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The 2.5 mL Terminator V1 RDA Tank, Chrome

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Quick Overview

  • Unique design that blends the best of an atomizer and the best of a tank

  • Great vapor production

  • 2.4 ohm coil


Product Details

This is a tank with a dripping atomizer running through the center. It is a unique design because you get the bold clean hit of an atomizer but in a tank so you can vape for most of the day without refilling. The Terminator produces tons of vapor and seems to keep up even if you "hot box" it. The first time we filled it we tried to get a burnt taste and were not able to. So for regular use this is a masterpiece.

The atomizer portion, when removed from the tank, unscrews apart to reveal the 2.4 ohm coil. There is a hole drilled at the bottom for airflow which can be adjusted by sliding the tube up or down to cover or uncover the hole. The atomizer unscrews at the center of the bulb if you want to replace just the coil with your own. This is great for DIYers. There is also a hole drilled in the threads of the bulb to allow for e-liquid to wick to the coil. By leaving this unscrewed a bit, there is greater e-liquid flow to the coil. The wider you open it the more e-liquid there is. By shutting the bulb completely, it is set to be used as a dripping atomizer. The Terminator has a 510 unsealed connector for airflow and comes with a 510 drip tip installed.

Price is for one (1) Terminator only.

Filling Instructions:

  1. Carefully remove the top cap of the tank
  2. Put 25-30 drops of e-liquid into the tank
  3. Replace cap of tank
  4. Put 4-5 drops down the center of the atomizer to prime
  5. Put any 510 drip tip on the top of the atomizer
  6. Screw onto your mod or battery

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SKU 10553

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Customer Reviews

it's ok in some ways Review by jonathan
it was a pain to learn how to fill, it leaks while you fill it unless you know what you are doing, and it tastes kind of plasticy (Posted on 7/2/2015)
Works great for me Review by Patricia
I have read good and bad reviews here for this 2.5ml Terminator V1 RDA tank. For me, this rda tank works wonderfully. I really like this. I have not had any leaking yet or dry hits as long as you have the inner metal tube twisted slightly open to reveal the air hole for the coil to suck in the eliquid. Absolutely wonderful taste, and great vapor. I am so happy I bought this, and I plan to purchase another one in the future. Thank you Madvapes for another thing that I love. You guys are my one and only equipment vendor, and my favorite!

At first it was tricky to disassemble, but I figured it out and it is quite easy now. How I took it apart is I held the top part of the plastic tank and pulled the bottom chrome piece off, then I took the drip tip off and I pushed the inner metal tube out through the bottom, twisted the metal inner tube to reveal the coil, and you can pull the top chrome piece off of the plastic tank. To fill it I first put eliquid on the wick and coil and twisted the inner metal tube back together, put the top chrome piece back onto the plastic tank, pushed the inner tube back into the tank, (holding the tank upside down to fill it)with the top of the inner tube hanging through the top of the tank I held the top of the inner metal tube slightly pushing it to one side and putting my eliquid tip into the small space available and slowly filling it up, after filling it up I carefully pushed the bottom chrome piece back onto the tank, and I then twisted the metal tube piece hanging out of the top of the tank to open the air hole to the coil (airhole is located in the middle of the inner metal tube). I know that is confusing, but I hope it is understandable to someone who needs help :) Yes, the first time filling this tank is tricky, but it gets easier. (Posted on 5/14/2015)
Don't waste your money Review by Tony
This tank's design is terrible. It caused me to waste a lot of my liquid. Trying to fill it was a nightmare. Leaks are a huge problem with this tank. The design could be so much better. It could be a great tank. I can't even return the tanks. Don't waste your money on these. (Posted on 7/17/2014)
Makes An Awsome Dripper Review by Christopher
Got the TT tank because I needed a good but cheap dripper. This does it in spades. WOW! What flavor & vapor. I just hope you have the 510 adaptors for the refills. Because I just baught some to give away. (Posted on 2/28/2014)
If I could figure out how to disassemble it, it would be great. Review by Cara
For dripping it's awesome, but I can't figure out how to disassemble it to use it as a tank. The directions aren't clear enough though. Maybe someone could do a video?
Cara (Posted on 2/20/2014)
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