WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Air Factory - Menthol

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The cool essence is taking center stage when it comes to Menthol by Air Factory. This icy treat is a fresh blast of cool air in and out. This is one of the most straight forward e-juices on the market. Many enjoy the classic menthol flavor with every puff on this e-liquid. Sold in 60ml bottles, Menthol Air Factory is available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths. You can also enjoy this flavor as a salt nic juice. Menthol Air Factory Salts has the same well-developed menthol flavor but in the form of a potent nic salt.



Air Factory – Menthol

Menthol by Air Factory is that classic menthol flavor that so many adult vapers love. While most adult vapers prefer sweeter flavor profiles and menthol mixed with fruit, there are those who are drawn to a straight menthol taste. Menthol Air Factory E-Liquid is perfect for those looking for an authentic tasting tobacco menthol flavor.

This minty cool taste was formulated to appeal to those who are gravitate towards menthol tobacco and want an alternative to combustible cigarettes. The icy sensation of menthol is often associated with bold fruit flavors, but there is always a place for menthol tobacco in any e-liquid lineup. The coolness of Air Factory takes center stage. It doesn’t need bright fruit notes to shine.

Menthol from Air Factory is a purely icy, minty flavor squeezed into the bottle. Lay this e-juice over your coils to get that chilly sensation without exaggerated fruit notes that overpower the menthol. If you are an adult vaper who is looking for a tobacco vape and wants to avoid potent salt nic juices and the expense of disposable vapes and refillable vape pods, Menthol Air Factory is a perfect vaping entrée.

For fans of more potent salt nic juices, the Air Factory Salts collection offers this same great flavor. If you are looking for the best Juul Menthol alternative, consider pairing Air Factory Menthol with the versatile Vaporesso XROS Mini refillable vape pod kit.

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