WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Blossom, Tango

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It is easy to see why Blossom Tango is perhaps their most loved and popular flavor. Juicy dragon fruit, mango, and pineapple with a pinch of menthol are a match made in heaven. If you aren’t familiar with dragon fruit, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Described as a cross between a kiwi and a pear, dragon fruit may have an exotic name, but the flavor perfectly suited to the palette of the typical adult vaper. 

The addition of the classic vaping flavors mango and pineapple to this dragon fruit base result in an e-liquid that is the stuff of legends. The fruit flavors are then frozen fast in place and elevated with a hint of cool menthol.



Blossom, Tango

The tango is easily danceable in 4/4 and 2/4 time. In much the same vein, Blossom Tango works perfectly as a nic salt and a high-VG e-juice. Developed from a base of delightful dragon fruit, Tango by Blossom also features perfectly executed pineapple, mango, and a hint of menthol ice.

Dragon fruit itself is certainly a strange looking fruit with an exotic name. But the flavor is comforting and familiar. Usually compared to a kiwi and pear hybrid, the nectary goodness of dragon fruit is an inspired choice for an e-liquid flavor. Mango is one of the most popular e-liquid flavors ever for a reason. The dank tropical fruit notes are refreshing but never too sweet. Pineapple makes for a juicy treat as well and is balanced out by just a hint of minty chill.

Blossom E-Liquids use regular nicotine, although these same great flavors are also available as Blossom Salts. There is a nicotine free version available, and this is perfect for cloud chasers. The 70 percent VG formula is crafted with this style of vaping in mind. The vibrancy of the fruit flavors also lends itself to more discreet vaping. If you are looking for a nic salt alternative with less nicotine, Blossom Tango is available in 3 and 6mg/ml nicotine strength. This super e-juice is available in 60ml bottles and a discounted 120ml two pack.

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