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The Kick by Smok Tech

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The Kick by Smok Tech


The Kick by Smok Tech

The Kick is a power booster for your mechanical mod.  It works great and gives you numerous options from increasing power to the cartomizer or clearomizer you currently use to allowing you to use a higher resistance cartomizer or clearomizer.

The Kick is designed to take a standard 3.7 Volt Battery and boost the power.  It operates in a range of 5 to 12 Watts.  Only use IMR batteries with The Kick. For a mod that normally takes an 18650 battery, an 18500 should be used with this device.  The Kick is for use with metal mods only.

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SKU 11099

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Customer Reviews

This thing is a POS Review by Swiss
Seriously. I don't think it works on anything under 2 ohms, or maybe it just works when it wants to. I've never really used it because it's so inconsistent. (Posted on 6/12/2014)
Does what it's supposed to Review by Ernesto
I've got it in my SS Chi You with an 18650, powering an Innokin iClear X.I (2.1 Ohm dual coil) @ about 10W, No issues. Good vapor. Haven't tried running it maxed out @ 12W. I also have an Evolv Kick I got directly from Evolv ($19.99) in my Origin which I use with my single coil tanks because it tops out @ 10W, I run it @ 8W. As far as I can tell, they work about the same. FYI the Smok Kick (16.33 mm H) is 1.24 mm shorter than the Evolv version (17.57 mm H). I will be getting at least 1 more Smok Kick for my Caravelas. Should be able to fit the Smok Kick in the HCigar 18650 tube with an 18490. Couldn't fit the Evolv Kick with an 18500 flat top by about 1.5 mm. (Posted on 5/20/2014)
ooOOOHHHH yeEEAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! Review by LoneVaper
One of the best vaping investments I've made so far... What I've been waiting for and dreaming of is all really real... Nice clouds, tasty hits, and long battery life, still. Best of all, it was only 15 bucks! YUP.
The only reason I gave it 4 stars, is because it's a b!tch putting it in and taking it out for adjustments. BUT, like everybody mentions once you find your sweet spot, like @ +/- 10, just leave it in and PEACE, heaven sent hits awaits!!
Change batteries as needed.
Couldn't be much happier with it.
Just hope it doesn't fry or break somehow. (Posted on 2/18/2014)
My apologies to Madvapes Review by Kevin
Both of the Kicks that I ordered work perfectly now that I've done a little trial and error. Magneto with an 18500, absolutely no issues with either one. My bad guys, feel free to discard my previous and incorrect review. Lesson leaned...when setting up the modes on my devices I must make sure I'm not personally in doofus mode first. Thanks (Posted on 11/23/2013)
Built Backwards Review by Kevin
I've had this little soldier for over a month now and it just keeps on chugging away, all the way down to a dead battery. No noticeable drop in power to coil until the last few drops of juice in my batteries. I use the EH branded 18500 LiMN batteries mostly but I also, very rarely, use what appears to be a Panasonic IMR-type battery but in a mass produced "OEM" style jacket that came out of a rechargeable LED flashlight I own. Both are in "almost new" condition, meaning that neither has seen much use and are under three months old from date of purchase.
Now, with all that said I have one MAJOR issue with the device. I am almost totally positive that the adjustment pot/trimmer is either installed backwards or the circuitry is reversed somewhere on the device. I have a VERY high-end Multimeter that is at my disposal at any given time because a close relative is an Electrician. When I try to check the voltage output while using the Kick, the meter only flashes and never sets on a steady voltage, but the Assembled Volt Indicator Rev 2 I got from here did the same thing so that wasn't a surprise. The thing that gets me is when I switch the Multimeter to try and check the wattage output, the meter will do nothing or just more flickering on the meter's screen.
So with every different ohm atomizer/cartomizer/tank i have to turn the dial on the Kick to the middle to start. I do this because If I start on the "5" indicator mark, whatever device I use gets a burnt taste almost immediately. When I turn the Kick adjuster all the way up to the "12" mark there is about the same vapor production as my Variable Volt Box Mod Kit turned down to around 3.2volts. So other than the adjustment pot/trimmer working in reverse this device works great.

Please let me know if anyone else is having the same issue and if they are how to fix it. (Posted on 11/7/2013)
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