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MadVapes 510 Ego Mega Dual Coil Clear Cartomizer Kit

MadVapes 510 Ego Mega Dual Coil Clear Cartomizer Kit


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SKU: 3160

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  • 900mAh batteries with LED

  • Great for a starter kit or spare

  • Comes with a great zippered carrying case



510 eGo Kit with stylish carrying case! 900mah batteries provide extended use between charges. Manufactured by Smok Tech with Smok Logo on the battery.

Each eGo Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer Kit includes:
2 Black eGo 900mAh batteries with LED.
4 eGo Mega Dual Coil Clear Cartomizers
1 420mA USB charger
1 Black zippered carrying case

Please note: The eGo batteries should be charged with the eGo charger only or the batteries may be damaged. The eGo charger should not be used with other 510 batteries or the batteries will be damaged. Low Resistance (less than 2.0 ohms) single coil atomizers and cartomizers should not be used with eGo batteries. eGo batteries and charger come with a 30 day warranty. There is no warranty, returns, refunds or exchanges on cartomizers.


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SKU 3160


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  1. Far Better than Expected Review by Al

    Truly a great product. I purchased the kit as shown and it has been better than ANY electronic cigarettes or the smaller eGO-T which I have tried.

    I would strongly suggest that you watch the filling instructions video for cartomizers if you are not familiar with how cartomizers work, as this was the only problem I had. After watching the video I'm all set.

    I must also remark that regardless of the liquid used, the glycerine after-taste is minimized in these units for some reason which is fantastic.

    Service was excellent. All in all, highly recommended. (Posted on 4/22/14)

  2. The batteries are great. The Cartomizers not great. Review by Joseph

    My first e-cig. I got them and tried them and it was a very harsh smoke. Using Icicle Apple from MadVapes. I didn't know any better and thought it was great. I dropped by a local shop and they hit on it and started coughing and told me it was way harsh. I bought an EVOD and put that on it and OMG it turned into a smooth smoker. If I was doing a noob starter kit I'd put in a twist battery, an EVOD, and a couple coils for it. (Posted on 4/6/14)

  3. AWESOME Review by Jamie

    I never thought I would ever write a review but, this thing is awesome. I was a heavy smoker I thought I would be smoking traditional cigarettes till my death. I purchased this eGo 510 last week on Sunday. It came on Thursday the first drag was incredibly strong but I learned not to pull so hard. I have not had a regular cigarette since. For someone wanting to quit smoking I strongly recommend this product. Today is Sunday 11-10-2013 and my chest feels great. I am not coughing and I am breathing great. It feels weird not smoking, but I take a couple of drags and it taste just like smoking. It delivers the same sensation if not better. No Tar, No odor, No nothing. Just vapor I would like to thank MadVapes my family loves this because it does not smell. I also purchased the Banana Berry Blast e-liquid and the VG 4oz it will last me a month to vape for a small price around 20 bucks. You cant beat that. It charges fast and is the best investment for a first time vaping. I tried BLU and some other e-cig a while back did not and is nothing compared to this product. Quit smoking and start Vaping.
    Jamie from Pennsylvania! (Posted on 11/10/13)

  4. Love this product Review by Travis

    Okay so I just got mine today and honestly love it hits great works amazing I gave it a 4 star cause the only little problem is when you first fill it it leaks a little but it stops after filling it takes a few minutes for the flavor to set but after that's your good honestly a great product I'd recommend it to anyone oh and if it's strong at first I just added a little drop of water which help it's great now I love it (Posted on 9/14/13)

  5. Definitely an Upgrade Review by Ambrosia

    I had been using the Halo G6 e-cig for a year and was happy for the most part. However, trying to keep up with what flavors was in which cartridge, losing the rubber tips, vape liquid getting skunky tasting, and misplacing the e-cig all together was a hassle. Not to mention the battery life began to decrease and didn't keep a charge for more than a day.
    I ordered my eGo Mega Dual Coil Clear Cartomizer yesterday and got it today (I live in Gastonia, went priority next day from Morresville) and so far, this was a better investment.
    For those of you who are inexperienced in filling Cartridges or just unfamiliar...these cartridges will hold roughly 100 drops of e-liquid. Don't over fill and ALWAYS remove cartridge before filling/refilling, just i case of accidental leakage - which will harm you battery. I'm using the Apple Cider 30ml bottle, 24mg strength...not really cidery-tasting but definitely appley. (Posted on 3/20/13)

  6. the carts are not well made Review by Selkiepeople

    Besides the fact that the mouth piece will let your e cig drop *some of us forget and hold our e cigs for a second to do something*, this was NOT a good option for me. Initially you get great vape but after a bit of sitting.....the unit self destructs. Both of my carts which were NOT used heavily cratered literally. I picked one up to use it and the bottom cracked from the top and I had a nice icky filler in my I picked up the other and dang......same thing...the only thing well built is the mouth piece. Other than that? I LOVE this store. I did see somewhere last nite carto's for those who use heavy liquids meaning VG only which I am a vg only vaper and I still hope to see these here and NOT in china. I know most of this stuff comes from there but I had to wait 2 months for one order ill packed at gimme some 1300 mah batteries so I can vape my heart out *yes, I do vape zero nic and nic and puff out more than inhale but still.....what does it matter if I can't find the right kit? * I want one that I can charge and it does what it says it will.....stay charged for as long as its touted to. And of course think of us gramma's who dont want to look like we have our own bongs....I'll wait until things are legal and my doc changes me from meds to the alternative natural LOL. (Posted on 2/20/13)

  7. Great hit but don't like how it fills up Review by Michael

    They hit great. My wife and I love the throat hit you get, but filling them up kind of sucks. It takes a while to get them to take the e-liquid(at least the first time). When while filling them they started leaking out of the bottom through the breather. It may take a little while for me to get used to filling it up. (Posted on 1/24/13)

  8. Outstanding Battery Review by Thomas

    I've been vapeing for about 2 years now and have used all kinds of batteries. Most of them won't take any kind of abuse but this one is crazy. Dropped out of my pocket while running accross crosswalk and got ran over twice before I could pick it up. I was just hopeing to save the ring on it. It was a little dented and scratched but, has continued to work for 3 mos with no problems! (Posted on 8/23/12)

  9. driver Review by michael johnson

    Have had this kit for two weeks now. Works great havent had a cig since. The only issue ive had is as a driver the battery didnt last all day so i got the ego 510 battery with passtthrough now im a vaping fool. Great starter kit have reccomended to three others wh have also purxhased (Posted on 7/30/12)

  10. I Love this kit! Review by betty johnson

    Purchased after a year dealing with the smaller 510. Had 6 batteries, always on charge, modded for better drafting, and would have to refill carts every hour. This kit has made me a VERY happy lady. 1 charge lasts all day (heavy vaper!) and carto's easy to refill on the go. My son thanks you for making his air cleaner, and I'm a forever customer! Excellent Quality, Super fast delivery, and Word of mouth to all my friends! (Posted on 2/10/12)

  11. Awesome Review by Kimberlee Metz

    I'm really liking this flat tip cartomizer. It holds plenty of juice & lasts a long time without you having to refill it. It gives a nice hit & great vapor. (Posted on 12/27/11)

  12. Helpful tip! Review by Lisa Cano

    This a great kit and will last longer if you wrap the clear cartomizers at the base with heavy ply scotch tape to help prevent cracking/leaking. (Posted on 12/4/11)

  13. Awesome Kit Review by Doris Laraway

    Batteries last all day and the carts seriously hold a ton of juice. I'm a heavy vaper so I find myself topping off in the evening, which is fine compared to the many fills I was doing with my previous setup. If I ordered this again i'd get the kit with the black carts. The cartos on these are clear so they do get unattractive fast. (Posted on 11/27/11)

  14. Excellent Review by Betty Katz

    Great Deal!! Been vaping for years now, everything from cheapies to Janty and would go with this any day. Thank you MadVapes for providing an excellent product at reasonable prices. I had an issue with blinking batteries and they were replaced in a timely manner. My only wish is a tank system rather than those exta large cartomizers. (Posted on 11/3/11)

  15. Great, but insanely huge! Review by Jessy Preston

    I got this yesterday and oh wow does it put my old 510 mini to shame. Great vapor and throat hit, and holds enough juice to last all day. But this cartomizer is huge, it is just as big as the battery. But still great at home, when I go out I just attach a normal 510 cart to the battery and its good to go. (Posted on 10/21/11)

  16. Great but huge Review by Amber Rabon

    Love the throat his and the vapor is awesome, only thing is it is huge!! LOL It will be obvious I am smoking, a least its not an analog.. I still have my 510 to use when I am in a crowd!! Overall Great! (Posted on 10/12/11)

  17. Some problems, but overall good Review by Michelle Heidel

    Worked great at first, but now one battery has died. Do buy a couple of [3171 V2 510 Shorty Extension Sealed] for the battery to make proper connection with the carto. 1 battery still working, but 1 has quit altogether,and won't light up at all now. Nice amount of vapor, but cracks are appearing at the base on two cartos after a short time of use. Liquid supplied with the kit tasted bad, do NOT recommend if you have another source for ejuice! To sum up, Love the product, hate the defects... (Posted on 9/26/11)

  18. WOW Review by Linda Cowan

    Super kit, my first kit was a small 510 kit. Small kit is pretty, But can't hold a candle to this kit. Long battery life an clear cartomizer works great holds a lot of e-liquid and has a super vape with a great throat hit. The only thing I would wish for is that it wasn't so ugly. I guess I will have to figure out a way to bedazzle it. (Posted on 9/26/11)

  19. love it Review by star cheshire


  20. bought 2 of these Review by David Morgan

    3 of 4 batteries don't work. 1 was d.o.a. and the other two quit within a month. (Posted on 9/14/11)

  21. love it. Review by Clayton Schultz

    I ordered this as my first E Cig. Three days into vaping and I love it. Glad I bought this, the cartos are awesome. I can vape all day long without refilling my carto or changing batteries.Im just not sure if these are LR cartos or not. (Posted on 8/20/11)

  22. 5-stars if ready out of the box, but alas NOT Review by James Shipman

    Same problem Nullav had. Would've thought the cartos were DOA, but had read reviews for the cartos & ordered 4 V2 510 Shorty Ext. found elsewhere here at Madvapes and he/she's right not pretty, but does work. You can also check out a video link MadVapes gave me,, & that actually DID help. Now just gotta do 'bout a dozen batts these cartos don't work with, even THESE batts that CAME with the carto kit! 3 stars since they're making me work to make these work (Posted on 8/18/11)

  23. Exelent Vape Review by Roger Savoy

    Just had this for two days ,but so far its perfect. Lots of vaper and should add all my cartos work great right out off the box. I do find it's a little on the large size, but you cann't beat the value and preformance. Great product (Posted on 8/11/11)

  24. well done Review by Todd

    purchased kit last week and it works great. im new to this and this was my first purchase. LOL ive sold five kits for them. Maybe i need a job with them. the kit works great and so easy to use. batteries last forever. the cartomizers work great and vape really well. let someone try it that has vaped for a while and they couldnt beleive how well it hit. i did purchase the extra drip tip and have two complette e-cigs. Awesome buy. (Posted on 8/7/11)

  25. Not so pretty, but better than anything I've used. Review by Nullav

    It's not so pretty, because the supplied cartos either have too long a skirt by 1-2mm to make electrical contact, or the battery's cone threads start too low by the same. As such, I had to use an extension.While it now looks a bit less sleek, with the supplied cartos, it produces the best, warmest vapor I've had yet, and the battery lasts several hours.MV, please supply matching parts in your kits. Otherwise, this would be perfect. (Posted on 7/27/11)

  26. Not happy Review by Ahmed Elkordi

    Recieved my kit yesterday 2 Cartomizers or whatever you call not working charger not working all the time now I'm still waiting on them to see if they will replace it for me or refund or if my money is wasted they say everything is tested prior to shipping that dosent make any sense when lots of ppl here write reviews saying cartos arent working seems cartos always a problem they better work on that for that amount of money we spend here on those kits and parts (Posted on 7/18/11)

  27. WOWWOWOW!!! Review by deborah masters

    This kit is awesome and comes with everything you need to ordered sunday morning in my hands on wednesday!I was really reluctant at first to fill my own cartos but it is so simple -just drip in the juice screw on the battery and vape away- every thing seems to be great quality including the case -This rig produces tons of thick vapor - I couldn't be happier -been vaping this for hours and the battery still going strong-Great product -Great price-fast shipping!thanks Madvapes! (Posted on 7/12/11)


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