Does Vaping Increase Your Risk of COVID19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of people worried about what could increase their risk of getting sick. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of misleading claims being made about how vaping apparently can put someone at a higher risk. However, the actual research tells a different story.

What’s Reported

Many major news organizations are reporting that both smoking and vaping will place someone at a higher risk of harm from COVID-19. Several anti-vaping activist groups, such as the Truth Initiative and Parents Against Vaping and E-cigarettes are also using the pandemic as an opportunity to ramp up their efforts. Laurie Rubiner, executive vice president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, went so far as to say that “youth who vape are potentially more vulnerable to symptoms of COVID-19” at a National Medical Association webinar focused on COVID-19 and vaping.

Sadly, this kind of misinformation is not new. Back in 2019, vapes also came under attack when mysterious lung illnesses began to pop up and hospitalize nearly 3,000 Americans. The media, anti-vape groups, and even the FDA and CDC placed a lot of the blame onto vapes and e-cigarettes. Even when the research came out that black market cannabis carts tainted with vitamin E were the main cause, states still went through with anti-vape laws and bans.

What The Research Says 

When you look at what the current research states, it tells a much different story than what’s being reported. Experts such as Dr. Caitlin Notley from the University of East Anglia in England state that “There is no evidence that vaping increases the risk of infection or progression to severe conditions of COVID-19.” When the FDA claimed in March that vaping and e-cigarettes places people at a higher risk, several experts including professors from Harvard, NYU, and even the Iowa attorney general wrote to the agency stating there is no proven evidence for these claims. The FDA would eventually admit there is no proven link on April 15th.

In fact, it might be the case that anti-vaping efforts have worsened the COVID-19 pandemic, as many smokers may have been more inclined to switch over to vapes. Due to the misinformation, they think vapes are somehow just as bad for them, and don’t think they should make the switch. Some research is also looking at a potential link between how nicotine may actually decrease a person’s chances of getting sick.

As it stands, there isn’t any evidence at this time which links vaping to COVID-19. Therefore, be careful about what you might see stated elsewhere. At a time where there’s a lot of rumors going around, you want to make sure you stay on top of the facts.


Vaping Pens and Pods, Most Common Leaks That Occur

Leaking is something everyone will run into sooner or later when they vape. Still, that doesn’t make it any less annoying! Leaks can occur for many different reasons, but there’s a few which vapers tend to experience the most. Understanding what causes these leaks can help you know what you should try and check first…

Most Common Causes

  • Air Pressure

    – This is by far the most common reason behind leaks. As you vape, air takes up the space previously used by your e-Liquid. What ends up happening, especially when the tank is below half full, is that this new air pocket expands and contracts with temperature changes. As the air expands, such as when going from a cold environment to a warmer one, the pressure increases and causes the e-Liquid to over-saturate the coil and then overflow through the chimney and air vents. A simple solution is to make sure the tank is upside down when going to a warmer place so the air can expand and exit through the air vents instead of pushing the e-Liquid out.

    • This issue also occurs very frequently when travelling by air. Air pressure in the tank drops as the airplane takes off and increases as it descends, almost always leading to significant leaks. The best solution to this problem is to empty tanks prior to travel (Putting them in a plastic bag for extra protection is a good idea too!).

  • Filling/Draw Problems

    – Leaks can also occur due to issues with filling the tank or how you draw on the vape. For instance:

    • Pouring your e-Liquid down your chimney instead of the fill port will get your chimney, coil, and air flow slots filled with e-Liquid.
    • Drawing too hard and fast on your vape will “flood” the coil with too much e-Liquid, resulting in leaks.
    • Not properly closing your fill port will let air into the tank and cause air bubbles.

Luckily, these mistakes are easy to avoid as you continue to get more experience!

  • Worn/Broken Parts

    – It could be that your leaks are being caused by worn out or broken parts. There’s a few parts in particular which could be failing you, such as:

    • Your O-ring, which fails to maintain its seal as it wears out. Thankfully, most vapes come with extras for this reason.
    • Your coil, which struggles to soak up e-Liquid as it gets worn. Aside from replacing it with a new one, double-check to make sure it’s properly threaded as well.
    • Your tank, which may have cracks or fractures that cause leaks. Much like with the other parts, you’ll just need to get a new, non-cracked replacement.

We carry most of these parts both online and in store should you need to make any replacements!

Other Possible Causes

These causes aren’t as common as the previous ones, but they still could cause your vape to leak. These include:

  • Overdripping

    – This can be an issue if you use an RDA. Your RDA can only hold as much e-Liquid as the cotton can absorb. Any more will leak from the air holes or out the top. Make sure you keep an eye on how much e-Liquid you drip at a time to avoid this!

  • PG/VG Mix

    – Your e-Liquid’s PG/VG mix is an important part of your vaping experience. It could also potentially be causing your leaks. While it’s a bit of a complicated science, our knowledgeable team can help you find a good mix either in store or through our online chat!

Hopefully, this troubleshooting guide can help you fix your leaks and get back to vaping. If you experience any issues with one of our products, leaking or otherwise, be sure to drop by in-store or give us a call on our Guest Support Hotline at (704) 624-8551.


Vape-Related Illnesses: Know The Facts

Last year, several cases of “vape-related illnesses” began popping up in the United States. However, while the story itself has died down, much of the misinformation from that time is still around. This has unfortunately created a lot of misconceptions about vaping, which is why we want to make sure people are aware of what the truth really is.

What Was Stated

The first cases of vaping-related illnesses were reported back in April 2019 and remained rather steady before drastically spiking in September and then dropping off. Many of those who were reported as getting sick tended to be teens and young adults.

Both news outlets and health officials alike placed the blame for these illnesses on vaping products in general. Anti-Vape groups took advantage of the situation and led consumers to believe that ANY vaping product or e-cigarette could result in lung injuries and illnesses forming. This caused many cities, states and health groups to sound the alarm to ban all products with little to no information as to what the cause was.

Combined with anti-vaping parent groups, local and state governments overreacted and started banning nicotine vapes while largely leaving THC and CBD vapes alone. Eventually, this culminated in the federal ban on some cartridge-based e-cigarettes flavors, along with the raising of the legal age to purchase tobacco products from 18 to 21.

What’s Really the Case

Very early on, it became apparent that it actually wasn’t nicotine vaping products which were causing these illnesses. In fact, data from as early as October 2019 shows that most of the people who reported getting sick were primarily using illicit, pre-filled THC carts, especially those from the Dank Vapes brand.

What was found was that these illicit carts tended to have very high levels of vitamin E acetate. These carts had been using vitamin E acetate as a cutting agent. While not harmful for ingestion, when it’s inhaled, it can be quite dangerous and may result in damage to a person’s lungs, which is precisely why it is not used in any nicotine e-Liquids. It’s no surprise, then, that the three main reasons listed by the CDC as to why EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury) cases have dropped off just as quickly as they spiked are better awareness of vitamin E acetate risks, the removal of it from products, and a crackdown on these illicit carts.

In January, the CDC confirmed these findings further and stated that EVALI cases were caused by Illicit THC cartridges, not nicotine based vapes.

Why Use a Cutting Agent at All?

While THC, CBD and nicotine e-liquids are widely available, THC based ‘oils’ are quite expensive, and the taxes imposed by government agencies on them even in states where they’re legal meant that it was easier and cheaper for adults and underaged users to buy these products from street dealers and friends instead. Cutting the product with something like vitamin E acetate meant more profit for the dealers.

Leafly, a Cannabis related organization, warned people of a new popular cutting agent called Honey Cut all the way back in October of 2018. The product, which was just vitamin E acetate, offered manufacturers the ability to cut THC oil concentrations by up to 70%, maximizing their profits. Soon after, several Honey Cut copycats tried to do the same, many of them either not aware of the risks or simply not caring about the danger they posed. Honey Cut and similar cutting agents have never been used in nicotine vape products.


As a result of these findings, the CDC has stated a warning about THC cartridges bought from informal sources which have been linked to the majority of EVALI cases. The World Health Organization also stated in their own brief that there was no connection between these EVALI cases in the U.S. and nicotine vaping, but rather the vitamin E acetate in those illicit carts appeared to be the main culprit.

In recent times, the ongoing COVID pandemic has caused a new bout of vaping misinformation to arise, which we have also tried to clarify here. Still, the large amount of unreliable information which is still out there regarding these past illnesses has unfortunately caused many people to develop a negative opinion about nicotine vaping. That’s why we want to make it clear here that nicotine vaping does not contain vitamin E acetate and has not been shown to lead to any of the lung-related injuries associated with vaping. Hopefully, we were able to set the record straight as to where the real risks lie.


VapeWild Closes Before PMTA Takes Effect

Because of the new regulations, many smaller vape shops have gone out of business. Let’s take a look at one of them, VapeWild. VapeWild had humble beginnings. Imagine in your mind three men surrounded by other smokers. But the three men wanted to help the smokers change their lives for the better.

Who Was VapeWild?

VapeWild was a small smoke shop that, like Madvapes, wanted to help people change their lives for the better. It was born out of the desire to offer an alternative to these smokers. The three men tried to make a brand that could offer delicious, creative flavors. The men decided to offer a unique approach to customer service, as well as unbelievable prices.

The company began out of the desire to allow others to live and to do it well. This was the first journey of the three men to the large world of vaping. They soon had created a knowledgeable team, and they all had a commitment to the cause. They created a master plan that could help them quickly climb to the top. This is how the customer-focused, fun, and unique brand that you knew and loved was created, and today, Madvapes is just as focused on offering a good experience.

Over the years, VapeWild expanded into areas that, in the past, its founders thought would never be possible. They had a huge following on all of their social media accounts, and this grew with each passing day.

For example, this large community became its very own Facebook group and had more than 23,000 different members, and each one had their own level of sass. This vaping community came from every walk of life, and their devotion to the hobby was what kept the community growing. Today, Madvapes has a similar goal.

VapeWild’s YouTube channel had epic videos that were produced all in-house. This level of commitment to detail meant that each of the customer service experts left no area untouched when it came to making you feel like you were a part of the family. This tradition continues on at Madvapes. To us, you are more than just a customer. You really are part of the family.

Of course, since VapeWild offered a great deal on shipping, its customers could also have a better experience. It was not just about you spending your money there. VapeWild also wanted you to feel good when you did spend your hard-earned cash. The same customer-centered focus lives on at Madvapes.

What Did VapeWild Sell?

Just like Madvapes still does, VapeWild offered more than 25 brands and over 150 different flavors. It also had vape mods and nic salts, something Madvapes still offers. VapeWild’s founders never wanted to be comfortable specializing in just one thing.

Instead, each customer has many interests, and vaping can be a subjective experience. VapeWild, like Madvapes, knew this from the very beginning, which is why the founders built their business around something more than putting creative flavors on the market.

VapeWild’s clients wanted more selections, brands, and hardware. Although the company greatly diversified the product selection, it was still able to keep the prices competitive. And this is something that Madvapes will do for you now and into the future.


VapeWild Products

VapeWild Blue Berry

VapeWild Tropicool E-Liquids

VapeWIld Cowboy Cooler

What Did VapeWild Believe as a Company?

VapeWild was known for not blending into the background. Instead, its founders wanted to stand out for their outstanding service. Polish and pretentiousness were not what they were about, and they had a commitment to avoid these things. Like Madvapes, they wanted to be a company for anyone who wants to use vaping as a way of quitting smoking.

VapeWild’s goal was simple: to change as many lives as possible at the lowest cost possible. Then, VapeWild would pass those savings on to its valued customers. At the same time, the owners wanted to stay as accommodating as possible. This approach is similar to what Madvapes still does today.

The people who worked for VapeWild were what gave the company life. When a company gives its employees permission to express themselves fully, something very special happens. The company will become more than its parts. The brand was a living, changing thing, and each employee had in some way affected the brand’s face. Today, you can find this same special quality among the staff members at Madvapes.

Why VapeWild Is Out of Business

Unfortunately, the new regulations have since forced smaller shops, such as VapeWild, out of business. But even though VapeWild has gone out of business, Madvapes still has over 150 flavors to choose from. Each one is designed to help you quit smoking and stay more engaged with vaping.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about whether you will enjoy the flavors. We’ve Got Your Back! We know that you might have to do some experimentation, which is why we’re offering our Two-Week You Love It Guarantee!

How The PMTA and New Regulations Effect The Vaping Industry and Local Businesses

Because of new regulations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), not every vaping product you have been used to buying will be available for sale. You will have to accept the unfortunate fact that some of your favorite products or flavors might not exist anymore.

But no matter which of your favorite flavors and brands go off of the market, there are still companies offering a range of flavors, such as Madvapes, which offers more than 150 different flavors to choose from.

A Good Solution

Luckily, Madvapes is here for the long haul. We are always happy to suggest new products and flavors tailored to you.

Our company has spent quite a bit of time ensuring that we have submitted only the best flavors and products. We guarantee that we have a diverse arrangement of dessert, fruit, tobacco, sweet, and menthol vape flavors. So, no matter what your personal preferences are, you can find something that suits your needs and wants.

Not to worry, however. We’ve Got Your Back! We know that you might have to do some experimentation, which is why we’re offering our Two-Week You Love It Guarantee!

Our Prime & Mad Vapor e-liquid Line offers:

  • Quality: We make sure that any product that we offer is of a great quality. We make sure each one is created in a high-quality lab and uses only the best ingredients.
  • Freshness: We make sure that each item is freshly squeezed to preserve its taste and offer you a more authentic experience. We make sure that the nicotine content does not impact the main product’s chemistry.
  • Flavor: We offer great flavors and good variety, so you can grow with the flavors throughout your vaping journey, and you will likely enjoy every one of them during your vaping experience.
  • Complexity: We offer a wide and complex range of flavors, so you will not be as likely to get vaper’s tongue.

What Is the PMTA?

Today, all manufacturers of e-cigarettes have to submit Premarket Tobacco Product Applications (PMTA) so they can keep selling and marketing all of their vaping items. This application requires that the applicant offer scientific information that shows that this item is appropriate to protect public health.

The FDA finalized the “deeming rule” on May 10, 2016. This rule applied to pipes, e-cigarettes, hookah products, pipe tobacco, and cigars, among other products. That subjected other products to more scrutiny with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, amended with the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.

If products were on the market before the 2007 grandfathering date, then they could keep being sold without having to get retroactive approval from the Food and Drug Administration. However, no vaping products were being sold before then.

When Was the PMTA Deadline?

The application can be a fairly long process, but the FDA does not leave that much time to prepare the application materials. After modifying the timelines several times, it finalized the submission deadline to Sept. 9, 2020.

The PMTA is the foundation when it comes to establishing business long-term locally because of the complicated process and the very high standards. Besides the fact that products have to meet certain requirements, PMTAs also require quite a bit of capital, manpower, and time.

What Does a PMTA Submission Include?

When it comes to filling out the PMTA, the company needs to put certain data on the application. This data needs to show that a certain product is appropriate when it comes to protecting the health of the public. To reach this decision and allow the company to begin marketing the product, the FDA considers several things. These might include:

  • Whether people who use tobacco products currently are more or less able to stop using those products if the new product were to become available.
  • The benefits and risks to the general population, such as people who might use this product, and non-users of this product.
  • Whether the marketing for this product would attract those who do not use tobacco or even young adults.
  • Whether those who do not use any tobacco currently would be less or more likely to start using tobacco if the new product were to become available.
  • The controls, facilities, and methods used to process, manufacturer, and package that product.

What Madvapes Has Done

Our brand has invested a lot of resources and time to ensure that we have submitted only the best portfolio of flavors that have the best ingredients in them. We know that having diverse flavors is important, so you can easily switch from traditional products to alternatives, like vaping.

We have looked at our own survey data and other studies and have found that having a variety of flavors is important when it comes to successfully transitioning from cigarettes. We have carefully curated our bottle sizes, range of nicotine strengths, and portfolio of flavors so that you, our valued guests, have a wide variety of products.

Today, we are doubling down on our efforts so you will gain more confidence in our products. And we back each product with our two-week You Love It Guarantee.