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L-Rider Corolla 2.0

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Quick Overview

  • Adjustable airflow allows you to get a leaner or more robust vape

  • eGo 510 connector

  • Vent holes are drilled into the side of the bottom cap as protection


L-Rider Corolla 2.0

The Corolla is a mechanical tube mod designed by L-Rider.  It telescopes to allow for battery sizes from 18350 to 18650.  What is unique about the L-Rider is that it has an airflow adjustment at the top.  Just below the unsealed 510 eGo compatable connector is a ring that is threaded which can be opened or closed to give you a leaner or more robust vape.  The Corolla has a bottom that unscrews so that you do not have to readjust your tube length every time you replace the battery.

The eGo 510 connector is removable allowing for ease of cleaning.  In addition, the tip design has a removable center post that the eGo 510 connector attaches to which creates a buffer so that e-liquid does not seep into the interior of the device.  The mechanical side button has a locking ring so that you can safely transport the Corolla without the fear of accidental firing.  Vent holes are drilled into the sides of the bottom cap as protection from a battery short.

The Corolla is a reliable device due to it being entirely mechanical.  But the aiflow control is what sets this device apart from other similar mods.  All in all this is a great device that produces tons of vapor and is flexible for different cartomizers, clearomizers, tanks and batteries.

Price is for one (1) L-Rider Corolla.

Click here to see if you you have the correct atomizere or cartomizer for your device.

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SKU 10568A

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Customer Reviews

Meh Review by KwiqNiss
Doesn't fit single 18350 without work. Isn't true mechanical mod, since it has wires. Can't really take it all the way apart.

To get this to fit a single 18350 I stacked some neo mags in the bottom cap and put the spring on top. Also, the switch piece can be unscrewed from the body, but inside the switch piece can't really be disassembled. Inside the switch piece is some wiring. The wiring melted from the switch for me, but luckily there was some excess length. I was able to strip and wrap the excess around the switch and reassemble to repair. The adjustable air flow is nice. I do like the black piece other reviewers have mentioned removing from the air chamber, as it does prevent liquid from entering the switch and battery area of the device, but several of my carto's, atomizers, tanks etc. don't fit properly if tightened down and electrical connection is prevented unless you loosen it, which just doesn't feel right, and makes me worry that if I knock it down on the table or drop it, something will be more likely to break.
What's the point of a mechanical mod that can't be fully disassembled? How can it be considered mechanical if it has wires? (Posted on 1/12/2014)
How to fix the corolla 2.0..... Review by LLOYD
I just want to add along with my review on how to fix this thing.


Im dumb so know one should listen to me.

But hell!!! it does fix the mod!! (Posted on 12/31/2013)
How to fix the Corolla 2.0...... Review by LLOYD
This mod worked right for about 4 days then acted up. It gave me the same prob as one other reviewers prob. If it stops working or you have to be carful how much you screw the tanks down so it will work then Heres the fix!!

Take off your tank and there is the ring that looks like it has holes in it all the way around it. The tanks sits on top of the ring.
Take that top ring off. If you cant get it off with fingers try vicegrips. Once its off there should be a black plastic thing around the post. It will twist and go up and down. Pull it up and take the black plastic ring altogether off. It should just slide off and just leave it off because its the problem.

Screw the steel chrome top back on and then and screw it tight with the vicegrips or whatever you use.. Don't screw it to tight but tight. You just want to make it where it wont screw off easy but don't strip it. Then screw your tank back on very finger tight and it should work from now on. Just be sure to screw your tanks on very finger tight. I Don't know what the black ring is for but I just think its a design flaw. If it don't work after this ya might as well throw the L-rider in the trash and move on. You should be able to get a huge hit now and it should work fine.


Hope this helps and happy vaping!! (Posted on 12/31/2013)
POOR Design Review by Ryan
2 stars only cuz it looks real nice. Same thing as Chris. Had for a couple weeks then wasn't firing properly.
I have diagnosed the problem and the rubber ring around the adjustable positive pin wears out after A COUPLE atty switches and then basically creates a short... YES you heard right... the ONLY thing preventing a short between positive pin and the negative metal around it is a thin rubber gasket which wears out INCREDIBLY quick.
This mod HAD to been designed as a lemon on purpose. I can't see ANY engineer looking at this design and ok'ing it for mass production. I believe they meant for it to break. Someone with a broken mod will need to buy a replacement, no?? (Posted on 12/28/2013)
UPDATE- DANGER Review by Chris
So... I probably should have held off on this review. One week in and the device is no longer working.

Basically it started acting up a few days ago. Sometimes it would fire and sometimes it wouldn't. Today It's in my pocket with the fire button locked and I notice my leg is burning. Pull it out and the bottom of the device where the battery cap is red hot. The device no longer works and every time I put a battery in it, it heats up quick. The battery could have easily exploded in my pocket had I not noticed. Tried several 18650's and it happens with all of them, so it's def not the batteries. Same batteries work fine in my other mod, although I probably should be careful with the batteries that heated up in this mod.

I'll be returning this mod. (Posted on 11/28/2013)
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