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TopVapor E-Liquid


JD & Cola


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SKU: 241

Perfect mix of bourbon and cola. All of the taste without the hangover the next morning.



Topvapor e-Liquid is made in the USA.

TopVapor e-liquid is a blend of PG, VG, natural organic alcohol based flavorings and may contain nicotine. Products stated as VG only will not contain PG.  The typical mix is 80% VG/20% PG unless otherwise specified.

Due to personal tastes and preferences, there are no returns refunds, or exchanges on e-liquids.


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SKU 241
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  1. Spot-on JD & Coke Review by Fran Forbes

    Tastes just like the real thing. I tried it right out of the mail, and the Coke flavor wasn't quite there. A week later, it is! Good stuff..mild, mellow throat hit, great vapor production and for those times when you need a drink but the world won't let you have it at the moment, this is a perfect vape! Coke and JD are perfectly balanced. They're both in there and it is SO good!! (Posted on 7/1/14)



  3. Great taste Review by Scott

    Verry good flavor I got 11mg of nic and good throat hit very pleased I'd defiantly get this again (Posted on 3/3/14)

  4. Does not taste like Jack and Coke Review by Bridger

    It's a decent flavor, not as good as the Irish Mintz I got from Top Vapor before this order.

    I can definitely taste the cola part, but not the JD. There's a slight black licorice taste and it leaves a decently sweet scent in the air. I think the sweetness is partly due to the 80% vg base though. (Posted on 2/28/14)

  5. Cola &JD Review by Steven

    The first few hits are strong but after a few more the taste begins to mellow and grow on you. I love the slightly sweet smell that lingers for a few minutes after the last drag and the light almost cinnamon after thought. I find that my first choice for for a liquid was a good one and I will buy this again. (Posted on 2/12/14)

  6. Overpowering taste Review by Robert

    It's definitely JD & cola! The taste is overpowering to me -- I couldn't vape it for long. I normally use Blueberry, blackberry or cherry, so maybe I'm used to the mellower flavors...this one was like doing a shot with each hit. I may experiment in thinning this out with something else... (Posted on 2/8/14)

  7. Not Jack & Coke, but still very good Review by Robin

    This was good straight out of the bottle. No steeping needed as I didnt think the flavor was overpowering. Was mellow from the start. Unlike the other reviews, I really didnt taste the Jack part of this much at all. More like a strong smell and mild taste of the Coke flavor in an Icee/Slurpee from the old days at the 7-11 store. I was unsure at first and kept trying to taste the Jack Daniels that really never came thru....but the more I vaped this one, the more it grew on me. Very smooth vape, mostly the Slurpee Coke flavor , next note is a rootbeer aftertaste and then a very slight licorice taste. Those 3 flavors come in that order. Really nice, actually. I like it and would order this again. Perhaps they should change the name. (Posted on 1/29/14)

  8. exceeded my expectations Review by Timothy rosales

    I bought this one a couple weeks ago and love it! it is on my shelf as one of my "indulgent" vapes. I love it so much that i mostly save it for cold nights, rainy days and special occasions in fear that the flavor might one day grow old. i would diffidently recomend a steeping time of at least a week to let in balance out, although after one day the harshness toned down considerably. i will most diffidently be buying again! (Posted on 12/29/13)

  9. Worth it! Review by Jordan

    I've been vaping for about a year now and I've been nervous to start trying new liquids. I got this in today and was very shocked when I vapes it, it actually tastes like a jack and coke. It's a nice smooth taste with a whiskey taste on the exhale. For the money you can't beat it! (Posted on 11/6/13)

  10. Great JD and Cola flavor Review by jim

    Very sweet and mellow at the same time. Cola has a unique cola taste all its own. JD is right there with the cola. Mixed to perfection. I got 0mg at 30ml (Posted on 9/28/13)

  11. Good at First Review by Neal

    I love Jack , I do , Jack and Cola also , great for a night.

    At first this came out great. But after a couple of puffs ( As I tend to goto town if I'm not pre-occupied ) Started giving me a head ache and a little nausea. I'm thinking they used Anise to flavour it, it's really potent in it's smell and taste. For me at least. (Posted on 8/11/13)

  12. Great flavor Review by Raul

    More cola flavor than jd, but could still slightly taste the jd...perfect for when a little buzzed. Adds to the experience! Bought a 10ml 18mg at first now going to get a30ml. Good stuff (Posted on 5/15/13)

  13. Great flavor Review by Raul

    More cola flavor than jd, but could still slightly taste the jd...perfect for when a little buzzed. Adds to the experience! Bought a 10ml 18mg at first now going to get a30ml. Good stuff (Posted on 5/15/13)

  14. Made me sick Review by MINAS

    This is by far the worst tasting juice I ever tried. It made me want to throw up. (Posted on 5/13/13)

  15. Wasn't too hot on this Review by PatrickJamesYu

    When I saw that one of my favorite mixed drink was a flavor I can vape I was sold. I bought 3x what I normally get.
    It smells just like JD and Coke, but honestly once it goes through the carto, and is vaped, it tastes terrible.
    Like really really bad. I was honestly expecting this one to come out great, and taste similar to the drink itself. I've had good luck with the other flavors.
    I feel the 'serious' flavors don't come out as great when they're vaped as well as the fruity flavors.
    (Posted on 4/11/13)

  16. A shot of JD Heaven Review by Paul

    Heavy on the JD and light on the Cola. It's better than I expected and one of my new favorites. (Posted on 3/28/13)

  17. The Bomb!!! Review by Greg

    This stuff is the bomb and if you haven't tried it, you have got to order it right now!!! (Posted on 3/19/13)

  18. Smells more like it than the flavor Review by Jillian

    I love this drink, and when I smelled it in the store it smelled just like the drink. I'm leaning more towards it tasting like a Gummi Cola than Jack & Coke. But that could just be the cola instead of Coke. LOVE this one!!!! (Posted on 3/18/13)

  19. Like real Jack Review by Leo

    Nice blend only complaint is that this stuff smells like real alcohol! family thought i came to dinner drunk after a cartridge of this in my eGo (Posted on 3/14/13)

  20. Different Review by Paul

    Ive been smoking this flavor for a while now. Absolutely love it. However, multiple friends and I all agree that it tastes like a whiskey sour. Im not complaining! Its amazing! Each hit tastes like a sip of Jack & sour!! As jd and cola i give it a 4 star. As a whiskey sour, i would give it a perfect 5 (or above a 5 if possible)!!! (Posted on 1/17/13)

  21. More like Rebel Yell and RC Review by Joshua

    Well, it tastes like a watered down bourbon and cheap cola - not what I hoping for and wouldn't buy again, but def. not a bad flavor. (Posted on 10/18/12)

  22. I got shivers! Review by Dan Warner

    Man as soon as I cracked that little 5ml bottle I knew I was in for a treat. I got that same shiver/chill down my spine just like cracking a fresh bottle of jack. Put some drops in an atomizer and with the first hit.... Wow stiff jack I love it! Definitely a whiskey lovers top 5. I'm just sad that it needs to be steeped, I want it now! Great flavor guys thank you! :D (Posted on 10/13/12)

  23. Also wanted to say not for pussys... Review by Jake

    If u dont like a good stiff jack n coke then u wont like it... If you do... Order this right fricken now!!!! My by far favorite from Topvapor and maybe my favorite of all time... 24mg too dont be a wuss :P (Posted on 10/6/12)

  24. Agree with others... Review by Jake

    This is a great juice a most try for everyone... V 9/10 TH 9/10 T 10/10! (Posted on 9/29/12)

  25. Good bourbon and cola flavor Review by John

    We need more flavors like this. While not the "exact" flavor of JD & Coke(tastes more like Crown Royal & RC Cola to me), it's a great flavor for a smoke. (Posted on 8/31/12)

  26. awesome Review by Mike Merriam

    like some people said its not real sweet more like JD and Diet but thats what I drink. Love it. Its one of my 3 daily vaps (Rootbeet and Top Banana) (Posted on 7/5/12)

  27. Smells like JD & Coke, but... Review by Tuan Le

    I'm a menthol guy, although root beer and banana are nice too. This flavor inspired my to write my first review. Directly out of the packaging it smelled nice, exactly like JD and coke. Vaping it is a different story altogether. It has a mild pure alcohol taste with hardly any soda flavor. The aftertaste is quite terrible. Like burnt gasoline or exhaust fumes. I know they don't offer refunds on liquids, but this is the first time I wish they did. (Posted on 6/30/12)

  28. Flovar Review by Daniel Goldstein

    If you like the strong flavor of jack this is for you, strong but mild excellent taste and flavor (Posted on 6/2/12)

  29. Good Stuff Review by shaun mcdonald

    I gota say... It dose remind me of JD & Cola. Also, Its a really clean vape in my opinion. I started wondering whats in here (or not in here) that doesn't give me that weird feeling i get sometimes with other brands of lower quality juice. I didn't notice when i ordered but the flavoring in here is organic. I raised an eyebrow and will continue ordering topvapor. (Posted on 5/10/12)

  30. Perfect Liquid Review by marco borrino

    I can't believe how good this liquid is. It's so nice to have actual cigar and tobacco tasting stuff. Madvapes concentrates on fruit and candy. I don't remember ever smoking lemon pie, and chocolate snicker. Make COHIBA&Brandy, or Montecristo&Sambucca, maybe Rum%coke. JD&Cola, is one of the closest to the real thing ever. Get 24 or 36mg of nic. (Posted on 5/1/12)

  31. Im really vaping JD here.. Amazing!! Review by Joe Petner

    I wasnt expecting much when I ordered this. I ordered a 5ml bottle @ 24mg for the hell of it. I was shocked. It tastes EXACTLY like Jack Daniels and Coke. Its not very sweet so im going to say a diet cola. If you like the taste of Jack your going to LOVE this. Im ordering a 50ml bottle as we speak. (Posted on 4/26/12)


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