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Smok Tech 5 Volt 510 Manual USB Passthrough

Smok Tech 5 Volt 510 Manual USB Passthrough


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SKU: 3059

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Smok Tech 5 Volt 510 Manual USB Passthrough



Smok Tech 5 Volt 510 Manual USB Passthrough

*Updated* 5 volt USB Passthrough This usb passthrough plugs into a USB port on your computer, USB hub or other USB power adapter*. As long as you're plugged in you can vape all day with no worries. Vapor production with a 510 Cartomizer or Atomizer is amazing. Capable of using any 510 to XXX adapter for use with other atomizers. These have a SEALED 510 connector. Includes: 510 Manual USB Passthrough Only. Other items that may be shown in pictures are for illustration purposes only and not included. *Please note, this manual USB Passthrough does not contain a battery and requires approximately 1.5 amps from the USB power source. Low Resistance(less than 2.5 ohms) atomizers and cartomizers should not be used with 5 volt devices.

Updated features:
5 Feet Long (Total length)
5 Volts at the battery connector
Updated Switch, more solid
15 Second Cutoff (16 LED flashes) Blue LED
Short circuit and under current protection (LED flashes)


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SKU 3059


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  1. Works good but small Review by Scott

    Purchased two of these since they were on sale. Far cry from my homemade passthrough made with 1/4" PVC, but after a year and a half it gave out (wiring issue) and wanted to try these. Tested both units and both worked and vaped great with a nova tank and 2.8 single coil. But like I said they are skinny, same size as a gas station ecig and looks kinda funny with a tank on it (Posted on 1/9/14)

  2. Not so good Review by desertlover

    The passthroughs I ordered here (my regular vendor was out of stock) are really lacking in function. They are very weak and no comparison to what I get from the other vendor. The lights on it are red and green....I wonder if I even received the right thing.
    Definite thumbs around. (Posted on 7/23/13)

  3. battery saver Review by gabriel

    If you sit at your computer alot this is a must, bought 4/19 still works great (Posted on 6/21/13)

  4. Great, Use Smok Dual Coil Fatty with Rubber tip Review by David

    My First Review.....This thing puts out the Vapor! Have to get a 2-3 amp usb output to get the most out of it...Don't use a usb lose power...plugged my 3 amp usb brick into a ac inverter for my car

    We went on a road trip and were smoking the hell out of the car....Love it.

    Remember get one of those fat tampon smok cartomizers with the rubber tip and you're golden! (Posted on 3/9/13)

  5. Works great, until it doesn't Review by Brian

    I've ordered my third and a Provari (as my permanent) in hoping that it will last longer. This unit twice now has lasted me (with constant vaping) about 3 mos each, which simply is not enough. It does give great vape with the A/C attachment, but it still gives out early enough that I feel like I'm getting scammed. My third has just arrive as simply a backup for my ProVari.
    In's good for a backup, but not as your main because it will fail in a very short time. (Posted on 12/31/12)

  6. Hits Hard Review by Chris

    I bought the passthrough so I wouldn't waste batteries when I was at home. It is a powerful little thing. I will tell you to buy the 2 amp usb adapter. YOUR IPHONE WALL CHARGER IS NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH. Get a tank and a 3.0 ohm cartomizer too. Its a great set up. Put it on the same ticket too. I didn't and spent a week staring at my mailbox waiting for the adapter. (Posted on 12/7/12)

  7. break out board needed Review by Tadege

    If these had a break out board so you could replaced the cable they would be great but the cable always fails at the bottom of the unit an that's the end of it. (Posted on 12/5/12)

  8. Stop worrying about batteries Review by Dan

    Great for all-day vaping without hassling with batteries. Works best with a powered usb hub.

    I don't get good results with a usb ac adapter(the one that came with my phone); using directly on a computer usb port always gives errors about exceeding usb ports power limit but still works fine, though this could lead to damaging the computer usb port.

    I spent $12 building one myself before deciding to spend the extra $3 to get a good one, well worth the $15. (Posted on 11/10/12)

  9. Great for the price! Review by Mr. T

    what can I say? nothing special but works all the time, every time! (Posted on 11/6/12)

  10. works great on computer Review by james

    had it a month still works
    (Posted on 10/7/12)

  11. My main vape Review by Gary

    I've had mine for over six months and use it when I'm at home or in the car. It works so great, I figure it's the best way to save on batteries and general wear on my mods.
    I've not had one problem with mine. The wire connection at the bottom is tight and so is the switch. I am for sure a heavy vapor and some days I may use this and nothing else. Not only do I unplug it to take it to the car, I also unplug it to take it from room to room.
    I'm going to ask Santa to put another in my stocking this Xmas just so I can leave one downstairs. (Posted on 8/31/12)

  12. poor quality product Review by Serge

    Bought 3, one died in 2 days, second - in one week... (Posted on 8/30/12)

  13. Save your money Review by Ian

    These things are junk. I bought one, it acted up. In 6 weeks of use, and I used it all day long, I started having to hold the wire in a certain way or it wouldn't work. After a bit, it stopped working altogether. I bought another one. Same story, only it took just a month for it to join its brother in the garbage. (Posted on 8/28/12)

  14. Works as it should Review by John

    Had this passthrough for a few weeks now, and I use it constantly. It's in my hand right now as I type this. Works with my USB power adapter too, for when I am away from the computer, though the adapter doesn't push as many amps so I get less vapor. (Posted on 8/13/12)

  15. Best product Review by Michael

    I received mine in 2 days and I live in California , by far the best vapor ever, works very well , highly recommend (Posted on 8/9/12)

  16. Good Review by Chris Evans

    I'm only giving this 4 stars because the button is slightly misaligned and it sometimes gets stuck. (Posted on 7/2/12)

  17. mileage varies Review by Anthony Baldwin

    The first time I got one of these, it was the best thing since sliced bread. The first one lasted me about 8 months. Then the second one I bought lasted about 3 months, but I had purchased another as a backup. This last died in about 3 weeks time. Not sure what's going on here. I'm going to give it one more shot. When working, they give good vapor, and the convenience is good. I work from home on the computer, so I just plug in and vape all day. (Posted on 6/27/12)

  18. Just ordered Review by jaritt miller

    just oredered this haven't got it yet but i've seen a lot of ppl complaining about the cord not being long enough, there USB extensions on ebay for $1 (Posted on 6/12/12)

  19. Works Great Review by Michael Persaud

    Been using this for about a month with the AC adapter without issue. I've been using it with Boge 3ohm cartomizers and an M1A1 tank. Noticed more vapor and discovered little nuances to liquids at the higher power output than with my normal batteries. Worthwhile purchase for use when you're sitting around at home or work, freeing up your batteries for when you are on the go. (Posted on 4/22/12)

  20. Great Review by bradley morgan

    Wonderful for sitting at home and vaping and not running your battery's down wish cord was longer I had to use mine plugged up to the wall with ac adapter (Posted on 3/31/12)

  21. Works Great Review by Ryan Viau

    I have used the passthrough for about 3 months now. It worked flawlessly. I liked the long cord and the fact that it is very lightweight. The cord finally gave out on me, so I'm buying another one today. (Posted on 3/23/12)

  22. Great Review by Angelo Cintron

    works very well, helps to save batteries for when on the road. (Posted on 3/4/12)

  23. Mixed Feelings Review by Frazier Phillips

    Works great, no issues with running it off cigarette -> USB or on laptop USB. The major thing that I had an issue with was dual coil carts. Tried several dual coils and none worked, hopefully someone can do a voltage test on this on there review ..... (Posted on 2/27/12)

  24. Handy Review by Robert Schauer

    Nice to have in front of the TV. Using 2 ohm dual-coils with about 70/30 PG/VG, I get huge plumes of nice, warm, tasty vapor. I've had this for about 2 months and have no complaints. Since I just got my ProVari, I can predict using this a lot less, but it will still be handy to have around. Perhaps I'll move it to the computer room or the workshop. (Posted on 2/24/12)

  25. Killer Cable. Review by marco borrino

    I hope this passthrough lasts because it rocks. And I'm only using a 750 mAh Duracell USB car Charger. I can't wait for my 2000mAh wall plug. With 750mAh it makes so much vapor, I can't see out the windshield, wicked! Hooked up to a desktop CPU it made less vapor, and didn't work at all on my laptop. (Posted on 2/22/12)

  26. Good but could have been better. Review by Devin Blackledge

    I loved this passthrough for the time that it worked. I had it for about 2 weeks and then it shorted out only plugging it into my pc and the usb car adapter bought from the site. Hopefully the Ego 510 passthrough will be better. (Posted on 2/13/12)

  27. Greatness! Review by David Guernsey

    This lil guy is a beast! Ive been rocking it w/ a 2.8ohm dual coil carto tank and fogging up the room! Only one suggestion, maybe an auto-switch version for hands free use while driving? Overall another awesome product, at a very respectable price! Thank you madvapes! (Posted on 2/8/12)

  28. Good Pass Thru Review by Melanie Wipert

    I've been using this item rather often so it has proven to be durable. Quality of item seems good to me. (Posted on 2/7/12)

  29. 5 volt Passthrough Review by Carl Davis

    Very happy vaping on it a week now. I have always used stacked battier mods and I find myself laying them aside and using the pass-through. The voltage is perfect for me and I allways use duel coils no problem plenty of taste and vapor. I have bought two products from Madvapes so far and both have been quality items. The car lighter to USB is nice to have to. thanks (Posted on 2/2/12)

  30. Great! Review by Kris Erickson

    Just got this and am hooked! Wouldn't fit larger 510 style tanks, but works great with my boge carts. Good solid vapor, not hot, and no need to worry about battery life! Better than my eGo batt. (Posted on 1/29/12)

  31. Awsome Alternative Review by Benjamin Clark

    Awesome alternative with good vapor. A must have for those who are worried about not having enough battery power to make it through the day. Despite the description works great powered through my Toshiba laptop.However in addition to this pass through I ordered the cheaper usb charger for driving in my car, be sure to purchase the nicer 2 amp usb-12v car adapter, the cheaper one will not produce adequate power, nor vapor. (Posted on 12/30/11)

  32. Excellent choice! Can't go wrong. Review by robert akins

    This thing produces FAT clouds of vapor. I use it more than my eGo now. I'm going to build a 5v mod because of this. Just be sure, absolutely SURE to order some 2.5 ohm cartos or atties for it, it will burn up anything in lower resistance. Also, I'm going to build a portable USB power pack for it out of the USB Ni-MH, Ni-Cd battery charger. Stuff that badboy with some Trustfires and good to go!Pro Tip: don't vape off CPU while gaming. it'll draw some serious power through your rail. (Posted on 12/22/11)

  33. Moderate or heavy vaper? Get one of these! Review by Andrew Livingston

    This little guy may not be very ergonomic or seem like all that great, but it kicks butt. Why waste battery power at your desk, in bed, car, or anywhere else with a wall plug or 2 amp USB port? This little guy performs great, and makes a perfect tableside companion! (Posted on 12/4/11)

  34. Awesome Review by Cory Chop

    Just took this out of the box and i already love it. Using a 510 Dual Cart with root beer liquid lots of vapor and a nice warm hit with plenty of flavor. This is why i keep coming back to madvapes! (Posted on 9/28/11)

  35. Mixed results.. Review by Scott Burnham

    This is my 1st passthrough, and I must say so far it is crazy good as far as vapor content goes! I do however worry though that the voltage is too high and that it is killing off some of my flavored liquids (Posted on 9/21/11)

  36. Love them!!! Review by judy lietz

    I love these things!!!! I do recommend using them with the wall or car adapter instead of your computer, though...they do tend to drain a laptop pretty quickly. (Posted on 9/12/11)

  37. It Works Review by Robert Hinsen II

    Use this at my desk and it works good. (Posted on 9/6/11)

  38. I like it Review by Mike Ferrell

    My first passthrough experience, and I must say its really cool. I like not having to worry about dead batteries now. I like the 5V production, noticible difference over ego batts. Only issue was it didn't work in my usb hookup through my car cigarette lighter power port. Any idea why it wouldn't? The light on the end lights up, but doesn't fire the carto... Overall exactly what I wanted. (Posted on 8/30/11)

  39. Solid Build Review by Christopher Landry

    Sturdy and solid build with thick wires and great heat and hit! Black coating scratches off pretty easily; no biggie for me but might bother some. Add a dab of superglue to lighted end where the wire comes out to prevent twisting of the innards. Been using it almost every day for two months and works like a champ. Great product! (Posted on 8/26/11)

  40. Great battery saver. Review by Derik Fogderude

    I was hesitant on buying a USB passthrough because I have been used to using CR2 batteries on my high voltage vaping device. However, I found I was going through many batteries, and constantly waiting for them to finish charging. This passthrough is awesome. I do not have to wait for anything to charge and it has just as much power as the original high voltage vaping I was doing but with batteries. (Posted on 8/26/11)

  41. Good value Review by Carolyn Hatcher

    I really love this USB passthrough. I use it at work and home. I love the long cord. Nicely enough its harder to lose with a long cord. I do have problems with the button slipping it the casing, or getting stuck. It is easy to fix. Also the inner components slip forward a bit, but this is remedied by pushing the cord toward the ecig. (Posted on 8/15/11)

  42. Great Product Review by Garrett Dickson

    I've had this passthrough for a little over a month and I'm using it 8-10 hours a day. It works great, tons of vapor with a 510 3.2Ohm atty. Buying another for a spare. (Posted on 8/12/11)

  43. Awesome Product Review by Sean Death

    This thing has saved so much battery life. I spend most of my time in front of or near a computer so this USB pass through is ideal.I thought it was malfunctioning but it wasnt it was my USBIt turned out that my USB port was having issues, I simply went into the Control Panel, found the controller for my USB ports, Right click and selected 'Disable' then right clicked again and selected 'Enable' This solved my problem with the pass through. and I vape on now (Posted on 8/8/11)

  44. Good way to get into HV vaping Review by Steve K

    If you're curious about high voltage vaping, this is a pretty cost effective way of finding out if you like the experience. The device works well and is pretty simple. The only real trick is to make sure the USB port you're attaching to has a high enough volt and amperage output to drive the passthrough. Not all PC USB ports can push that much power. (Posted on 7/18/11)

  45. Does not work Review by Laurence Minost

    Fast delivery to the French West Indies.Thank you Madvapes(5 stars) :-).However I am disappointed my passthrough does not work.No Hit zero vapor. :-(( (Posted on 7/3/11)

  46. D-O-A Review by Roger Porter

    got it today and it blinks when i plug it into a usb port on the pc or though a ac adapter put in a atomizer and press button and it blinks no vape take out atomizer press button and a solid red light. tried four different atomizers still nothing (Posted on 6/29/11)

  47. Perfect! Review by brian jones

    Works great I use it every day plugged into a USB adapter for my work truck with a cartomizer (Posted on 6/21/11)

  48. best 17.50$ I have spent on e-cig hardware Review by robert

    i vape at home and at work on a pc.this is a very nice more than delivers a nice smooth vape with tons of flavor i never noticed on my ego. i am very satisfied with 5 volt vape. i will not be going back to my ego. it sits alone and unused now...i can honestly reccomend this to any one that has access to a car pc or ac outlet when they vape. andi use a 3.4 ohm 501 atty and it rocks with tons of vapor now..... (Posted on 6/16/11)

  49. Great Passthrough for Dual Coil Cartomizers Review by John Phoenix

    I got this passthrough to use with my (MadVapes Dual Coil Clear Mega Cart 1.5 +-.2 ohm) The passthrough works very well. The button feels nice & solid, has great springiness. The threads are cut well for tight screw down. The cord does not move around and seems solidly connected inside as well as is the USB connector.The unit does not get hot when using the dual coil cartos. I believe this is an excellent passthrough for daily use. I am very happy with this purchase. (Posted on 5/27/11)


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