AMV Holdings Announces Closing of Acquisition of the Assets of Kure Corp.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 3:45 PM

AMV’s Goal is To Create One of the Largest Vape Retailers In America

MOORESVILLE, N.C. / ACCESSWIRE / February 4, 2020 / AMV Holdings LLC (AMV) one of the largest independent specialty vape retailers in the vaping industry with retail and manufacturing operations is pleased to announce on January 31, 2020 it acquired through a wholly-owned subsidiary, substantially all of the assets of Kure Corp (“KURE”). AMV already operates a multi-branded retail footprint, including names such as Madvapes and Alohma, KURE brings another leading specialty vape retail brand to the organization. Following the closing of the acquisition, AMV expects that the combined business will employ over 350 people, operate 113 stores in 19 states, as well as international operations in Europe and will have significant retail, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities that will be focused on the goal of providing its consumers with the best selection, service, and quality. Following this transaction, AMV’s plans to continue to expand through acquisitions with the long term goal of eventually undertaking an initial public offering.

“This is a significant development in the retail vape industry. We believe KURE to be the “Starbucks” of the specialty retail vape industry. KURE has been a great brand in our sector, we are excited to add their distinct line of custom blended high-end flavored e-Juices to our portfolio of proprietary e-liquids, as well as one of the largest selections of the most recognized third-party hardware and e-liquid brands. We are excited about taking this grow this brand and its dedication to customer service, customer experience and unique product experience. I believe that the scale of the combined operations will enable us to increase our investment in quality assurance, science, and regulatory efforts adding both depth and scale to our team. We remain committed to being strong industry stewards and believe increasing scale will matter more and more as companies work to navigate changing industry dynamics and dealing with the forthcoming PMTA applications” said Sam Salaymeh, President of AMV.

AMV Holdings, LLC

AMV Holdings, LLC is a privately held company. With portions dating back to 2009, AMV Holdings, LLC roots are founded in a several entrepreneurs, in Mooresville/Wilmington North Carolina and Omaha, Nebraska, who wanted to share their personal positive experience of vaping with others. Since 2014, AMV has been backed by two investment firms Meriturn Partners, LLC and Panorama Point Partners, LLC. In the years since their investment, the platform has grown from 10 stores in eastern North Carolina to a global platform that is one of the leaders in the vaping industry.

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements. Any statements contained herein which do not describe historical facts, including but not limited to, statements regarding: (i) our business; (ii) expectations about our business and future of its market; (iii) our ability to undertake future acquisitions; (iv) expectations regarding future intentions we plan on undertaking as part of our business plan; or (vi) beliefs about the consumer adoption of our industry and our goal of bringing new innovative products to consumers, are forward-looking statements which involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. There are no assurances our expectations will be realized. In addition, we operate in an industry which is subject to changing regulations and there are no assurances we will be able to comply with existing or new regulations which may be adopted from time to time. We disclaim any obligation to publicly update or revise any such statements to reflect any change in expectations or in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statements may be based, or that may affect the likelihood that actual results will differ from those set forth in the forward-looking statements.


Nicole Brewer

SOURCE: Accesswire



Wow, it’s been 10 long years of excitement and hard work in an industry that has helped so many people transition away from combustible tobacco but has been under attack by so many misguided groups. In our hearts, we know how many cigarette smokers we’ve converted, and we’re damn proud to have been able to help so many people so far.

Can you imagine, Madvapes all started from making 510 connectors out of a home office. I didn’t start out trying to make connectors but the first e-Cig I bought broke on day 1. Frustrated I found plans for a box mod, but you had to tear apart a working 510 e-cig to make it. I didn’t have a 510 e-Cig and wasn’t going to buy one to tear it apart so I found the parts to make my own connector and shared the plans on how to make one on ECF (e-Cigarette Forum). People wanted them but didn’t have the tools, so I made some and sold them.

That was the start of what is now AMV Holdings LLC dba Madvapes, which has grown to over 500 employees, 120 stores in US, Germany and Ireland, e-liquid manufacturing facilities and multiple distribution warehouses. It’s just such an amazing dream come true.

I can certainly not take credit for the success of the company, there has been so much help along the way. Wonderful employees who work tirelessly to make sure they do the best job possible to make it all happen.

I’m really humbled by the hard work and dedication of so many individuals, some who have been with Madvapes since the beginning when there were only 6 shelves in a hot NC garage, struggling to get out 20 orders a day. It’s been a long ride.

I still recall the first warehouse that I rented. I was terrified but my entire house had turned into a warehouse of sorts with yellow taped boxes lining almost every free wall in the house. I needed to find a spot to continue the business from but sign a lease? I had never done that before.

My first office/warehouse was 1200 square feet. This unit was in a strip of 12 similar sized units. We quickly outgrew the first space so Madvapes was able to lease another space and then another, until we had a total of 6 of the 12 units in this building.  As people moved out or space became available, we’d grab another 1200 square foot unit. By the time Madvapes had 6 units, the landlord suggested we move out since he was unable to rent us more than 6 of the 12 units in the building.

Even at the start, from my garage, I was amazed at the number of people who would show up to buy items since they didn’t want to wait for shipping or wanted to get started right away. We’d spend hours talking to them about this great new technology, which at the time was 510’s, 901’s 801’s and box mods. Most of the e-Liquid was from China back then but we started to manufacture our own e-Liquids in late 2009.

We kind of had a mini store in one of the warehouse units but parking was tough and the other tenants were getting angry about not being able to park at their own businesses since our customers were taking their spots, so we started to look at opening a real store.

A retail store to me was a terrifying idea, I mean another lease, employees, insurance and expenses was just a crazy dream. With a wife, 2 children, a mortgage and bills, if this didn’t work out, I was going to be in big trouble.

There was a Cigar store in a strip mall in Charlotte, NC where unfortunately, the young man that owned the Cigar shop had just passed away in an auto accident. The store sat vacant and his wife and brother were a bit hesitant to sub lease it since it meant a lot to them as they had recently put a lot of hard work into it with handmade shelving units and a humidor room. When we met with them and told them our idea about a vape store, they liked it and agreed to lease it to us under one condition, that when we took down the sign, which was a cool logo that said “Cigars”, that they would like to have it. We agreed as the sign meant a lot to them. Since they had just done most of the build out of the store, we were able to quickly move in and the very first Madvapes store at Smith Corners Blvd, Charlotte, NC was officially opened. The Humidor room that was there turned into our first e-Liquid Bar!

The brother stopped by one day to show how he had hung up “Cigars” sign in his garage, very touching tribute to his brother and very touching moment for us. Wish I had that picture but I’ll always have that memory and why that store means so much to me.

Fortunately, the first Madvapes store did great, but we still had a lot of people coming to the warehouse so we opened Madvapes 2, closer to the warehouse so we could direct customers there for a better experience. Shortly after Madvapes 3, 4,5 and others were opened up. The growth was amazing and still is.

Madvapes has also gone through several mergers with other very talented business owners that have not only grown our footprint but have brought tremendous knowledge, leadership and vision to a truly amazing company.

I can’t help but be so grateful and understanding of those who have undergone the same journey as Madvapes did and have decided that combined, we are a stronger and better organization with more focused resources instead of duplication.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I’d be sitting here and writing about the 10 year anniversary of the company that originally started out as, but I needed to change e-Commerce websites and used temporarily and never changed it back.

It’s really been an amazing journey and something that I will never give up on or ever forget. There were certainly times when I was ready to throw in the towel, but things tend to work themselves out and before you know it, a new problem replaces the old one and things get better 🙂

I can’t help but say thank you again to all the people that have made this great company happen. The support from our customers, employees, business partners and families has been truly inspiring and why I’m so proud to be part of it all.

Happy 10th Madvapes!


False Information About E-Cigarettes is Putting Lives at Risk

Over the last several months, there have been several stories about teens across the country who have been hospitalized due to serious lung damage caused by vaping. These stories have reported that teens from several states have suffered heart attack like symptoms with vaping being the common denominator.

However, many of these stories neglected to mention the fact that the teens also admitted to vaping illegal and unregulated THC products that they purchased from the black market. The items contained harmful ingredients not found in legal vaping products.

Sadly, these stories have been used to push the narrative that vapes and e-cigarettes are harmful products that should no longer be available to the public. When polled, most Americans said that they believed e-cigarettes to be more harmful than traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products. The FDA and other government organizations also continue to deliver the message that e-cigarettes are very dangerous, despite research consistently saying the opposite. 

Studies have shown that not only are e-cigarettes less harmful than traditional cigarettes, but they’re also a very effective tool for helping smokers quit. In fact, researchers believe that e-cigarettes could be two times as effective as other forms of tobacco/nicotine replacements. 

Studies have also  proven that the process e-cigarettes use to vaporize tobacco is safer than the method used in cigarettes because it allows users to inhale an aerosol which contains fewer harmful chemicals. 

Pushing the rhetoric that e-cigarettes are more deadly than cigarettes is dangerous – especially for people who are looking for a way to quit smoking and have exhausted other options. Smoking kills approximately a half a million people each year in the United States alone. This number could decrease significantly with the help of e-cigarettes. 

By hiding the truth about e-cigarettes, it seems like law makers and government officials are actually creating what they claim they are trying to avoid:a public health crisis. 

As new reports continue to show the effectiveness of e-cigarettes, the industry can only hope that this evidence is used to shed light on the positives.


Vapers in New York Plan to Go Back to Cigarettes As A Result of Flavor Ban

New York has become one of the most recent states to join the ban on flavored vape products. Governor Andrew Cuomo made the announcement on September 17th after inaccurate reports of vape related lung damage swept through the nation. Although the stories reported that several teens had experienced severe lung damage due to vaping, they failed to mention an important detail: the teens admitted to smoking illegal THC oils that were purchased from black market sellers.

The ban, which is set to begin on October 4th, came as a shock to vapers all over the state. For many former and current smokers, vaping has provided safer alternative to cigarettes and a more effective way to quit.

Government officials see the ban as a way to protect the public, but the real result will actually be the opposite. To get a true idea of how this ban will affect the public, Helen Redmond of Filter Mag sat down with several New York residents who vape. Lilly, one of the women who was interviewed by Redmond, says that she loves vaping because it does not negatively impact her boyfriend’s asthma unlike traditional cigarettes.

Others feel that vaping is being wrongfully attacked and decisions are being made without all of the facts. Afterall, several studies have shown that vaping is less harmful than smoking and that it is a very useful tool for helping smokers quit. 

A New York vape shop owner, Spike Babian, says that several customers have told her they plan to start smoking now that flavored vape products are unavailable. Another shop owner who chose not to be named, also noted that black market sales will likely increase due to this ban.

Since smoking is responsible for nearly half a million deaths each year in the United States, it goes without saying that a decision that results in people choosing to smoke could create a health crisis.

Watch footage from Helen Redmond’s interview to learn more about this ban will affect New York vapers.


New Vaping Regulations Are Making Alleged ‘Crisis’ Worse

News of vape related lung damage — and even deaths — has been the topic of headlines across the country for several weeks. Recently, in addition to 12 deaths, the CDC reported “805 lung injury cases reported from 46 states and 1 U.S. territory.” Unfortunately, though, most of the coverage on these incidents has left out a very important detail: these teens were vaping illicit THC cartridges that were purchased from illegal sources.

However, despite proof that these deaths and injuries were related to illegal street vapes and not e-cigarettes, lawmakers across the United States are looking to put strict regulations on vape products. Many hope to ban “all non-tobacco flavors of e-cigarettes, including mint and menthol” and some states have already put these regulations into action. On the surface, this decision may seem like it was meant to keep people safe, but in reality, it will likely have the opposite result.

Not only will restricting access to e-cigarettes give traditional smokers one less option for quitting, but it’ll also make people more likely to explore black market options. According to Michelle Minton of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, “[T]he only reason these people turned to the black market was because they couldn’t acquire cannabis or e-cigarettes legally. Black markets only arise when products are unavailable or prohibitively expensive on the legal market, often as a result of well-meaning efforts to protect people from their own choices. But instead of keeping them away from substances that might increase their risks a little, restrictions push people into the illicit market where adulterated and defective products can kill them.”

Limiting access to regulated products will likely result in an increased number of health issues caused by unregulated items that contain harmful chemicals. Some traditional smokers in places that have enacted a flavor ban have said that they will likely go back to cigarettes. This is already an issue as cigarettes are responsible for over 8 million deaths per year. 

Although it’s not uncommon for knee-jerk reactions to influence laws in the United States, many people feel that a widespread flavor ban could create a public health crisis worse than government officials could have imagined. 

Don’t forget to check back with us for updates on the flavor ban and other vape related news. 


New Research Finds The CDC Made False Claims About ‘Vaping Epidemic’

As headlines about the dangers of vaping continue to dominate the headlines, many people are working hard to bring the truth about vaping to the forefront. As a result,  of the UK’s top researchers have recently taken a second look at a study conducted by The CDC in 2018. 

The study “found a 78% rise in vaping (at least one puff in the last 30 days) by US high schoolers (15-18 years old) between 2017 and 2018.” These alarming numbers sent the many parents — as well as the general public — into an uproar about vaping However, UK researchers have uncovered “a gaping chasm” between what the study shows and the truth.

In the re-analysis of the 2018 study, UK researchers differentiated between experimental and regular vapors. Regular vaping was defined as occurring more than 20 times a month. 

According to The Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association, “The study found that in never-smokers, regular vaping was rare, nicotine addiction was minimal and the great majority of smokers used tobacco before trying vaping.” To be specific, the results indicated that only 8.4% of teens who had never smoked had vaped within the last 30 days. Of those teens, only 1% were regular vapers. These numbers indicate that a health crisis involving teen vape usage simply isn’t true. 

In fact, teens in the United States are much more likely to partake in other risky behaviors such as drinking, texting while driving, and using cannabis. UK researchers also found that most teens smoke before vaping which means that cigarettes present a much bigger threat to teens than vaping. 

Hopefully public opinion will shift as more studies continue to prove that there is no health crisis associated with vaping. In the meantime, researches and vaping organizations will continue to spread factual information about the realities of vaping.


Research Suggests Flavored Vape Products Aren’t Responsible For Teenage Usage

Over the last few years, the CDC and other government organizations have released information indicating there is an ‘epidemic’ involving teen vape users. Many of these reports suggest that the number of teens who vape is increasing rapidly, resulting in a health crisis. 

Recent reports of vape related lung damage have continued to push this narrative. As a result, several places in the United States have banned flavored vape products in hopes that this will make people –especially teens– less likely to vape.

However, research has proven there is no such epidemic. New information also suggests that flavor options are not to blame for enticing teens to vape. A new study has shown that teens who are regular smokers are most likely to vape. Only about 1% of teens who are not regular smokers have tried vaping. 

Although there’s no doubt that teens smoking and/or vaping is a serious issue that should be addressed, it’s important that false narratives don’t get used as a way to address this problem. 

The Vapor Technology Association (VTA) is urging government officials “to limit the marketing of tobacco products while still making them available to the millions of adult smokers in America.” Others have suggested changing the legal age to purchase tobacco from 18 to 21 and harsher punishments for those who sell vape products to underage users. 

Although the perfect solution hasn’t been implemented yet, one thing is for sure: a strict flavor ban could result in more harm than good. Limiting adults access to vape products means that smokers will have one less option when trying to quit.

Many smokers who have transitioned to vaping believe the decision has saved their lives. They also believe that their lives could be at risk due to the CDC’s inaccurate information as well as flavor bans and added restrictions on other vape products. 

Debbye Saladine-Thompson, who smoked for 35 years before switching to vaping told U.S News “I cannot trust an agency that says the product that I and so many people have been using for 10 years and hasn’t caused one death is now causing hundreds of illnesses. No, I do not believe that.”

As trust in both legislation and the CDC continues to decrease, researches and vape enthusiasts will continue to push the truth to the forefront. 


Safety First: Learning Ohm’s Law For The Best And Safest Vaping Experience Available

One of the main reasons that people who vape choose the more basic options of vaping is due to their simplicity. Cig-a-Likes, POD Systems, and basic Pen-style devices may make things easier for vapers, but what they gain in ease they lose in vapor and flavor. This is one of the main reasons more experiences vapers upgrade to more advanced mods, but the more advanced you get, the more cautious you need to be from a safety perspective.

The stories that are shared across the Internet tend to boil down to one major factor, inexperienced vapers not understanding their equipment. With the power being as adjustable as it in is some rigs, a basic understanding of Ohm’s Law should be a must for everyone. To make sure Madvapes customers and clients always stick on the side of safety, we wanted to provide a basic breakdown of Ohm’s Law as a tool to make sure you’re using our products correctly.

Ohm’s Law

“Ohm’s law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points. Introducing the constant of proportionality, the resistance,[1] one arrives at the usual mathematical equation that describes this relationship:

I={frac {V}{R}},

where I is the current through the conductor in units of amperes, V is the voltage measured across the conductor in units of volts, and R is the resistance of the conductor in units of ohms. More specifically, Ohm’s law states that the R in this relation is constant, independent of the current.[3] Ohm’s law is an empirical relation which accurately describes the conductivity of the vast majority of electrically conductive materials over many orders of magnitude of current. However some materials do not obey Ohm’s law, these are called non-ohmic.”

The battery that your Mod uses will provide a certain amount of amps, the battery’s ability to discharge stored energy (current). Make sure you check the resistance of your coil and calculate the amps that it will pull from the battery based on the watts you set your Mod to. A miscalculation can lead to the battery being pushed beyond its limits, causing the battery to possibly explode and seriously injure you in the process. Also possible, though not as dangerous, is if you’re not getting enough power from the battery, you won’t create enough heat to provide any vape.

To make things easy with your calculations, you can CLICK HERE for an Ohm’s Law calculator. Before we’re concerned about the flavor or amount of vape a rig can provide, we should first make sure we’re all focused on safety.


How To Select The Best Atomizer For Your Vaping Mod

Are you getting the best vaping experience that you could be? It’s a fair question to ask as many of us who started the practice tend to start on the simple side of things with Cig-a-Likes, POD Systems, and basic Vape Pen devices. As we become more experienced with our vaping, we tend to step things up a bit and evolve into vapers who use more advances mods and rigs. It’s a natural progression because the more you try something, the more you find out what you like, and like most things, our tastes change and grow over time.

As we start to look for a more advanced Mod, many of us choose Variable Voltage (VV) and Variable Wattage (VW) devices as our new chosen device. With these being about as customizable as any Mod on the market, we now have the decision as to which atomizer we’re going to use on the Mod. They all provide different benefits and downsides, so we’re left to decide which one’s pros outweigh its cons in connection with our desired experience. This has led us at Madvapes to bring you a breakdown of all available to give you the information needed to make the best selection for you and your desired vaping experience. Check out the different options below!

Cartridge / Cartomizer

Let’s start off with the basics. Now predominantly used in only Vape Pens and Cig-a-Likes, Cartridges and Cartomizers are either refillable or disposable, but they offer little airflow and have a restrictive draw. They tend to have either a heating coil that uses a tube-like mouthpiece to hold the wick and the E-Liquid (cartridges) or an attached tube with a removable tip at the mouthpiece that holds the wicking material and E-Liquid. Out of all the atomizers you’ll read about today, these provide the least flavor and vapor, in most cases.


Let’s go from the most simple to the most popular. The Clearomizer is most easily explained as a refillable tank system that houses a simple, replaceable coil head. Its mid-range vapor and flavor production tends to be great for beginners, and they also offer an easily adjusted airflow. From an aesthetic point-of-view, they come in many different styles, colors, and designs, so you can tweak your rig’s look at your discretion.

Sub-Ohm Tanks

Many experienced vapers like to evolve into what’s known as Sub-Ohm vaping. Sub-Ohm vaping is vaping with atomizer coils that have a resistance of less than one ohm to increase the power and to create more vapor or flavor. These Sub-Ohm Clearomizers have a much larger juice inlet to the coils and a much larger, adjustable airflow while being designed to resist the heat generated by the sub-ohm vaping process. These also allow you the ability of sub-ohm vaping without having to build your own coils.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

If you were to compare Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA) to a form of smoking, it would certainly be the classic wooden pipe, but it’s much more advanced than that. The RDA uses a drip well instead of a tank to allow the user to drip a few drops of E-Liquid onto a wick that sits in its shallow, open-topped reservoir below the coils. Because it’s only a few drops at a time, RDA users have to replenish the wick every few pulls, but its ability to hold a wider number and variety of coils of varied sizes compared to most other atomizers, it gives you many more options.

Furthermore, because it requires new drops every few pulls, you’ll be able to change the flavor and strengths of your E-liquid at will. It does, however, have some downsides. It can be much messier than other options, and because RDA’s do require you to build your own coils, you’re going to have to have some basic mechanical skills and electrical knowledge. It does provide the best vapor and flavor, according to most, though.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers

Like RDA’s, the Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) have to be built by the user. However, unlike the RDA’s, the RTA is a tank system that allows you to refill your tank full of E-Liquid. While the thought of having to build your own coils is daunting to some, it does give you the ability to change the coil style, wire size and number of wraps to give your coil the exact resistance that you choose. Long-term, it’ll also save you quite a few pennies and allow you the ability to have top-notch vapor and flavor. You just have to have the knowledge and safety required to build it yourself.


How To Select The Best Vapor Device For Your Desired Experience

When you ask the question, “How do I select the best vaping device for myself?” The answer is fairly simple. You must learn about all of your options, weigh the pros and cons of each possible choice, and make the best decision you can base on the information available. If you are asking that question, and why wouldn’t you be if you’re here, you’re in luck. We’re going to break down the different options, what separates them from the pack and leave you with enough information to make an informed decision and choice.

In a past article, we went over The Anatomy of a Vape Pen. In that piece, we break down, in detail, each part of the device, and even though many devices are different, they all consist of the same pieces and parts to deliver vapor to the user. From the atomizers to the coils, the batteries to the wicks and even the E-Liquid, we give an easy breakdown of the entire device.

Now that we have you caught up, we can dive into the different devices to help you determine which is best for you…


The classic E-Cigarette, commonly referred to as a Cig-a-Like, is the most common and recognizable device on the market. They come in both disposable and refillable options and are the easiest to use. Disposable is just that, but the refillable are also rechargeable. Whether they use a manual battery which must be pressed for power or use a suction activated switch that powers the device on, these devices are compact and simple to use. The main issue with these for vapers is the lack of effectiveness at producing vapor or flavor along with the lack of battery life that they tend to have in comparison to other options. The simplicity and recognizability of this device continues to keep it as a popular option for many people.

Pen Style Devices

The Pen Style devices are a little larger than the classic Cig-a-Like, but they provide a larger battery and tend to come with a clearomizer style tank which allows the user longer use and eliminates the need to refill quickly. While still a simple device compared to many, some brands allow the user to adjust the voltage on their Pen Style devices to give a more customizable experience. However, like the Cig-a-like, these tend to use coils on the high end of the resistances which doesn’t allow a lot of vapor or the best flavor out there.

Variable Voltage/Wattage

Variable Voltage (VV) and Variable Wattage (VW) devices are some of the most popular devices on the market for many reasons. Because of their high power use and multiple features, users are able to customize their experience to their liking. Some of these devices use internal batteries while others have replaceable options, but the ability to adjust the power will require users to understand the process of vaping at a much deeper level, and this also includes knowing which voltage and resistance levels necessary to get the proper, and safest, vape possible. These devices also let you change and replace the style of tank you use, which will also affect your vape and the necessary power needed. It’s a great option for the experienced.

Temperature Control

These may be newer to the scene, but they’re gaining in popularity quickly for not only their ability to deliver a quality vape but also their safety. Temperature Controlled devices work by detecting the change in the coil’s resistance as it heats. It limits the power based on your setting to prevent the coil from heating past the specified temperature thus delivering exactly what you want while keeping you safe in the process.


Mechanical Devices are extremely simple in their design. There is no wiring or circuitry involved and has very little that can break and need to be replaced. They’re also very durable and sturdy. The biggest issue with these is safety, and inexperienced users should avoid probably avoid them. Users that do want to push the limits of vaping can use these if they choose, but they should also have knowledge of battery safety, ohms law, and other electrical concepts to vaping.

Vaping can go in many different directions for each person who chooses to partake in the practice, it just depends on each and every user’s intended desire. Make sure to check out and choose what’s best for you!