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Variable Volt / Watt

iTaste 2.0 MVP Kit with iClear16

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iTaste 2.0 MVP Kit with iClear16

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  • Variable Voltage/Variable Wattage

  • Passthrough w/ large internal battery

  • Doubles as a power bank/charging station



iTaste 2.0 MVP Kit with iClear16

The MVP 2.0 is a solid, well-built box mod with a plethora of features.  The MVP is variable voltage from 3.3 volts to 5.0 volts, and variable wattage from 6.0 watts to 11.0 watts.  The display will show how many puffs taken, your voltage/wattage output, and remaining battery life and atomizer resistance.  It also is capable of acting as a passthrough, so you can continue to use the device while it's charging.  The 2600mAh battery is large enough to provide 1-2 full days of uninterrupted vaping. The MVP can also double as a power bank, allowing you to charge cell phones, other e-cigs, or any electronic device that uses a USB charger.  With 510 and eGo threading, the MVP is the most versatile and useful mod available.

Included with the kit are 2 iClear16 clearomizers. The iClear 16 is a top-coil clearomizer with amazing attention to detail.  4 wicks ensure that each of the dual-coils get enough liquid and never dry out and taste bad.  The mouthpiece screws on, and has 2 o-rings on the top and a ribbed o-ring on the bottom to reduce leaking.  Also, the plastic tube is held in place by grooves to reduce the possibility of the tube coming loose and leaking. This is the most consistent and best-tasting CE4-style clearomizer out there. Holds 1.6mL of e-liquid and produces a ton of vapor!

Kit includes:

  • iTaste MVP Variable Voltage / Wattage electronic cigarette
  • 2 - iClear16 Clearomizers
  • Multi-use USB Charger
  • eGo connection cone

Quick Instructions:

  • Power On/Off: Press the fire button quickly 3 times.
  • Display Puff Counter: Hold “P” or “U” button for 1 seconds.
  • Display/Adjust Voltage: Hold “U” button for 2 seconds to enter voltage mode, then press “U” button to increase in .1-volt increments.
  • Display/Adjust Wattage: Hold “P” button for 2 seconds to enter wattage mode, then press “P” button to increase in .5-watt increments.
  • Display Remaining Battery Life/Atomizer Resistance: Tap the “P” and “U” button simultaneously.  Resistance will be displayed first, followed by atomizer resistance.
  • Charge External Devices: On the bottom of the device, flip the “Output” switch to the “ON” position, and attach your device through the USB connection.
  • Charge the MVP: Insert the micro-USB connection into the “Input” port on the bottom of the device, and plug the USB connection into a USB port or adapter.


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  1. Outstanding! Review by Marshall

    I just received my i Taste 2.0 MVP Kit and I am already blown away. Fully charged out of the box, put the clearomizer from my old ecig on it, adjusted the wattage and volts, already have 104 puffs on it, and I have no craving for the pack of Kools on my desk. I will be buying one for my wife, very soon. Thanks, Madvapes for making a product that really works and hits hard, yet smooth. (Posted on 7/3/14)

  2. beast Review by Christopher

    I bought this after using e go batteries for a couple months. I couldn't be happier so far. I've been using it for a week and still haven't had to charge it. Out of the box fully charged and ready to go. The i clear tanks deliver a nice tasting , rich vapor. It seems very solid and I don't worry about it breaking like I did with my majestic. If you're looking to upgrade from a starter kit to a professional vaporizing mod this should be your choice. I promise zero buyers remorse (Posted on 4/13/14)

  3. its tha shit Review by george


  4. A Must Have Review by Renee

    Been vaping for as long as madvapes have been in business. Have huge collection of different mods and this one is GREAT! Love the ability to change V and W. Hits great. Thought it would be too big for a woman to carry around, It's sturdy, sits alone (no worry about falling over) Taking the place of other e'cigs, and egos. A must have!!
    (Posted on 3/3/14)

  5. Classy Looking box mod Review by Laura

    I have to say this is my fave mod and I have 2 of them. I love gadgets and have lots of different batteries, but if I were limited to owning just one, this would be it. This power house stays charged for a week or more with regular use and takes less than a couple of hours to re-charge.. I have had my first one for a few mmonths now and have had absolutely no problems with it at all! This is well worth the $ so if you are thinking about it, just go on and give it a shot,,,you will like this mod! (Posted on 3/1/14)

  6. For new and old vape users alike Review by Andrew

    Easy to use and operate. Performs flawlessly and gets good battery life. Small and compact makes it a perfect fit for a pocket or purse. And the price is right on point! Everybody should have one of these for when they are on the go simply because of the ease of use and performance it provides (Posted on 2/13/14)

  7. Reinforce the power button Review by Adam

    My MVP is my favorite vape. When all else fails, I can plug it into my phone charger and puff away. I cant express in words how much I love this thing. I love it so much that I broke off the power button from 30-40 thousand uses. If this happens to you, use a piece of scotch tape to put the button back in place. Keep vaping, keep taping. I wish there was some way to reinforce the button, but otherwise an excellent piece of equipment. Everyone should own one. (Posted on 2/4/14)

  8. A New Frontier Review by West

    I've been vaping for a month now and was ready to move on to my next Phase of vaping. Started with the EVOD Starter kit. Finally decided to get something a new and did my research and found many talking about the iTaste MVP 2. Found the best price at MadVapes in Fayetteville NC so off I went last Saturday and wound up purchasing the iTaste MVP 2.0 Energy Line and a couple of replacement coils. I threw my Pro Tank Mini 2 up on it for my first vape and boy welcome to the world of TASTE. When I got home that night I used my Pro Tank 3 and all my EVODs on it for test runs. I now taste flavors I didn't know exisited in my juices. Love the look, feel, versitility and most of all the easy of use the MVP provides. If you're like me and unsure of your next move up the ladder of vaping or don't get the "box look" give this BADBOY a test drive and you won't be disappointed. (Posted on 1/27/14)

  9. Bring your juice to life! Review by Erik

    I like many have suffered my way through many ecig failures. It started years ago with the mystic.... I settled on a ego with a variety of tanks ect. I was blissfully ignorant. When it came time to reorder batteries again.... I thought I would look around and see if there was a better way. The answer is yes! Innokin has hit the nail on the head with this one. For the price of a couple of twists you can bring your vaping to the next level. Not only will it work with the tanks you know and love. It will even make a less than spectacular tank like the tsunami 1000 produce lots of vapor.

    The build quality of this "disposable" mod is fantastic! The price, performance & features make this the best device I've ever used. I am a heavy vapor. This enormous 2600mah battery lasts me all day.
    (Posted on 1/12/14)

  10. All around great mod Review by Brett

    Madvapes provides great service yet again! this is why I do most all of my vape shopping through MV! Although shipping times were wonky with USPS (ordered 2 day but got 4 day due to holidays and stuff) it's came and it works like a charm. Was bubble wrapped and wasn't damaged one bit. Great pv, solid build and good 'clicky' buttons. VW/VV make a custom vape and it's just all around great. Holds a massive charge that easily lasts over 2 days of vape. (Posted on 1/4/14)

  11. All around great mod Review by Brett

    Madvapes provides great service yet again! this is why I do most all of my vape shopping through MV! Although shipping times were wonky with USPS (ordered 2 day but got 4 day due to holidays and stuff) it's came and it works like a charm. Was bubble wrapped and wasn't damaged one bit. Great pv, solid build and good 'clicky' buttons. VW/VV make a custom vape and it's just all around great. Holds a massive charge that easily lasts over 2 days of vape. (Posted on 1/4/14)

  12. amazing for the price Review by Dara

    this thing is amazing. to be able to change voltage/wattage for all the tanks and different types of liquids I use to get the perfect hit, just amazing. then the battery life, been 4 days since I charged it. the dual coil tanks it comes with is not hard to burn at all. after a second it warms up and hits hard and smooth. would have been 5 stars but the tanks were put together poorly. a little lopsided but seals just fine, I'm kind of a perfectionist to little details like that but I can live with it since I also bought a tumbler tank as well. I recommend this to anyone who would like to get the most out of vaping for the price. Wife hates it though because the house is always smokey now haha. would be nice to see a shop out here in Mankato, MN since all the shops here only carry cheap ego stuff for an arm and leg and don't even know what anything about their product is like ego or 510 fitment...enough of that 4 out of 5 stars! Buy it (Posted on 12/31/13)

  13. First Impressions Review by Chris

    This mod came in very professional packaging. The best I've ever seen for an ecig. The instructions were spot on too.

    The device is substantial. It's beefy. It's solid. Feels like this thing could easily take a major drop, but I will protect it like a baby.

    If you wear skinny jeans, this is going to look like you have a brick in your pocket. The dimensions of the device are roughly 3/4 inches thick x 3.75 inches tall. It's solid enough to put in your back pocket though. The device is super easy to use. Adjusting the voltage and wattage is simple.

    Came fully charged. I haven't tried the iclear16's that came with it, but every tank I put on this this looks awesome and it accepts them all. Ego, check. 510, check. Fat tank, looks awesome. Skinny tank, looks awesome.

    I got the black drawbench carbon color. The build quality is excellent. The finish is flawless.

    I'm using it with a 3ohm resistance atty at 5V/8W. Mad vapor!

    In summary, badass! Stoked on this thing!

    I'll update later. I really hope this thing lasts! (Posted on 12/12/13)

  14. AMAZING! Review by Joshua

    I first came across this product at a local vape lounge, but they never produced much vapor. While waiting for an 18650 mod from China, I ordered this - and I haven't been disappointed!

    It takes a couple of days for me to run it down enough to justify charging it, and I almost never turn it off!

    I haven't used the device charging function of this mod, and I don't think I ever will. It's nice to have available though.

    I thought that being limited to a max of 5v would be a drawback, but so far I haven't had anything that can handle more than 4.3v for more than a few drags.

    The top-coil iClear16s work great, but I've gotten spoiled with BCCs. I like being able to vape every drop from my clearos/tanks, so I can clean them and change flavors. (Posted on 11/19/13)

  15. Amazing Review by scott

    I absolutely love this mvp. I can't believe how well this hits and for how long! I no longer have to carry around multiple ego batteries in case i cant get to a charger or have to worry about when was the last time i charged my pv. I would definitely recommend to any heavy vaper. Outstanding product MadVapes! (Posted on 11/10/13)

  16. Defective Review by Jason

    The mod started firing on its own. Purchase date 10/22. Two battery cycles. The reason I gave it 2 stars. It was amazing before the problem started. Great battery life. 2 days use on 1 charge. Heavy user. Very easy to use. Purchased because my Provari was out for repairs. I would buy it again. I just got a lemon.... Hope madvapes takes care of this? (Posted on 11/9/13)

  17. Perfect! Review by MikeD

    It's hard using other reviews to determine what I need. I vape more then what I would consider average and I am also doing something physical... So to me durable is more then knocking a device off a coffee table. Dropped an ego once walking my dog,, then ran over it in my driveway obviously not the devices fault but before spending another $50+ I really wanted to make sure it worked and wired well. Two weeks now with the MVP and I'm still in love with it. I was surprised by the weight and feel it's not going to fall apart and the variable wattage brought life to some old attys in a junk can I haven't been able to toss yet.. It's not quirky and it does what it needs to; nothing more, nothing less! Battery is a power house charging is easy I'm in the car all day and pass through is a must! I like that it's a power bank though I would never use it (rather have nicotine then phone lol) but it's nice too know! Also no longer need to carry a spare e-cig in fear. I'd say price wise it's a great investment. (Posted on 10/19/13)

  18. not possible to find better Review by Henry

    This is hands down the BEST ecig you will ever find. Trust me I've been through at least 20 different ones. First of all the battery last me about 4 days straight with heavy vaping so no need to say anything else about the battery. It will light up yellow when battery is getting low and red when almost dead. IT HITS JUST AS GOOD WHEN ITS ALMOST DEAD like it's fully charged. Also no more hassle charging this thing uses a regular android-blackberry charger and you can smoke it as its charging. Also you can use it to charge your phone iPod or anything with a usb it's pretty cool. The only down side is its a little big but who the he'll cares!! It looks great feels great. Also there's a puff counter so you could se how much you've been smoking I got around 1500 puffs out of a full charge to turn on and off is a 3 click on main button. Also this thing feels indestructible very durable you can drop it MANY times and it could take a beeting I have mine so far for 3 months maybe a little more and I've dropped it a bunch of times and everything's still working madvapes has this priced pretty well about 10 bucks cheaper than everywhere else also it the iclear 30 tank is awesome been using it sinse I have my piece and it's still hitting beautifully on same coil!! Anyways make the right choice and order this ecig you will not be dissapointed (Posted on 10/8/13)


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