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T-Dux 2.0, 1.8 Ohm Single Coil

T-Dux 2.0, 1.8 Ohm Single Coil

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T-Dux 2.0, 1.8 Ohm Single Coil, Stainless

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T-Dux 2.0, 1.8 Ohm Single Coil, Black
T-Dux 2.0, 1.8 Ohm Single Coil, Red
T-Dux 2.0, 1.8 Ohm Single Coil, Hot Pink
T-Dux 2.0, 1.8 Ohm Single Coil, Blue

> New, Redesigned Bottom-Coil

> Pyrex Tank

> Next-Gen Vaping!



T-Dux 2.0, 1.8 Ohm Single Coil

Get ready for the next generation of vaping with the T-Dux 2.0! While it may look like an ARO clearomizer, the coil has been completely redesigned. The coil rests in a ceramic cup, and the juice flow has been increased. What this means is that this clearomizer doesn't leak, tastes great and produces lots of vapor! The tank is made out of Pyrex, so you don't need to worry about certain juices cracking the tank. It utilizes the eGo threading instead of the 510 threading of your device for a flush, uniform look. With the T-Dux 2.0, you get a clean, smooth, consistent vape, every time! No leaking, no gurgling, just a great vape! Comes with a 1.8-ohm single coil pre-installed.

Note: The old-style replacement bottom coils will work with this tank, but the NEW coils WON'T work in the old tanks!


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SKU 11261


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  1. Excellent Review by Henrybgt1757

    I use this as my everyday tank on a 3.7 battery and get a nice cloud, good flavor, and a smooth draw with no burnt taste. The juice flows nicely. Have not had any real leaking problems either. These have become my favorite tanks. (Posted on 6/3/14)

  2. great product Review by mark

    The flavor I get from this is by far better then any tank I tried and I have a lot of different tanks but I am Dec getting leaks when I let it sit for awhile and really wish they would get the dual coils in stock all in all even with the leaking I love this tank and recommend it (Posted on 3/27/14)

  3. t dux rules! Review by Amanda

    Love the t dux. Using the single coil head and this is the best ego-sized clearo on the market IMHO. (Posted on 3/24/14)

  4. Burning? Review by Marc

    Not even sure how this is possible given the design, but I've had this for about 4 hours now and I keep getting a burnt taste. I've tried two separate attys and I get the same thing on both.

    It hits incredibly well for a little while, then just tastes horrible, even after sitting for a few minutes. Maybe I just need more practice, but seems odd.

    Will give 4 stars since nobody else has this issue apparently, and it's great when working properly. (Posted on 3/19/14)

  5. The best "Clearomizer" to date Review by JayDre

    I have used various clearomizers to date and usually they gurgle or leak a little after awhile. This one however, didn't leak at all... after a week of constant use.

    I am using the standard single coil it came with (1.8 ohm single coil). I decided to buy replacement 1.8 ohm coils, after all the other coil replacements are out of stock most of the time. Produced warm, huge clouds of vapor. Clearly get the most flavor (using a 70PG/30VG juice mix) out of any clearomizer. These are the pros.

    I figured after the week that this would last a good while. However, I was wrong in that assumption. My issue: after the first week it started gurgling then came the huge leak of juice clearing out the clearomizer. I thought to myself maybe I over filled it and didn't tighten the base enough. So, I emptied and refilled slightly lower then what I usually fill to. It then leaked and gurgled again. I finally thought the coil was bad and would replace it. I was disappointed at this point. I researched the reviews and found someone who stuffed some wick into the slots of the coil. So I thought I would try the same except I didn't have any wick lying around.

    My fix: I pulled some of the cotton off of a Q-Tip and placed some in both slots just a tiny piece. Stuffed them in and used a pick to slide it to a side leaving a little hole in the slots. Performed some dry hits and heated it up. It leaked one drop, cleaned the battery and no more leaks to my surprise.

    I saved my coil and created a fix till my new coils get here. Back to loving this 'clearomizer'. Hope this helps anyone having this issue. (Posted on 3/18/14)

  6. Not impressed Review by Jacob

    Well I was impressed for the first few hours of using the t-dux but then I started getting the gurgling that the website says won't happen. I contacted support and after a few weeks they sent out a new tank. Great I thought! Well same issue with the new tank. Gurgling and flooding. I do not recommend this tank! (Posted on 3/17/14)

  7. Great tank, but coils not consistant Review by Peter

    I have a couple of these and have to admit, when they work, the vape is great. My problem has been with the coils, I am using 100%vg and 2 of the 4 coils I have tried leaked like crazy. If they can get those figured out, this would be a great set-up. (Posted on 3/13/14)

  8. Flavor quality matches my Kayfun Review by KrasH

    I can tell you without any stretching of the truth, the flavor is as good as my Kayfun. That little ceramic cup has to be why these have such awesome flavor. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kayfun attys, but if you want a to have a small portable setup without losing flavor. Well I say pick up an eGo Twist style battery and a couple of these little gems. There is a sweet spot on these units, that’s why I suggest a twist style battery. Once you have your voltage set at the perfect spot (3.5-3.7 for me) I promise you will be very pleased. (Posted on 3/13/14)

  9. I'm sold! Review by Ashlee

    I just got my t-dux 2.0 tank in today that i use with the ego c twist... and i gotta say this is the best vape ever!! I was using kanger t3s which aren't bad if you aren't using any type of citrus flavor. But the taste is way Better, you get more vapor, and depending on the mix of your juice (i prefer 50/50 but to each their own), no crazy throat hits. I busted 2 kanger tanks before i realized that it was my strawberry lemonade from vape dudes that was doing it! Lol! However, for 6.99 a tank you can't beat it, and mad vapes has never steered me wrong. Their shipping is super fast. The t-dux is definitely the way to go whether you are a beginner or expert.
    I notice they are selling out quick! Mad vapes pose get more of these in, i want them in every color! :) (Posted on 3/12/14)

  10. Great Vapor Review by SM

    I'm using the coil it came with, single 2.0. I prefer dual coil but until they're stocked single works.
    The vapor is warm with very clean flavor, and no leaking or gurgling so far. Vapor production is good for a single coil. It's definitely a good tank for $7. (Posted on 3/10/14)

  11. Where is the 3.0? Review by Brent

    This is a great tank except for the size. Smok has the 3.0.....waiting for you guys to get that in!!! Also it would be great if we had more consistent access to the dual coil replacement heads. I would be a customer of this product for a long time to come if I had the ability to purchase it lol. Great vapor production and minimal leakage/gurgling. If you haven't tried it I would highly recommend it. (Posted on 3/9/14)

  12. T-Dux 2.0 Review by Charles

    Great job Mad Vapes quick turn around time ! As for the T-Duc 2.0 I'm very pleased Lots of clean vapor ! So far not a drop of leakage ! 9.5 watts & 4.0 volts . Sincerely , satisfied customer 3-7-2014 (Posted on 3/7/14)

  13. Pretty good, a pleasant change from past disappointments. Review by Raymond

    Bought this a couple weeks ago, still on the coil it came with, and I have been pleased so far. Good vape, no dry hits, only gurgled when I flooded it on purpose - I did a few dry pulls to see what it would take to flood it, 2 is enough to flood lol. Yea it doesnt hold much, but it has been consistent vapewise and no leaks. I am the oddball I guess as I prefer the single coil style. Btw in case anyone is interested, the coils can not be used on the aspire tanks. I am pickin up a couple more, along with more of the slotted style single coils. Really happy with this tank/coil setup (Posted on 3/5/14)

  14. Great design but a couple flaws Review by Andrew

    It certainly won't burn unless you're out of liquid or hitting it too soon after putting in a fresh atty head. As for not leaking, I found that I had to screw the base in very tight to prevent gurgling. Also, for some strange reason, If it's very low on liquid, it's flood. Not sure why. Just pointing that out.

    Performance on the single coil 1.8 ohm is mediocre at best. Low volume of vapor, and it tastes weak and airy. Turning up the volts only leads to disaster. The dual coil head is perfect though. Clouds of full-body warm vapor without it being muted. Compared to a DCT, this is as close an one can get. I still prefer my DCT but hate the replacement cartos getting skunky after only a couple days. This one has been going for a week and it's just now getting to where I need to wash it out.

    Both the single and the dual coil heads will flood under a couple different circumstances: if the liquid level is really low, and if the coil head isn't screwed on with about as much force as a lug nut is required in order to hold a tire in place. (Posted on 2/24/14)

  15. The best BCC yet! Review by jennifer

    I have been using this carto for a week now and have been impressed. In the past I have tried the evods, T3 and protanks but always had problems with burning or leaking. This just works! No problems at all. I am most impressed with the amount of vapor this puts out. My only complaint is the drip tip. I hate vaping thru metal. If they had a version that allowed you to use your own 510 drip tip, this would be my go to topper! (Posted on 2/23/14)

  16. Awesome Review by Jeff

    It is very inexpensive and delivers great taste and fog. If they would get back in stock, I would by several more. I will use this for a long time. Love it!! (Posted on 2/21/14)

  17. Big Potential...waiting for version 3.0 Review by Michael

    I don't normally take the time to do a product review, but I see a couple issues here that are keeping this from being a great product.

    1) Based on my experience and a couple of the reviews here, it seems like there are some quality control issues with the new coil heads. I bought a dual coil version, in addition to the single coil that comes with the tank. I had major flooding issues with the single coil as soon as I started using it. When I pulled it out and compared it to the dual coil, I noticed that the wick wasn't visible at all through the slots in the side. I stuffed a little bit of extra wick from another tank in through the slots and it seemed to soak up the extra fluid and fix the flooding/gurgling problem. The dual coil didn't have that problem, but it had wick fibers sticking out all over from the top and the slots. So the quality of these parts seems to be inconsistent. Also, it looks like the parts are press-fit together, so it probably wouldn't be easy to rebuild or take it apart to try to fix wicking issues.

    2) The design makes refilling a little messy. Every time I unscrew the base, the threads are covered with liquid. I usually wipe it off to make sure it doesn't leak when I put it back together, but I feel like I'm losing 4 or 5 drops of liquid every time I do that. Maybe moving the o-ring seal or adding one up above the threaded portion would prevent that?

    Apart from these issues, the tank seems to be performing very well after the first few days of use.

    (Posted on 2/16/14)

  18. Awesome! Review by Brian

    put on my dual coil yet. I've been rebuilding my own atty for some time now, and this guy may change my way of vapeing. Looks great on my Chi You with a 18350. Remember to get the ego adapter if your running a 510 device! I had to wait a few extra days to give it a try while my adapter came in.
    BTW, I've been using this guy for a week now and have not had any leaking OR gurgling! I think these other guys are just doing something wrong. I want another one, so please get more in! (Posted on 2/16/14)

  19. Awesome!! Review by Brian

    This thing hits pretty hard, and I haven't even put on my dual coil yet. I've been rebuilding my own atty for some time now, and this guy may change my way of vapeing. Looks great on my Chi You with a 18350. Remember to get the ego adapter if your running a 510 device! I had to wait a few extra days to give it a try while my adapter came in. (Posted on 2/15/14)

  20. Had higher hopes Review by Kevin

    I was impressed at first that the thing hit as hard as it did ... but being it holds little liquid, this also means if you take it with, you better bring some juice along, especially if you're dual coiling it.

    I had let mine sit for a few hours, and upon re-hitting on it, it gurgled, my shoulders slumped in disappointment.

    I'll give it a try without the specialty head, just the old ARO style heads and see if it still has this issue. The slots on the wicks seems like a good idea for a chain vaper, but as I have found, if you let it sit a while, you'll get the gurgles, even though, it didn't leak on my MVP, I'll give it that.

    I would not recommend this to a friend. (Posted on 2/15/14)

  21. Sleek impresive little beast Review by Virginia

    Had this far a couple days now, it's on the small side for me personally. looks great, small stainless steel unit with an attached matching drip tip. It does however out produce vapor of all my other tanks, granted I don't build my own coils. If a larger version becomes available, will hands down be my new tank of choice. (Posted on 2/14/14)

  22. Just might be the best EVOD style glassomizer on the market today! Review by Jim Mitchell

    I tried the T-Dux 2.0 this morning... Juice Mafia 18mg 50/50 White Lable Custard @ 11.5 watts... This thing redefines awesome! Just might be the best EVOD style glassomizer on the market today! (Posted on 2/14/14)

  23. So far it's excellent! Review by Corey

    Just got these in today, so this is a day-one review. I will be back to update this as I get some more use out of it.

    Firstly, the looks: It looks great, the stainless version has clean lines, nice fit and finish. Would be nice to see a replaceable drip tip, but really, who cares?

    The coil: I have both the single and dual coil versions here. I have to say first that this thing produces huge vapor. Flavor is awesome. I'm really very impressed with it. At high wattage you will get huge clouds of warm vapor, I'm not even lying.

    I dry-fired it a bit before use and I noticed that the coil lights up really fast. Looks like a 32 gauge coil with 8 wraps around a 1.5mm silica wick. The 2.0 ohm version metered out at 1.9 ohms by the way.

    Here's the unique part, the wick and coil are situated inside a ceramic cup and the tails of the silica wick are wrapped around that cup. The whole thing is covered by the metal part that you see in the picture. This is not an aspire clone! This is more like a protank with an extra bit of leak protection as the liquid goes through only the small slot in the cap to wet the wick. ostensibly then, the wet wick is now blocking the slot preventing the juice from flooding the cup.

    Does it work? Kinda. It gives off awesome vapor and flavor, but it does leak a bit. About as much as the smoktech ARO does. This is day one though, I did not fill it all the way so the leaking could be due to being under-filled.

    When these are in stock, You need to get a couple of them, I predict that these will be a hot item for at least a few months. (Posted on 2/13/14)

  24. Little guy packing a punch! Review by Scott

    First to Review! Yeah! OK, got mine today so, only been working it for four hours. It's a little taller than the Pyrex ARO V2 Bottom Coil Tank and looks good on my Winder battery. Drip tip is fixed in place like the ARO V2 but bigger. Open it up and turn upside down to fill up to top of internal tube. Easily got 1.5ml in maybe more. Coil sits in a "cup" with a small piece of silica touching the fiber sides surrounding it. Couldn't see the ceramic part but it's a narrow hole. Two small slits allow juice to saturate the fiber cup and wick into the coil. Actually had to turn down below 4V (1.8ohm coil) to tune it in to my taste. Draw is similar to ARO V2, very easy and airy. Not restricted at all! If you don't like that much air, put a finger over one of the two air holes on the bottom ring and you're laughing. Decent looking gaskets for outside ring where tank meets base and where internal tube connects to top of coil area. Top of coil assembly is knurled for easy removal. Unscrews easily for replacement coil and has a gasket on bottom to help keep it all in. If you've pulled apart a ARO V2 coil, the bottom is the same center pin setup. Don't know yet if I'll be able to rebuild these like I've been doing with the ARO V2s by the look of it. So how's it vape? I'd rank this up there with some of the top dual coils clearos I've been using. Mouth to lung and straight lung hits produce better than expected clouds and taste was spot on. I've been vaping on it steady and haven't had anything other than a consistent solid hit. It works very well as bottom coils tanks go. Good construction, smooth threads, excellent tank. Another great product from SMOK! Get you one and try it out! (Posted on 2/12/14)


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