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ZMax Variable Volt APV Rev. 2, Stainless

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Quick Overview

  • Option of adjusting your voltage and wattage

  • Stainless steel finish

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ZMax Variable Volt APV Rev. 2, Stainless

This is a variable volt APV made by Smok Tech that takes vaping to the next level.  This is really a variable power mod because you have the option of adjusting either your voltage or your power (watts).  The Zmax adjusts from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts in .1 volt increments or 3.0 to 15 Watts in .5 Watt increments.  The ZMax has a stainless steel finish and a maximum output of 4 Amps. The Rev. 2 the Zmax has one extra menu item (8) which enables you to switch between RMS and mean value voltage monitoring.  The RMS mode is more accurate because it samples the output Voltage repeatedly while it is powering an atomizer or cartomizer.  It is with these measurements that it is able to adjust for heat related Voltage drift.

 The ZMax can read your output voltage, battery voltage and cartomizer / atomizer resistance.  This APV does it all. 

The ZMax will accept Flat Top or Button Top IMR 18650 batteries with the standard end cap. An optional extended cap is available to be able to use 2 18350 IMR Flat Top or 2 18350 IMR Button Top batteries. (2 18350 batteries will not fit with the standard cap)

Never use non-rechargeable batteries in any device. Only use the recommended batteries for this device.

All adjustments and settings are made with the push button switch.  This includes a setting to turn your ZMax off for safe travel in your pocket, bag or purse.

The ZMax includes an instruction manual in English.

There is a 90 Day warranty for device failures under normal use.

Click here to see if you you have the correct atomizere or cartomizer for your device.

 Cartomizers, tanks, batteries or other accessories shown in the photos are not included. This is for the ZMax unit only.

Click here to download the manual

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SKU 4129

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Customer Reviews

your best vape by far Review by mark
so far one year and eight months and still working great, loose window has been no problem. when you cant get a good hit from low voltage anymore, graduate to two 18350s and the extended cap. (Posted on 7/10/2014)
Great, and tough Review by Curtis
I havent even bothered with adjusting the menu, I just popped in two 18350 batteries and it been going VERY strong for the last 24+ hrs.

It also survived getting slammed in between the truck lid and the car body. So the steel frame is a definate plus :-D (Posted on 1/25/2014)
Are you serious? Review by Disappointed
I liked the features of the ZMax, plus I don't mind complex menu systems, so I thought I would try one of these out. I must say, its a good device, but just hope you don't have any issues. Mine came with a button that misfires about half the time. So you're pushing the button really hard but nothing is happening. I sent it in to be repaired, they sent it back in the same condition. When I complained about this, I was told my 90 day warranty was up and I was out of luck. Maybe if they had fixed it the first time I returned it, I would not have lost all that money on a device that doesn't work. (Posted on 11/19/2013)
Awesome Review by trewmuzik
Great product, Great price, Great buying experience! (Posted on 10/10/2013)
Disappointing Review by James
First, I had the pleasure of paying $98 for mine. Thanks MadVapes…. I guess you felt like you could gouge us for a while before pricing reasonably. I expected it to be a much more solid product for that price, which is why I ordered it, but it turned out to be just as cheap as $50-$60 products. Won’t be buying any mods from MadVapes in the future. Second, after only 4 months of use, the switch consistently misfires and sticks. I have to push “just right” to keep it from misfiring and going into settings mode. Or, it will stick and either fry the carto if you don’t get the bat out soon enough or keep running through settings. Third, the TrustFire 18650 bats I ordered from MadVapes don’t fit in this device. They’re too long and too wide. While you can jam them in the end cap and leave the end cap not screwed on all the way, the bats get torn up after a short time because of the type fit in the end cap. Fourth, there was nothing in the included instructions about RMS mode, which is certainly better than the other mode… without putting it in RMS mode, this thing will fry low-res cartos even on low voltage settings if you’re not careful. (Posted on 9/20/2013)
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