color of your choice. You will also find two pods, each with a 2-milliliter capacity. Each pod is equipped with a different coil. One will be a 0.8 ohms dual coil for perfect MTL vaping and a great throat hit. The other pod will have a 0.8 ohms meshed coil, which will provide maximum vapor for dense clouds. You should also receive a USB cable to recharge your battery. It plugs into a slot on the bottom of the battery pack.
Your SMOK Novo X will come with a user manual, too, which you should read thoroughly before you use your vape. It’s important to understand exactly how to put the device together, how the device works, and what to do if anything happens to it. You will want to be able to find that manual in case of a vaping emergency. Because of this, you should keep all of your vaping products together. Since vape juice needs to be kept in a cool, dark, dry place, it’s best to designate a drawer or cabinet to keep all of your items. That way, everything is kept safe and is easy to find, and ready for your next vaping session.


Like all pod-based vaping systems, the Novo X is designed for portability. The body of the entire vape, even with the pod and mouthpiece attached, measures only 25.5 millimeters by 9.2 millimeters by 16.5 millimeters. It only weighs 50.2 grams, so you can keep it in your pocket discreetly and take it with you wherever you go without weighing yourself down, like with larger box mods.
Without the powerful battery running the Novo X, this vape wouldn’t be capable of providing such an impressive vaping experience. Luckily, it comes equipped with a battery with an 800 Ah capacity. This battery can put out up to 25 watts of energy for a single hit. The input voltage is between 3.3 and 4.2 volts, and the output voltage ranges from 0.5 to 4.0 volts. This battery has a 5-volt charging voltage, and the max charging current is 0.68 amps. The resistance for the Novo X is between 0.4 and 3 ohms. The standby current stays below 5 uA at all times. The overcharge voltage is 4.3 volts, with an over-discharge voltage of 2.4 volts and an overcharge current of 1.75 amps.

Low Profile Design

Its compact size isn’t the only thing that makes the SMOK Novo X so discreet. While the design seems simple, there was clearly a lot of consideration on how to get the best-performing and best-looking vape possible in such a small package.
To add to the sleek design of the Novo X, the pod’s tank and coils are hidden within the body of the vape. The pod is still removable, but it slides into a hole at the top of the battery to lock into place. Only the mouthpiece and the tiny airflow holes are left visible. Hiding the pod like this streamlines the device, giving it a stylish, minimal look.
The added OLED screen on the Novo X is not found on most other pods of this size. However, to avoid an overly complicated aesthetic and simplify the functionality, there is only one activation button. This button is very small and discreet. It allows you to control the heat of your coils, adjust your settings, and monitor data about how your device is functioning.
Each of the color choices for the SMOK Novo X fit well with the simple looks the designers were going for with the rest of the design. Most of the choices include a rich color of your choice with a subtle cobra scale design that adds just enough detail for interest. You can get this cobra design in silver, black, blue, white, or with a seven-color gradient. If you’re looking for something that stands out a little bit more, you might prefer one of the resin stabilizing wood designs, which comes in black or red. This design incorporates a flowy, resin-like splash of color between realistic-looking wood. The final option is the seven-color resin design, which is an interesting blend of eye-catching colors. There’s a style for everyone with this vape. You will be able to find one that looks amazing with your own personal style.

Portability With No Spills

All pod-based vapes are made to be carried around and used throughout the day. Obviously, with its size and pocketability, the Novo X is no different. However, this pod has an added edge on much of the competition because of one of its most interesting features. The hidden tank that slides into the battery of the vape adds an extra barrier to prevent any spillage throughout the day. You won’t reach into your pocket to find that sticky vape juice leaking all over your favorite jeans again. Not only does it ruin your jeans for the day, but it also is a waste of valuable vape juice. Save money and stress in the long run by investing in a vape that has an added protection against spills. Keep the juice in the tank where it should be.

The Smallest Display Screen Imaginable

Typically, only large box mods include a display screen. E-cigarettes of this size also only have one setting, and you can’t adjust them to easily find the best levels for your personal preference. However, the SMOK Novo X has an extra small OLED display screen that allows you to see everything that’s going on with your vape at any given time. You can even adjust the settings to find that sweet spot for your preferred vaping style.
The Novo X display screen is less than half an inch at 0.49 inches. Even though this display screen is so small, most people can easily read the information on it. You can see all of the key data for your device, including battery level and charging status. There’s no need to decipher the flashing lights that some other small pod-based vapes have to communicate what’s going on inside your vape. You can read all the important details displayed clearly right on the side of the battery pack.

The Built-in Battery

Despite having to fit into an extremely small space, the battery in the SMOK Novo X is quite powerful. It’s an 800mAh battery with a USB cord for charging. The charging slot is at the bottom of the vape, on the opposite end from the mouthpiece. As long as you recharge it regularly, this battery will power the device all day, letting you enjoy unlimited hits from your vape. Even if you’re a chain vaper, you can easily monitor the battery level on the OLED display screen, so you will never be surprised with a suddenly dead battery. You will have plenty of time to get your Novo X charged, and then you can continue to enjoy that delicious vapor.
As mentioned earlier, most pods of this size don’t allow for power adjustment. The settings are usually fixed, or you can only change a few of them. However, thanks to the OLED screen, the Novo X has a power adjustment feature. Depending on the effects you’re looking for, just a few hits of the button will let you change your power level from anything between one and 25 watts. The different coil options require different power levels, so knowing exactly what wattage your battery is emitting is important for the health of your coils. This ability to personalize your settings is no longer just a feature of box mods. This is another way the Novo X is reimagining what pod-based vapes look like.

The Hidden Tank

Since the tank is hidden within the body of the pod along with the battery, it must be small enough to fit in that tight spot. Even so, the SMOK Novo X tanks can hold as much as 2 milliliters, which is standard for pods that are much less discreet and compact. The tank has built-in coils, so the entire pod needs replacement when the coils have been used up. If you notice that the vapor tastes burnt, it is time to replace the pod.
The pod is where the entire vaporization process occurs. Even though the tank is hidden within the vape, it still has excellent airflow and uses some of the best coils. The coils also offer versatility. You can choose between the meshed or dual coils. The Novo X kit comes with one of each, so you can test each one and decide which one you prefer. These coils, along with the strong airflow, make this pod perfect for producing delicious vapor, no matter which coils you decide to go with. If you like large clouds, the meshed coils will give you exactly what you want. If you prefer excellent taste and a perfect throat hit, the dual coils are the ones for you.

Filling Your Tank

When your tank runs out of vape juice, refilling it is simple. When you remove the tank and mouthpiece from the battery, you will see a silicone stopper on the side of the pod. Lift the stopper from the lower side, and the access slot will be visible. If there is any vape juice in the tank, be sure to turn it to the side to avoid spilling the liquid out of the access slot. Insert the vape juice while being careful not to overfill the tank, and then close the silicone stopper. Be sure to clean up any vape juice that might have spilled, especially if it has gotten inside the battery of the vape. Once you’ve done this, simply return the pod to its home in the battery and continue enjoying your Novo X.

Ideal Coils for MTL Vaping

The coil options for the SMOK Novo X are guaranteed to give you the best flavor possible from the first drag to the last. The kit comes with two pods that have different coils installed: one meshed coil option and one dual coil (DC) option. Both of these coils provide amazing flavor and work perfectly with the Novo X, but there are a few key differences between them.
Dual coil pods are for vapers who prefer mouth to lung (MTL) vaping. The dual coils work best between 12 and 25 watts, so you will be able to get a great throat hit with MTL vaping. These coils focus on giving you the absolute best flavors from your vape juice. They don’t waste energy creating large, dense clouds of vapor if that’s not what you’re looking for.
For cloud chasing vapers, the Novo X meshed pods might be the better option. There is a much larger surface area that heats up, meaning more vape juice can be vaporized in much less time. The recommended power level is 10-15 watts with the meshed coils. The flavor from these coils is excellent but not quite as rich as the vapor from the dual coil pods.
Depending on what you want most from your vape, you can choose the coils that work best for you. Since the Novo X kit comes with one of each, try both. You may prefer one over the other, or you may like both for different reasons. Either way, you can stock up on all the coils you need from the SMOK website.

Innovative Airflow

All of these intricate parts of the SMOK Novo X would be useless if the vape didn’t have an adequate airflow system. Luckily, the airflow through the tank and coils of the Novo X is highly efficient, even though the entire tank sits inside the body of the vape. When you take a draw from the mouthpiece, the air is taken in from small holes on either side of the pod. These holes sit right between the mouthpiece and the lip of the battery pack. The engineers who designed the Novo X were able to make such a tiny space usable, thereby allowing the vape to remain as small as possible while still getting the maximum amount of air through the coils.
When the air enters the tank, it is taken through two U-shaped airflow tubes on each side of the coil. This allows the air to pick up as much vape juice as possible before entering the heated coils. Depending on the coil you chose, you will receive either a restricted MTL throat hit or a dense cloud of vapor.

Safety Features

One of the most important things to consider when looking for your next vape is the safety features that it implements. Accidents are rare with most vapes, but with every new model, more and more safety features can be included to give you the safest vaping experience possible. This is true with the newest edition in SMOK’s Novo series.
The Novo X has several features designed to prevent accidents from a malfunctioning battery. With this vape, you will have lithium-ion protection and protection against short-circuit and low voltage. The Novo X also has atomizer recognition so that you will know that your pod is securely connected. Using your vape without a strong connection will not give you the best results that this device can deliver. It can also cause glitches in the battery, which can lead to safety hazards.
Sometimes, user error is the cause of a battery malfunction. Fortunately, the SMOK Novo X has an 8-second cutoff timer for each draw you take. Limiting the amount of time that the battery puts out energy will save battery life and prevent the coils from overheating. Overheated coils will have to be replaced more frequently than those that are regulated. If you tend to hit your vape several times in a row or take long drags, you may be overworking your coils. This 8- second cutoff helps prevent any unnecessary damage.

Staff Pick Review

There are so many things to love about the SMOK Novo X vape. It is one of the best pod-based vapes currently on the market. The small size does not take away from the power and capabilities that the Novo X vape offers. The technology has improved significantly since the first Novo device from SMOK. The fact that it can even include an OLED screen on such a small battery pack is impressive in itself, and that’s just one small aspect of what makes this little pod so great.
The power that the Novo X battery is capable of emitting is another amazing feature. Because SMOK was able to put such a powerful battery in such a small device, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor or vapor production to have a compact, portable vape.
The safety features of the SMOK Novo X are also impressive. When you’re looking for any electronic device, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not that item is safe. There have been reports of malfunctioning vapes causing a safety hazard, but this is extremely rare. With the Novo X vape, though, there are several safety features in place to protect you.
One of the best things about the Novo X is the versatility that it offers users. Most pods of this size have settings that stay constant, but this advanced device has several adjustable settings so that you can customize your vaping experience to fit you best.
Even more versatility is available with the different options you have for the coils your pods contain. If you like mouth to lung vaping, the dual coil pods will give you an amazing throat hit with the richest possible flavor. On the other hand, if you like large clouds and dense, flavorful vapor, you can use the meshed coils, which have the most surface area possible to ensure that a large amount of liquid is vaporized with each hit you take. You don’t have to choose between one or the other, though. Both types of pod come with the kit, and you can purchase replacements of both.
If you’ve been trying to find the perfect pod-based vape system, the SMOK Novo X might be just what you’ve been looking for. It will be hard to find a vape of this size with such advanced features. You won’t be disappointed by this device.

Final Thoughts

With everything the SMOK Novo X offers, it is clearly one of the best pod-based vapes on the market today. If you like mouth-to-lung vaping or dense, rich clouds, you will love this device. It has taken all the wonderful things about the first generation of the Novo series and amplified them to make a truly impressive device in the Novo X. If you think this vape is for you, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed by the vaping experience you’ll get from the SMOK Novo X.

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