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SmokTech Pyrex 3.5ml ViVi Nova Tank

SmokTech Pyrex 3.5ml ViVi Nova Tank

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SKU: 11030

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Pyrex 3.5ml ViVi Nova Tank, Red
Pyrex 3.5ml ViVi Nova Tank, Blue
Pyrex 3.5ml ViVi Nova Tank, Pink



Pyrex 3.5ml ViVi Nova Tank, Black



Pyrex 3.5ml ViVi Nova Tank, Silver



  • Pyrex glass

  • Holds 3.5mL of e-liquid

  • Nice aluminum finish with a glass window to see your e-liquid level



Pyrex 3.5ml ViVi Nova Tank

This Pyrex glass Vivi Nova tank holds about 3.5 ml of e-liquid so you can vape all day without refilling. The tube is anodized aluminum and has a window on opposite sides so you can check your e-liquid level.  

Use the link below to make sure you are using a heating element that works with your battery. This produces tons of vapor with the included 2.4 ohm coil making for a great vaping experience. It is a 510 compatible and the connector is spring loaded which eliminates center pin connectivity issues.  The tank also comes with a removable drip tip. The top unscrews for easy filling. The bottom unscrews to replace the heating element. To replace the heating element unscrew the bottom of the tank. The heating element is at the top of the center pole and unscrews from the center pole. It is about 19mm in diameter and has a total length of 67mm with the drip tip installed.

Please note: There is no warranty, returns, refunds or exchanges on cartomizers.

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SKU 11030


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  1. Great Tank! Review by Wayne

    First tank bought with my first non kit mod. Tank works great with the wooden e-pipe. Really like the capacity. only reason it is 4 stars is the difficulty of unscrewing and screwing in the caps on top and bottom. Some texture on both rings would make this tank even better! The vape is great. Much better than my Ego kit that I use at work. will be using these tanks a good long while with my e-pipe for sure! (Posted on 5/30/14)

  2. Awesome Little Tank Review by Joseph

    This is a great little tank, its super durable, I've dropped it HARD and it didn't break the pyrex or suffer any damage. It has great vapor production and flavor for a silica wicked tank. Now it tends to seep a bit into the top cap where the drip tip is inserted but it's a minor issue at worst, no other leaks at all. Would defiantly buy again, its worlds better than the polycarb vivis. (Posted on 5/16/14)

  3. leaks sometime Review by bob

    This was my first tank I got. Been using it for 8mo, and I really like it. Vapor from this is good, better if you drill out one on the air holes. It will leak at time but just wipe it down and your good to go. And put in dual coils and it rocks some vapors. (Posted on 3/26/14)

  4. cheap Review by Shaun

    These things are garbage, the atomizer lasts longer than the threads on the bottom of the tank. Flavor is good but this is two in a row now that the threads wore down in less than a week, since the bottom of the tank leaks and you're constantly unscrewing it to wipe liquid out from the connection terminal. (Posted on 2/4/14)

  5. cheap Review by Shaun

    These things are garbage, the atomizer lasts longer than the threads on the bottom of the tank. Flavor is good but this is two in a row now that the threads wore down in less than a week, since the bottom of the tank leaks and you're constantly unscrewing it to wipe liquid out from the connection terminal. (Posted on 2/4/14)

  6. Overall GREAT!! Review by Andrew

    I have a few of these tanks. One is fantastic, great draw, no leakage, nothing, a perfect tank. The Pyrex really makes your eliquids taste great!!!!Another one had some problems with the seal on the main post and was leaking where the battery and tank meet. I replaced the seal and it works great!! On one of the tanks the threads came off the tank. I simply called MadVapes, emailed them a pic of the problem and they gave me a choice if I wanted a new tank or my account credited, no questions asked!! I chose to have my account credited and it was instant!!! I didn't even have to send the broken one back, leaving me with spare parts and saved money from shipping charges!!! MadVapes customer service is fantastic, I can not say that enough so everything put together I gave this five stars even with the minor problems. They really are great tanks too!!! (Posted on 10/6/13)

  7. Smok outperforms Vision Review by Randy B

    I purchased this a month ago and have been using it ever since and have only replaced the coil once. That was my own fault, I was experimenting with wattage and popped it. It out performs my Vision Vivi Nova 10 fold.

    The only reason I give it a 4 instead of 5 is because the hourglass window design is a little hard to read unless lighting is just right and it is easy to overfill and flood the head. The only other complaint I have is that it would be nice if the top and bottom pieces were knurled.

    I also purchased the replacement dual coil heads by mistake, but I'm glad I did.

    This clearomizer is the best I've tried so far. The vapor production is much better than my original Vision as is the flavor.

    I like the versatility of the Pyrex tank and the spring loaded center pin. (Posted on 9/18/13)

  8. Good, and yet disappointing. Review by Heather

    First off, I'm going to give it four stars despite a couple of design flaws. I love the look and durability of the tank, but the first time I used it I had to run off to google to find out if I was doing something wrong. I vape on a Provari mini, and I had no air flow through the tank. None, zero, zilch, nada. After googling, I found that the air holes in the bottom of the tank get blocked by a good number of mods. The only way that it will work is if you unscrew the tank enough so that the holes aren't covered. On mine, at least, this makes the tank very wobbly. When I went back to the Mad Vapes store, the owner suggested that I stick a toothpick between the tank and my stick and then tighten it down and break off the excess toothpick. I did that and it did the trick! No more wobbling.

    As for performance, I like it a lot. I get a good amount a vapor, though a tad bit more throat hit than I'd like. Once the air hole issue was resolved it was really easy to draw on. I've had no issues with leakage at all, and I don't get any liquid in my mouth. (Posted on 8/10/13)

  9. Not happy at all! Review by Christine

    Ive had it for less than a week and it does not work. It worked great the first 4 days. Then it would work intermitently. All my other clearomizers work so i know it is not my battery (ego-v v2 mega) that is malfunctioning. Also, it does leak. Not alot but i have to wipe the battery with a paper towel or qtip so i dont end up buring oil on it frequently. I have other vivi nova tanks and am more satisfied with the regular plastic tanks. I just ordered the protank II so im waiting for that to come and hopefully will be more satisfied with that. This one was definitely a miss. (Posted on 8/8/13)

  10. Love it!! Review by Darth Vaper

    Used it for over a month without changing the wick out. I had good hit strength and never had a burnt taste until the end. (Posted on 7/27/13)

  11. I like it Review by Robert

    Tried this for the glass and the aluminum sleeve to protect it. Had issues with plastic clearomizers in the past. Tried the protank but didn't like not being able to change the drip tip since I tend to bite when I take a drag. I don't really want to chip a tooth or worse so this aspect works out great. It comes completely apart and you can replace the coil which is also great.

    The only thing I wish was different is the top coil but I knew that when I bought. The wick does tend to not keep up when I chain vape if it's under about half full. The bottom coils I've tried don't have that issue.

    As others said, it's a bit airy but I just draw slower and it's fine. Also have it on a VV mod so there's some wiggle room to make it better that way too. Other than that a solid tank. (Posted on 7/21/13)

  12. It's nice Review by Tami

    I bought 2 of these, one for me and one for the husband. The color's are great! I got a pink one and the hubby got a blue one. I read the reviews ahead of time and ordered new aluminum drip tips in a separate order. I have 2 issues with this, one which is the most important, is that there are no lines or indicators letting a newbie like myself know when there is enough juice in it, so mine has leaked a little bit when I over filled(I'm guessing I over filled it).The second problem, which is more of an OCD thing than a real problem is that the window on the tank does not line up with my manual button on the eGO(lame I know lol). Other than that it seems to work pretty good. It does have an airy draw to it, which kind of sucks since that is why I stayed away from the Protanks, but I can live with it I suppose. I think getting a 2.0 ohm coil instead of the 2.4 ohm might help that a bit, but again I am a newbie. Anyways it is a good over all product. (Posted on 7/14/13)

  13. I Like it Review by Darin

    I got it cause some e-liquids can crack plastic tanks and it works fine. But for those who like to take long hits, it doesn't work well for thicker e-liquids like those from Volcano. The wick dries out too quick and you get that burnt taste. With the thinner e-liquids it works good
    even with long hits. (Posted on 6/27/13)

  14. It's ok....but not great. Review by Keith

    I like to try different things and thought I'd give this Pyrex 3.5ml Vivi Nova Tank a try. First off, anything else that I've bought, at least comes in a box and has instructions. This had neither, only if you count the Priority Mail box it shipped in. It comes in a bag with the Madvapes logo on it and that's it. Now,my first impressions were not great. I filled it up and placed it on my 900mah Ego battery and it was ok, however, I wanted to try it out at different voltages so when I went to place it on my VV pass through battery the bottom unscrewed instead of it unscrewing from the battery and there went all my juice all over me, which sucked. So, now that the mess is cleaned up and the unit is tightened to the point that Hercules himself couldn't get it to repeat that same offense, it draws nice and creates a lot of vapor. It looks nice and has decent weight to it. The mouth piece is the usual clear crap, so I Immediately replaced it with my own and it looks nice on top of it. Give it a shot but watch it when you take it off a battery, you might wind up wearing your juice too... (Posted on 6/25/13)

  15. Right Price Review by John

    I picked up a red one the drip tip came broken. At the top and bottom of the tank(where top and bottom caps connect) it has appearance of stress. Leaks through the bottom cap between tank and cap.

    I don't normally use the clear drip tips that come with many tanks so no issue for me.
    Stressed top and bottom to tank seem to be a mere cosmetic flaw.
    I keep spare rings around just for this sort of problem.

    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Down 2 stars for varied flaws up 1 for price. (Posted on 6/25/13)


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