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Smok Tech ViVi Nova Tank

Smok Tech ViVi Nova Tank

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  • Holds 3.5mL of e-liquid

  • 2.4 ohm coil

  • Great vapor production



Smok Tech ViVi Nova Tank

This Smok Tech tank holds about 3.5 ml of e-liquid so you can vape all day without refilling. This tank comes with a 2.4 Ohm replaceable coil.

Use the link below to make sure you are using a heating element that works with your battery.

We have seen great vapor production and excellent hit from this tank.  What is unique about this tank is that the center pin on the 510 connection is spring loaded so you should never have a problem with connectivity.  The Smok Tech Slim ViVi Nova has replacement coils in a variety of resistances.  But what is nice is that the coils for the Smok Tech Redux and the Smok Tech ViVi Novas are interchangeable.  It is a 510 compatible tank and comes with a removable 510 drip tip. The top unscrews for easy filling. The bottom unscrews to replace the coils.

To replace the coils unscrew the bottom of the tank.  Unscrew the coil at the top of the center pole and install a new one.

The Nova tank is about 19mm in diameter and has a total length of 75mm with the drip tip installed.  

Please note: There is no warranty, returns, refunds or exchanges on cartomizers. Smok Tech ViVi Nova tanks and coils are NOT compatable or interchangeable with Vision ViVi Nova tanks and coils.  Please be sure you are purchasing the correct replacement parts.

Click here to see if this tank is right for your device.


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SKU 4302


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  1. So much plastic... Review by Carlos

    Doesn't work at all.
    Took it apart and reassembled many times.
    Heard it work for a brief moment once but no more.
    I love the design of the tank and feel but what does that matter if it doesn't work?
    Going to try to see if it's just the cart. (Posted on 10/21/13)

  2. High defect, maybe just a bad batch? Review by JayPea

    The ones I ordered had problems shorting... Would work great if I VERY carefully put the cap on and checked repeatedly to ensure there was resistance (thanks to the variable). However, on refilling, it came right back. Something about the way the atomizer connects with the riser... maybe the insulation... duno. When it DID work, had good production, and wicked both PG and VG well. If it worked consistently I would be happy, might order another later just to see if it was a bad shipment. (Posted on 9/20/13)

  3. Great with slight mod Review by A-bomb

    The trick with these is to remove the rubber nipple, snip about 1mm off the bottom and put 2 drops of niquid on the coil to prime it. The snip takes some practice to get right but with this mod it doesn't taste burnt at all and vapor production is awesome. (Posted on 7/10/13)

  4. its alright Review by Ryne

    works great, vapes great the only problems i had were the top of the tank at the top metal piece it leaked and the spring pin there are 2 small conection pieces and one of them broke off then it worked badly as loong as the piece doesn't break off its damn near perfect. (Posted on 6/30/13)

  5. If you have leak problems Review by Austin

    When you get they completely come apart every piece, just unscrew bottom where uptake the coil out then screw it back on REALLY tight , then fill like normal and stuff, when u screw the tank on your battery it screws the other way naturally wanted to make the coil looser. So when screwing your tank to the battery grab the metal part at bottom of tank and tighten securely without loosing it and there are no leaks (Posted on 5/13/13)

  6. leaks! Review by Paul

    I bought 6 of these and they all leaked from the bottom except for one. I'd stick with the vision ones. (Posted on 5/12/13)

  7. Perfect Except Review by Alexei

    when people buy this they have to realize that it is plastic, you cannot force screw it as if you do it will leak. i have ordered many of these and i have never had a problem with leaking. but the main issue i want to get out it that the threads are small on all novas, so what i am trying to say is that this tank and all vivi nova tanks are loose and wobble..... it got go bad i had to order something to fix it, i forgot the name of it out once i fixed it, it was perfect. (Posted on 5/5/13)

  8. meh... Review by hugh

    Maybe I just got a bad one, so I may try another if it shows up at a retail location. As for what I've experienced so far, it tastes like burning plastic. Vaped as low as 5 watts, burning plastic. different juices 80/20, 70/30, burning plastic... Maybe some kinks need to worked out, or maybe I got a bad unit. For now, I'll stick with my Vision vivis. (Posted on 3/24/13)

  9. Post to my orignal review Review by CEEJAY

    Yes, this product produces great smoke as well as flavor.
    I am reading online not many people have this problem but I do...
    The tank leaks out of the bottom. It sounds like a small problem but,
    to find your pants with juice in them is not a great feeling. (Posted on 3/20/13)

  10. great Review by CEEJAY

    awesome (Posted on 3/12/13)

  11. Works like a Champ Review by Rick

    Great Vaper and last 2 days. Unless i want to change liquid because it makes it taste so good!!! (Posted on 3/11/13)


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