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STAM eGo CE5 Clearomizer 2.1 Ohm

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Regular Price: $3.99

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Quick Overview

  • Wickless clearomizer

  • 4 holes supply e-liquid to your coil

  • Holds 1.6mL of e-liquid

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Stam eGo CE5 Clearomizer 2.1 Ohm

The CE5 is similar to the CE4 but it is wickless. There are 4 holes in the center tube to ensure your coil is supplied with plenty of e-Liquid.  This clear cartomizer has markings showing how much e-Liquid you have in your device. The drip tip that is included screws on and has a plug and seal making it spill resistant. Easy to fill with a squeeze bottle by just tilting to the side. Fits nicely on an eGo giving a clean finished look. Holds about 1.6 mL of e-Liquid.


Please note: There is no warranty, returns, refunds or exchanges on cartomizers.

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SKU 4349

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Customer Reviews

Fine for the price Review by Lastredwitch
So far the ones I've used work perfectly. Smooth draw. I like No cores or wicks -less likely to be smoking the core or wick! (Posted on 4/2/2015)
Cheap and good for a spare. Review by MaximusPrime
This STAM CE5 is just about all you can expect for the $3.99 price tag. Its great to try new flavors(wick-less) in and to keep as a spare. This by no means should be your primary clearomizer. With that being said, for only $3.99, its not half bad. (Posted on 3/13/2014)
Mediocre, poor value Review by Alex
Got these to try cause they're cheap. They work *ok* but not great. And you can't replace the coils. Spend the extra 50 cents to get a smok RBC which actually works really really well, and then you can replace the coil on that when it's dead for even cheaper than this thing (currently $1.50 per coil). (Posted on 12/13/2013)
Awesome! Review by William
I just got 2 of the in the mail today. The 1st one I tried didn't work and the 2nd one lasted for about a dozen vapes and then stopped working. I started looking at these things and noticed that the pins at the bottom of them aren't spring loaded. I took a flat head screwdriver and turned them counter clock-wise about 7 or 8 times. It fixed both of them and now they out vape my CE4's that I have. They taste better also. These things are awesome now! Just fine tune them if they're not working when you get them or don't vape that much and vape on (Posted on 10/10/2013)
My favorite clear-o....when they actually work Review by 10ECvaper
Two stars ONLY on the promise of these actually working when you receive them.

My experience with the 4349 has shown a 66% failure rate right out of the box. When one actually works, it works great. I had one that lasted well over a month and never did "die", the tank cracked and no longer held juice. It was like losing a good friend. Going to try out of this batch and see if quality control has improved. Doubtful, but just like being in love with a gorgeous woman who is unfaithful, I'm willing to give the 4349 one more chance. If these are no improvement, I'll be back to give them 0 stars. (Posted on 9/18/2013)
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