WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Prime E-Liquid is a premium liquid made with high-quality ingredients for you to enjoy.

Premium E-Liquid Flavors

It’s time to step up in taste and quality, its Prime Time. We have made it easy for you when choosing your next e-liquid. Hand-crafted complex flavored e-juice, Prime e-liquid line is made from top-quality ingredients to ensure you have the best premium vape experience.

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VooPoo V.THRU Pro Pod Kit


Anthony G.

Frequent & Seasoned Vapor

“I’m used to using a mod with a tank setup and vaping sub ohm devices with lower MG nicotine. This is the first pod device I have ever tried and it’s safe to say I was extremely impressed. I’ve always been a VooPoo fan so maybe that makes me a little biased, but for my first pod device it did not disappoint! The weight is perfect and the flavor it packs is comparable to what I’m used to getting from a sub ohm device. It’s super portable, has great battery life, and the pods are fairly affordable. Can’t go wrong with this device!”

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