WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

I Love Salts, Grappleberry, 30ml


Grape, apple and blueberry are e-liquid royalty. Grappleberry I Love Salts combines them into a cohesive whole that delivers plenty of flavor and satisfaction. While some fruity e-juices can overwhelm the taste buds, the crisp apple and blueberry flavors keep this nic salt from becoming too cloying. There is plenty of sweetness, but authentic tart fruit notes make I Love Salts Grappleberry a perfect all-day vape. 



What in the world is a Grappleberry? Apart from being the name of a delightful nic salt by Mad Hatter, it describes a marriage of grape, apple, and blueberry flavors. These flavors weren’t chosen at random when formulating Grappleberry I Love Salts. Each e-liquid flavor was specifically chosen for its defining flavor elements and the final product is greater than the sum of its parts.

A distinct Concord grape flavor adds dank depth and sweetness coupled with an almost tannin richness. Blueberry has tartness but is also awash in a sea of berry sweetness. Crisp green apple provides the sour kick necessary to cut through all the sugariness. What you end up with is a sweet salt nic juice flavor that manages to stay balanced without the use of menthol ice.

I Love Salts Grappleberry is a perfect choice for adults who use disposable vapes. Disposable vape flavors are generally fruity and sweet. Grappleberry delivers this flavor profile but is sold in 30ml bottles. All you need is a nice refillable vape pod kit and you can start saving right away. I Love Salts nic salt juices are available in 25mg/ml and 50mg/ml nic strength, vaping Grappleberry in an open pod system offers the same discrete experience that disposable vapes provide but without the waste or expense.

Warning: Nicotine salt e-liquids contain significantly higher levels of nicotine per milliliter and are not meant for use in high wattage and sub-ohm resistance devices. This e-liquid was formulated for use in refillable vape pod systems and ultra-low-output atomizers/mods.

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