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The Trophy Bottom Coil Tank

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The Trophy Bottom Coil Tank


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SKU: 11076

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  • 1.8 ohm coil that hits like a tank

  • Holds 2.5mL of e-liquid

  • 510 connector



The Trophy Bottom Coil Tank

The Trophy is a bottom coil clearomizer tank made by Smok Tech.  The Trophy comes with a 1.8 ohm coil that hits like a tank and and has excellent vapor production. Bottom coil tanks have a superb clean flavor, and reduced wicking issues. The Trophy has a replaceable atomizer head and holds about 2.5ml of e-liquid. The Trophy has a 510 connector.  The center post of the connector is unsealed.  There is a vent hole in the bottom of the tank which provides the right amount of airflow.  The top of the tank tapers and thus needs no drip tip.  

To fill the Trophy: unscrew the bottom of the tank, hold the tank upside down and fill with about 2 to 2.5 ml of eLiquid. With the tank mouthpiece-end down, screw the atomizer head back on. To replace the heating element unscrew the bottom of the tank. The heating element unscrews from the base.


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SKU 11076


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  1. GOOD AND BAD Review by Keats

    When I first got this tank i had a problem, it was leaking bad. I kept fooling with it and re-installing the coil until finally it worked great. When it works, it's the best I have ever had but I still have issues from time to time. I found that if I press the button and wait a second or two and then vape, its a lot better. The other big problem I have is the threads strip out and or the adapter breaks. This has happened twice and they do not sell a replacement part so you have to buy a whole new unit again. But again most of the time it works very well and I love the draw I get. (Posted on 1/15/14)

  2. Good BCT Review by Sam

    Ive had this tank over a month and about to order another. Out of the 4 or 5 tanks that ive used including protank i like trophy best (Posted on 1/2/14)

  3. NOT TOO BAD Review by tod

    After recieving the tank, put a small amount of liquid to test the unit, worked like a champ!
    I then filled the tank and started vapeing..about an hour later, it started leaking through the bottom and between the pyrex and the top metal piece (mouth piece) I found that the glass had cracked under the metal lip. It did not leak untill I snugged up the bottom cap and seperated the cracked pyrex . It would then leak out the bottom due to not enough pressure to seal properly. Madvapes sent me some new bottom coils thinking that it was leaking through the wick but it was actually because of the cracked pyrex. I ended up re glueing the top joint and it has been working fine. I think it must have came that way because I did not drop or hit it in any way. I am now worried about how fragile this tank really is. If it didnt crack, I would give it 5 stars for ease of use.
    I just recieved the V2 Trophy, I'll see how this one goes.

    (Posted on 1/2/14)

  4. great Review by josh

    great tank easy to fill, vapors taste nice in it. would like if it had more of a restricted air flow. besides that its nice on my 5v auto box. (Posted on 12/28/13)

  5. Good while it lasted... Review by DJB

    I was THRILLED to get this with the huge capacity and oh so clean vape - truly it was (note: was GREAT) after less than 1 month and mind you I switch off between Tumblers and Evods during the days - dif flavors.
    Now the chrome finish has come off the mouthpiece exposing the brass... GROSS! It's just peeling away. NO cinnamon, no nana etc. This is just the mouth tip. I was going to come scoop some more up at this price but sorry.. as well made as it seems I'm very disappointed. I'll stick with my Tumblers, Aro's and Evods. (Posted on 12/25/13)

  6. Very good! Review by Thomas

    I have been using this with my Zmax Mini for a good while now and it has been a very pleasurable vaping experience. Personally, i like this better than the Kanger Protank, although they are basically the exact same thing. This one is more consistent.

    If you are a vaper that enjoys a tight draw and a warm vape, this is not for you.

    Second thing, when you replace the wicking unit, do not over tighten!! it will not wick properly. Let it sit for about 10 minutes standing upright before vaping.

    IF YOU GET A DRY HIT(s) gently blow into the mouthpiece a couple of times, this usually gets the juices flowing to the coil.

    As always, Mad Vapes is the place to shop for all of your vaping needs! Thank you!! (Posted on 12/25/13)

  7. So far, so good Review by Kevin

    been using for a couple days now. The tank itself is nice, thick Pyrex. holds 2.5ml of juice, But the box says it holds 5. It looks like it uses evod/protank atomizer heads, but I haven't had to change it out yet so we will see. The stock atomizer is advertised at 1.8ohms but mine tested at 1.6. and hits like a champ at 3.7 volts. hopefully I don't experience any of the problems from melting glue that people keep complaining about, because I really love this tank. (Posted on 12/7/13)

  8. Works as it should. Review by Randall

    I love this tank! I have had zero problems with the two i ordered. I also tried the top feeder type tank, But did not care too much for those.
    As of this review, Madvapes seems to out of replacement coils. Hope they get some in soon. (Posted on 11/9/13)

  9. Nice! Review by clizzark

    I'm a beginner, but love the Trophy. Much better vapor and taste than top coil clearos. After picking one up from local shop and trying it out, I promptly ordered 3 more from Madvapes (half the price of B&M). Props to Madvapes for the super fast shipping. Will be ordering more from here. (Posted on 11/8/13)

  10. Loved it at first but... Review by J. Alan

    When I first got the Trophy I was honestly in love with it. I really loved the Pyrex chamber and after I got used to the metal mouthpiece I don't want anything to do with the plastic or acrylic tipped tanks. The vape production was incredible. This was, however, the first tank I used with my brand new ZMAX so I was on Cloud9 anyway. I had just graduated from the eGo so...

    The downside to the Trophy is almost EVERY time I filled it up I always had to clean out the mouthpiece because of drainage. After about two weeks of use the glue had maybe gotten too hot and it started to leak. I thought it was because of how rough I can be with my eCigs because of my job being a very demanding job and I would drop it a lot out of my shirt pocket. So, I went to MadVapes and bought a new Trophy. As soon as I filled the tank I could see my liquid starting to bubble out at the seam of the Pyrex chamber and bottom of tank. So long story short...I use the Tumbler now. (Posted on 9/5/13)

  11. not good Review by joshua

    Maybe it's just me but with in 2 days it started leaking. I got replacement atomizers for it and cleaned it. after 2 min it started to spit hot lava as i took a hit.

    not happy with this.. (Posted on 8/6/13)

  12. unupdated version of protank Review by arnie

    this one is the unupdated version of the protank but smok gave it a different name this one uses glue when using this on hot weather even if the tank is filled it will gurgle vapor production will go down due to the glue melting because of the heat, the updated protank now is glue free and way much better even if its hot (Posted on 7/29/13)

  13. AWESOME! Review by Selkiepeople

    If you are clumsy me than watch the teeth LOL. I love the simplicity of this product. I also like that its glass. Its a bit top heavy but there are thinner or 'mini' protanks. I will caution you, the vape is so smooth you'll blow out literal clouds and use up your e juice in a hurry....I'm one that needs to be regimented LOL....and I would like to know, does a 1.8 work better than a 2.4? (Posted on 7/28/13)


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