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Special blend of tobacco with a full flavor richness.


Topvapor e-Liquid is made in the USA.

TopVapor e-liquid is a blend of PG, VG, natural organic alcohol based flavorings and may contain nicotine. Products stated as VG only will not contain PG.  The typical mix is 80% VG/20% PG unless otherwise specified.

Due to personal tastes and preferences, there are no returns refunds, or exchanges on e-liquids.

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SKU 191
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Customer Reviews

Love it Review by Johanna
My wife was not crazy about the idea of switching from cigs to vape so I bought her every flavor to tobacco that I could hoping one of them would "meet her standards." Guess what folks this is the one!

She uses this as the base for all of her mixes now/ 3/4 Tobacco and 1/4 flavor she is in the mood for. (Posted on 1/7/2015)
Meh Review by Anthony
I bought this amongst a few other Tobacco tagged liquids hoping they would have a similar flavour to real smokes. None of them tasted like tobacco and this one tasted the worst. Virginia Hangsen and Lucky 7 are pretty good.

Virginia has a sweet taste to it with a nice hit (24mg) and the Lucky 7 (24mg) tastes very close to black licorice candy.

Maybe this stuff is better mixed but I won't buy it again. (Posted on 8/17/2014)
Mix It Review by garrett
I mixed this flavor with the Madvapes Papaya and it tasted great, just like shisha. (Posted on 7/25/2014)
Quality going down the TOILET... Review by Sheryl
Had my last real "CIG" November 30, 2013 and had ordered the "Tobacco" flavor for my "New Start" on December 1, 2013...
Quality "WAS TOP NOTCH" and I really did like the "Clarity" of the oil along with the taste and felt that I was hooked for good...However, my second order turned out to be "Cloudy", "Scummy", and most importantly "Nasty" tasting and "Foul"...
Thinking I had just gotten a "Bad" batch I put in a third order hoping for an "Improvement" to "No Avail"...It was just as "Rank" as order number 2...Called Service Center and talked with "Management" and was told I must have been "Mistaken" on my 2nd and 3rd order and not ordered the same "Flavor" as my 1st order...Tried to "Explain" that I had ordered from my "Order History" the "Precise" same "Flavor" as my 1st order but again was told that I must have been "Mistaken" because as far as the "Manager" was concerned, he had been with MADVAPES for a year and the "Quality" had not "Changed" since he had been "Employed" there...Asked him to look at my "Order History" to "Assert" the fact that I had not been "Mistaken" and he had neither the "Desire" NOR THE "Inclination" to do so...
MADVAPES has lost my buisness thanks to this "Individual"...CAVEAT EMPTOR!...Simply Put..."BUYER BEWARE!" (Posted on 7/15/2014)
50 ml bottles Review by Charles
I did a price comparison, the 50ml bottles and 30 ml bottles are about the same price, however, I prefer to buy at the $11.99 price and not have to go clear up to almost $15 to get past that 50 ml quantity that I prefer. I was planning on buying a bottle a week of various types to stock my shelf but, now I have pay more and store more than I planned to. I wanted to keep 50ml bottle of each type on hand so I can check my quantity levels. 50ml bottles please, bring them back. 1 star loss on all flavors if they don't come in a 50ml bottle. It is the whole reason i like this store. (Posted on 6/20/2014)
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