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Maxi VStack

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Quick Overview

  • Modified circuit board that allows variable voltage in .1 volt incriments

  • Circuit protection and vented holes for added safety

  • Built in LED

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Product Details

The Maxi VStack is a modified version of the RoughStack with a circuit board that allows the user to adjust the output Voltage over the full usable range of the installed battery(ies) in 0.1 Volt increments. The Maxi VStack has built in circuit protection and vent holes for added safety. Everything is controlled with the button on top of the Maxi VStack. The built in LED flashes back Voltages and indication messages for conditions such as an output short circuit or a low battery.

Key Features:

  • Output Voltage Adjustable Over The Full Battery Voltage Range In 0.1V RMS Increments
  • Compatible With Protected Lithium, IMR, LiFePO4, and NiMH Batteries
  • Battery Voltage Readout
  • Atomizer Resistance (Ohm) Readout
  • Lock Mode To Prevent Accidental Triggering
  • Configurable Light For "Stealth Mode"
  • Non-Volatile Flash Memory Storage Of All User Settings
  • 12 Second On-State Safety Timeout
  • Battery Over-Discharge Protection For Up To Three Series Lithium Cells
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • 5A RMS Minimum Throttled Current Limit
  • Large Operating Input Voltage Range Of Up To 19V
  • Output Low Indication
  • Typical Standby Current Consumption Of Less Than 0.01uA
  • 98% Typical Power Efficiency
  • Charger Compatible In 3.7V Lithium-ion Configuration
  • Compact. Height of 3.82" To The Top Of The Connector, 4.05" Total

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SKU 4328

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Customer Reviews

NEED HELP!!!! Review by Cameron
My dad bought my wife and I one of these, as well himself. I managed to get mine working somehow, i kept messing with it and i finally got it to work. But my wife and my dads wont work for some reason. we double stack 3.7v batteries (to have more power) and i keep messing with theirs but cant seem to get theres to work. Can anyone help me with this???? the batteries i put in are fully charged and put in a working cartomizer, but still nothing. i dont know what to do and is very aggravating. But mine that works, is awesome!
Any ideas??? (Posted on 1/8/2015)
STILL Beastly Dependable Review by JOSH
24FEB14 Update: I've started moving away from cartomizers and tanks and into the world of RDAs. The Maxi Vstack is more than capable of my desires. With an input voltage of up to 18 volts and output voltage adjustable in .1V divisions I am able to use ANY coil I can dream up! Many thanks to the folks that dreamed up this configuration, it definately shows that they were focused on customer needs instead of what was profitable at the time.

My Maxi Vstack takes an absurd amount of beating. Honestly i drop it on my laminate floor 3+ times a day. I used it slung around my neck in the rain AND snow for over 8 hours on a hike last week, (this has happened almost every 2nd week since August.) I even use it for a hammer when nothing else is available.

Still. Performs. Admirably.

I did finally have to replace the 510 threads though. Very suprising they lasted as long as they did. 2 bucks for a new set of threads, 10 minutes swapping them them out, and now it's like brand new.

I'm a very happy customer (Posted on 2/24/2014)
Dependable Beast Review by JOSH
I take my Maxi VStack camping, hiking, canoeing, mountaineering, climbing and biking. I've beaten it beyond belief. Dropped it over 25ft, frozen it, taken it swimming (multiple times), jumped off of waterfalls with it, even taken it above 9,200ft in 28 degree F weather whilst 5 inches of snow hit the ground. The Maxi VStack NEVER even stuttered. My brother accidentally ran his over with his truck (twice), and no damage. The button is easy to find with gloves on or when your fingers are too numb to move. Having all the hardware on the top makes it easy to tape on a makeshift lanyard in a pinch. Whenever I took it swimming (accidentally of course), a sharp blow through the vent holes is all that's needed to bring it back to life. The only downside I've found is that the proximity of the 510 threads to the switch require a 510 extension to use a tank or mega cartridge. I don't mind the extension at all, but with the heavier tanks it hangs funny on a lanyard because of the weight distribution. All and all I say the Maxi VStack mod is top notch when it comes to function and dependability. I use EH Protected 18650 3000mAh batteries that last forever. Two 18350 batts can be used in place of an 18650 for a higher voltage and less initial cost is you are already using 18350's. The batts are a bit pricey, but my brother has been recharging the same 4 18650's for over 2 years and they still put out admirably. I absorbed the battery cost with my flashlight, headlamp, Walkie Talkies, solar charger, cell phone, and backup USB power pack. They all either directly use 18650's or can be adapted for and 18650 based power supply. If you've ever pulled a busted vape out of your pocket in dismay, I'd consider getting a Maxi VStack. Kudos to the folks over at MadVapes. (Posted on 10/7/2013)

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