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  • Uses an IMR or protected Li-ion 3.7v 18350 battery

  • Requires a cartomizer at least 44mm long

  • Very discrete PV




It was designed by us as a low cost, injection molded plastic mod, that fits in the palm of your hand! The gripper measures only about 3.5" tall with the drip tip installed! The gripper uses a protected 3.7 volt, 18350 Li-ion battery and a requires a cartomizer at least 44 mm long, like most of the mega length cartomizers. The carto, when screwed in recesses into the body of the Gripper leaving only the drip tip showing. This design was made so that it could fit neatly in your pocket or easily concealed in your hand making it easy to take with you anywhere. The gripper has a horn switch on top which your thumb is naturally drawn to. The black exterior has a rubberized coating giving The Gripper a good feel in the palm of your hand. Batteries, drip tips and cartomizers that may be shown in pictures are for illustration purposes only and are not included.

Gripper Tips:
For protected 18350 button top batteries, put the battery in negative or flat end first. (Big thanks to our customers for finding this)

The Gripper with just a Carto installed has a tight draw. To add a lighter draw, add a 510 to 510 shorty extension to the end of the carto, this increase airflow with minimal height added. While the Gripper was originally designed for an 18350 going in positive end first, the length of the bottom cap is a bit too long and when using an 18350 battery positive end first, the cap cannot be screwed all the way in. Putting the battery in negative end first solves this problem.

A 16340 Battery will work fine positive end first and flat top 18350 batteries will alos work positive end first. Screwing in an atomizer of cartomizer too tightly can cause the Gripper's 510 connector to spin, rendering the device unusable. Please screw the cartomizer in just until you feel it make contact with the center pin.

Although the Gripper is design for use with Mega Cartomizers, atomizers or shorter cartomizers may be used with extensions. Please keep in mind that there is limited access to remove stuck extensions or adapters but with a little work they are removable.

Regular 44mm Mega cartos reach right to the top lip of the gripper and may be hard to screw in. Use an added drip tip to make it easier.
The Gripper extension, sold here also, allows the use of eGo tanks, cartos and other devices which fit beautifully. Never use unprotected Batteries in any Device, including the Gripper!

Grippers have a 30 Day warranty for premature failures but the defective Gripper must be returned before a replacement can be sent.

Feature: Height: 72mm
Feature: Width: 37mm
Feature: Depth: 24mm


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SKU 3566
Feature Height: 72mm
Feature Width: 37mm
Feature Depth: 24mm


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  1. Definition of "win/win" Review by Christopher F

    An excellent price for an excellent device!
    Small and exceedingly light, it's my new go-to stealth vape for work. (Posted on 3/12/14)

  2. Totally worth it Review by Darryl

    Got it for 10 bucks and totally worth. This little mod is fun! I am enjoying stealth vaping everywhere. Using with IMR 18350 and has plenty of power for the day as my backup.
    (Posted on 3/10/14)

  3. Update for Blind hog Review by John H

    Wanting to keep it stealth I drilled the other side as well. Still have stealth mod but can't hide the cloud.!!!!! (Posted on 3/8/14)

  4. I love it Review by Robert

    It's great! I've used this thing every where! The dmv, when my gf is shopping, and at work. I bought two and might buy another.. I also got the extension, but i feel like it takes away from the stealth of it. The only trouble I have with it is finding a carto without being punched.. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong spots.
    Highly recommend this (Posted on 3/6/14)

  5. Very cool Review by Kay

    I'm using this with a sealed shorty extension and a vision nano clearomiser. It's a tad tight on the air flow, but not enough to stop it working. What a great little stealth vape :) I would change a couple of things. I'd either put a channel down the inside or drill a hole near the base to assist airflow. I'd also bevel the bottom of the end cap, cos the square edge is a little rough on the hand if not held just right. These are minor things, though, and all in all, I love it. (Posted on 2/16/14)

  6. Even a blind hog finds acorn sometimes Review by John H

    For 10 bucks I figured why not. Works great. I use it when I'm out working arond my place & using tractor etc. If lost or dropped not out big $s.I also like to use it when my woman drags me around Wally World for a couple of hrs. Using boge stainless xxl-lr's w/ drip tip it's easy to put cartomizer in or out but did have a tight draw. (my acorn)....I measured inside down to the top of the 510 connector.which = 3/4 of inch on outside from bottom up. In the valley between battery & carto I drilled a 5/64 inch hole angled away from battery toward carto side. This loosened up the draw,looks neat & now have great vapor production. If that's not enough I guess you could put another hole on the opposite side.Just make sure you clean up around the hole on the inside so there's nothing for the carto to hang up on when your putting it in.Thanks MV. Will get another in case I loose or break this 1. Can't go wrong for 10 bucks!!!! (Posted on 2/7/14)

  7. Nice light weight little unit Review by Jay

    I got the 510 adapter and put another (ego) adapter on top and my Kanger Pro2 mini fits. MAJOR clouds. I only have one flat top mini battery so I will need a couple more. Shipping is "freaky fast". (Posted on 2/5/14)

  8. Brokenhearted Review by Gypsy

    I just received my gripper in the mail yesterday and basically it's non usable. There's something rattling around inside under the firing button. I'm using it with a shorty gooseneck with and Igo-f attached, once the battery is installed it's just constantly firing with no way to turn it off other than unscrewing the battery cap. I tried smashing the spring down a little bit so that the battery is not keeping constant contact with the upper firing pin, but then becomes a problem of annoying battery rattle and mis/non firing.'s cute in design and concept (I gave it a 2), but in terms of functionality mine unfortunately fell short. Such is life....such is the gripper. (Posted on 2/5/14)

  9. Mixed feelings Review by GrandVaper

    I have owned the Gripper for exactly one month. It was an excellent little mod especially when I added the 510 extension and could add any 510 atty that I wanted to. Unfortunately, this morning while screwing in a new battery it split in two and that was the end of the Gripper. I really liked it but it only lasted a month. I rotate 5 mods during the day, so it wasn't used all that much. Very disappointed. (Posted on 1/29/14)

  10. Perfect! Review by Lee

    This has been a perfect little stealth mod. Had it for months now, absolutely NO issues. Others who see it are impressed by it. I had doubts it would produce good vapor, but it does. First time using cartos and was initially a bit put off having to carefully drip juice in (I have mostly VG, so very thick). Then a brainstorm hit- I carefully inserted tapered end of toothpick into center hole and voila, quick fill, no juice in center hole. At this price, everyone should have one. (Posted on 1/25/14)

  11. Perfect Review by Thomas

    Had one of these for 6 months. Saw they were on sale for 10$ and I bought one just to have an extra. I hope they never stop making these awesome mods. Very compact, feels great in the hand, very very durable (I use this at work). Doesn't fire in your pocket!! I use these with the Smok XL cartomizers and I added a knucklehead drip tip. Great vape, amazing product for an amazing price. Thank you Mad Vapes! (Posted on 12/25/13)

  12. Great little mod Review by Lee

    I really like this little mod that is easy to use. Right now I have a 510 extension to bring the atomizer up to the top and I have a tank , best e-cig I have tried. It does have a tight draw. (Posted on 12/17/13)

  13. Great Lil Device Review by Brian

    My wife got this for me as a gift and i must say i was very impressed of its solid performance. From the first time I put the battery in to the time I take it out I'm very satisfied. I gave this to my wife so she could use it while at college (doesn't want to bring her Provari) and she even likes it as well. Small and compact. Easy to loose if you are careless about where you place your device. All in all great device by a great company. Keep the good stuff coming Madvapes! (Posted on 12/12/13)

  14. gripper Review by docopa1962

    I didn't expect much from this mod and not being a carto user but I am really liking this mod!! Could ask for more from a mod and at this price, fantastic!! (Posted on 11/30/13)

  15. ... Review by Steven

    And, another huge plus is that it doesnt look like a marital aid if used in public or found in your luggage at the airport. haha!

    Seriously, great stealth vape mod!!! Thanks Madvapes! (Posted on 7/24/13)

  16. Rocks! Review by Steven

    Giving it 5 stars for now; this thing rocks like mad! Fits in hand well and vapes better than an ego. I'll be using it for on-road and stealth vaping only as I dont want to wear it out unless needed. So far, so AWESOME! Hope they dont stop making and stocking these; well worth the $20 paid. (Posted on 7/24/13)

  17. The Gripper rocks! Review by cliff

    Just got this today,been vaping for about an hour and this things great on a 2.5 cart.I already had four 16340 batteries.I've built numerous mods but this is the first one I've bought and I love it! (Posted on 7/5/13)

  18. Goodbye mini eGo! Review by Dennis

    What a great little device. Perfect to go/stealth size.

    I bought the Boge Mega cartos and my large paws had trouble screwing it in all the way, but with the shorty adapter also sold here, it worked fine. I'll have to try it w/o the adapter when i have more patience.

    (Posted on 6/22/13)

  19. a lot of potential Review by aikanae

    I wish someone would take these into continued production and keep developing them. This is a great little mod. I got it for outdoor activities where I wanted something small and stealth. This is it. A couple of YouTube vids have shown how to cut down the area around the cart so that they can fix / put biger tubes inside. There's a lot of potential with this design. A poor person's sidewinder. I want to get a backup and wish they came with stronger housing, maybe a rubberized coating for some impact protection. Still a great device that others are going to want after they see yours. (Posted on 6/8/13)

  20. Great Portable Vape Review by Mark Smitka

    I purchased mine with the extension tube. If you screw it down into the connector well, you may notice a little wobble (especially if you attach something somewhat heavy to the top of the extension). I added about 3 wraps of invisible tape (electrical tape was too thick) around the extension tube, just below the part that sticks up above the device. The extension tube has a 3ml slim UDCT/Artemas locking tank atop it, and is now rock solid. Produces a great vape, is still nicely portable, doesn't leak, and lasts quite awhile with a fully charged 18350. If you want to leave the "big boy" mods at home when you're out, this is a great low-cost choice for the road. (Posted on 4/24/13)

  21. Best little 3.7 around Review by Tricia

    I love this little mod. I purchased one for my husband, and now I'm jealous. I'll be getting one for myself, as well, soon. It has a tight draw, but with a 1.7 mega carto, it vapes clouds.

    *One essential item that actually "makes" this unit, is adding a knucklehead drip tip (not included) - especially if you're using it with an interior carto. It gives the unit an easy, mobile feel ... very comfortable ... while still being a perfect for the pocket type mod.

    I personally enjoy tanks, so I'll be getting the extension piece to be able to use my tanks when I'd like to.

    I have to say that unit is WELL worth the money. In fact, you're getting a great deal. The only drawback is the tight draw ... but even that seems to loosen up a bit over a few weeks time. (Posted on 3/25/13)

  22. Horrible Review by Matt

    Cheap crap. Lasted 5 min then died. (Posted on 2/28/13)

  23. great device for the price! Review by The Dude

    I must say i like this device a lot its great for its price, it has a very ergonomic design and it fits in my hand perfectly, it also produces a lot of vapor and accommodates battery's with a pretty good battery life, i use 18350 IMR's, and i like it better than my 5v pass threw. Ive read reviews saying that the connection piece for the carto might break if you over tighten but i tighten mine down pretty tight and have not had a problem, Overall It seems quite durable unless your girl friend decides to throw it against a wall like a major league pitcher...

    Over all great item for a great price, just make sure to keep it away from your girl friend during heated arguments, even if you fail to do so a few times its still a lot cheaper than smoking cigs... (Posted on 2/20/13)

  24. BEST deal!!! Review by robert

    I have had other E-ciggs and mods this one is awsome for the price. I would suggest a single coil with this battery, it seems to last longer. definitely buy more than one battery to use with this. (Posted on 2/4/13)

  25. Great Mod Review by Carlo

    This is a great, easy to use mod. I have the extension and use my Vivi Nova tank, actually works a bit better than my bolt. It's compact, light and fits great in the hand.

    I just ordered another one, because I somehow managed to break the inside where the cap screws into. What a deal!

    If you need an extremely affordable, (somewhat) durable mod, this is definitely worth the money. With the tank that I have, it produces a good, consistent vape. (Posted on 1/23/13)

  26. Lasted for a while Review by Christopher

    Lasted for a couple months, then the contact in the base came off the solder. Almost impossible to repair. Bought a 2nd one and the same thing happened. Before that.. I loved the compactness of it and was my "on the go" PV. Cheap price.. so not too upset. (Posted on 1/22/13)

  27. ABSOLUTE STEAL !!!! Review by Joyce

    As written "absolute steal.". I have 2 VV MODS but the weight ,size and VAPOR you get outta these is great..A little touchy with the cartomizer fitting but if you get the extender you will not ,and I repeat ,WILL NOT EVER ,regret getting one of these! Without the extender it is hard to change out carts but I can not see this one getting any cheaper!! Very stealthy for vaping on the sly. (; Nice price on this one GUYS ! T.Y. YU-ROCK (Posted on 1/17/13)

  28. I just ordered 2 more of these little gems. Review by Craig

    The spring had popped out of the cap when it arrived, but it didn't take much to get it to fit right back in. This is still a 5-star, especially considering the price. Hits really well with a 1.7 ohm carto (standard length w/ 1-inch extension). Excellent for stealthing.

    The one inch extension is perfect for a standard-length carto; it leaves you with just enough of the carto exposed to easily swap it out, and a drip-tip allows your thumb on the switch to easily clear your face :) I highly recommend extensions in various lengths.

    Just ordered two more for my back-stock (hey, they're cheap), though I doubt the first one is going to crap out on me any time soon. (Posted on 12/19/12)

  29. 3 months and still going strong Review by Chris

    I bought this unit 3 months ago and it is still going strong. I am a heavy vaper and the batteries will last all day with a 3 ohm cart. I wish the carto receptacle was larger to accommodate the larger cartos, because using an extension will ruin the nice compact feel of this unit.. Overall this is a nice, tough, compact unit that will deliver strong vape all day. (Posted on 12/12/12)

  30. not bad Review by John

    works well enough. Not a bad deal for the price. Been using this while i'm at work since it is so compact. I like it almost as much as my Roughstack. Almost. (Posted on 12/8/12)

  31. Wonderful device...but be careful which carto you buy. Review by Hoyt

    This is a wonderful device, particularly for the price point. It is compact, easy to use, puts out a good amount of vapor, and has decent longevity with a good battery. Perfect for keeping in the shirt pocket.

    That said, be careful which cartomizer you buy. The hole will only accept carts with a 9mm or smaller diameter. A number of the XL carts have a 10mm diameter. They will not fit. (Posted on 10/12/12)

  32. Not bad Review by Robert

    I got this to replace a mod that shorted out, which I mainly kept on my nightstand for a vape with my bedtime reading. I think it will do that job just fine. The MV DC 1.5 ohm cartos are my default, so I had no problem with the form factor. It does have a somewhat cheap feel/appearance, but not too flimsy.

    One thing that I might not like: if a carto is overfilled at all, and leaks through the connection end, I'm not sure how I'd clean out the mod. I'm envisioning a Q-tip to swab out the connection, but anything more than a very slight leak could be a problem. I'll just have to be more careful filling my cartos, I guess. This is something I thought of well before ordering, so I'm not really knocking it for this, I just wanted to point it out in case others have similar problems with dripping cartos.

    I don't think it could be my daily vape either, as for some reason it doesn't seem to fire up my cartos as well as my other mods. Perhaps this has more to do with the battery (I got a pair of the EH 18350s from here), although the voltage is the same as any other battery I use (AWs, mostly). I'm not sure why it doesn't deliver as well as anything I put in my Silver Bullet, for example, or even my KGOs. It should be enough for what I want it for, though.

    The only other thing that bugged me is that it's a bit awkward to use. You kind of end up with your thumb knuckle pressing into your lip when trying to vape on it. However, a knucklehead tip solved this problem superbly. An extension or a longer tip could help as well.

    I got the extension designed for this unit, which would allow the use of an atomizer, shorter carto, and perhaps slim tanks or a number of other items. I only used this long enough to test it, and may not ever use it again, but I thought it would be good to have around for a few bucks.

    If you want a spare mod for emergencies, carrying around, or any other limited use, I could easily recommend one of these. It is a fairly well-made unit and well worth the low price. (Posted on 10/3/12)

  33. Great Value Review by phat

    Works great for me. I use this as my daily vape with the extension with the dual coil LR cartos. With the BLUE ultrafire 1200mah flipped, they fit fine. Single charge lasts me a day and a half. I am a chain vaper so thats really nice to have a good long lasting charge. (Posted on 10/1/12)

  34. Simply Irresistible! Review by fourthrok

    This is a basic, no bells or whistles, LEDs or flashing lights, one-step-from-mechanical mod that has raised the bar for what I expect from a PV now. It's small, feels good in the hand (dare I say "ergonomic"? Heaven forbid!) and it does what it is supposed to do and does it superbly. Perfect for stealth vaping (or any time)'s quiet and fits neatly and comfortably in the hand. Produces huge plumes of vapor. Works with just about everything a 3.7 will work with, including other-threaded items with adapters. Do get the extender gizmo. It'll open up your options with using this device. I don't have a lot of use for VV...and prefer the low profile of this particular model. Now, I'd rather use this than just about anything else. It's just that good! (Posted on 9/19/12)

  35. Good Deal Review by Terry

    I like the recessed cartomizer, and compact size they are great for those of us whose work is physically demanding, and the horn button on top is great it gets rid of the need for a master on off switch. Problem is the thread ring on the bottom wich is also the units ground keeps working lose I have tried glueing it back in but the plastic these things are made of is not glue friendly. I would also like to see the juice well enlarged to take some of the larger caromizers, like the 801's but for 20.00 you can't doo better! (Posted on 9/10/12)

  36. Nice mod. One flaw Review by Erik

    The tube to hold the carts should have been sized to accept more carts. Why not make it shorter so normal carts fit? Or wider so more carts like xls fit? Otherwise, good quality for price, works great. (Posted on 9/6/12)

  37. Poor Person's Treasure Review by Allen

    This little mod is just perfect. It really does the job. Great vape, feels great to hold, horn button feels just right. (Posted on 9/2/12)

  38. Love this little guy! Review by Lorraine

    I have several different high end mods from mechanical to electronic VV to epipes.....even just got my Purple Heart Wood Grip from Sweetvapes. It's unfortunate that a couple people received seemingly defective happens. But I am 100% happy with this little "mod" and find myself going to it more and more often. It is the only ecig I really feel comfortable carrying in my pocket when I'm outside working. If it falls harm done. And they got the airflow right! It hits like a freight train.! (Posted on 8/24/12)

  39. Great little stealth unit Review by Digirati

    I bought this for my desk at work. I've already got a spare charger at my desk, and decided to pick up a few 18350 IMR batteries to go with it.

    One problem I've had at my desk is the 'sizzle' of cartos being immediately obvious to everyone in my vicinity. I sit at a cubicle, so everyone knows when I'm vaping. Sometimes they'd toss jokes back at me like, "There he goes, smoking crack again."

    What's the point of a stealth unit if everyone can hear it? I noticed my Jazz cartopipe runs silently, and that's because the carto is enclosed inside the stem of the pipe, so when I discovered the Gripper also had the carto recessed into the PV, I had high hopes.

    Sure enough, it works. It's small (fits in your palm easily) has a rubberized coating which makes it unlikely to slip, and best of all--it's silent. No one can hear the sizzle.

    One of the few products labeled as a stealth unit that takes into account (intentionally or otherwise) the noise of a sizzling carto, and provides silence along with concealability.

    It's also very pocket-friendly. For $20, it's worth picking up if you're in a similar situation to myself. (Posted on 8/13/12)

  40. couldn't get along with this Review by Lorraine Overall

    It really wasn't for me. I had a hard time getting the cartos screwed in. I felt like the bottom connector was spinning most of the time. (Posted on 7/27/12)

  41. Bomb Review by Casey James

    Fits in pocket without concern. Button works perfectly. You can't go wrong. Zero complaints. Amazing price. Also, the metal part makes a great nail file, so this takes care of two of my nervous habits in one device. (Posted on 7/13/12)

  42. Wish it were made better Review by Lori Kostyan

    I loved it when it worked. I bought the extender used an adapter and a clearo. In the process of tightening it broke twice. I bought 1 DOA returned it. In the meanwhile I bought another which was fine but had a floppy button and got a replacement for the DOA. MadVapes is great. The gripper not so much. I threw away 2 of them this week. Now if it were made better for a lot more $$ this would be my first choice. Try it, be really easy with it but have a back up. :) (Posted on 7/7/12)

  43. Gripper Review by Laura McElderry

    I never got a chance tto try the gripper as I did not know the extension piece was necessary for its operation. Mine would not vape and instead of ordering an extension, i sent it back for a prompt refud (Posted on 6/15/12)

  44. BEST MOD FOR THE BUCK!!!!!! Review by Terry Dutton

    I got piles of mods I been quit now for over a year, with no intention of stopping vapeing. I work as a Ruff Neck tough business needs tough equipment, no clue how maney mods I have trashed so the price was perfect, but the design is better then I had hoped for, stuff it in a pocket and no worries, no more snapping off cartomizers or having it turn on and try to set you on fire, for the price everybody should have one of these. (Posted on 5/24/12)

  45. It helps to be handy Review by Robert Ross

    I bought this with 18350 batteries and the cap will not screw all the way in. Well, it will, but you will extract the threaded ring to which is soldered one of the leads to the socket. This lead will break and you will be dead in the water.Thank goodness it's built so cheaply. I was able to slice it in half, solder the lead and super glue it back together. I will fashion a washer to prevent doing this again. The performance is ***** and a real bargain at $20. Just be kind to it. (Posted on 5/23/12)

  46. My first Mod Review by Greg Savino

    Coming from an EGO-T setup, then using the EGO mega dual coil cartos for about a year, this thing is great for the price. I just purchased the Gripper 510 extension and V2 510 shorty extension to see if I can get the Gripper to work with the EMDCC's, as the regular 510 cartos don't hold enough juice for my liking. All in all, the Gripper has made me a happy vaper. (Posted on 5/23/12)

  47. Great little mod Review by Sean Palmer

    So, need something that you can throw in your pocket and roll out the door? Look no further as this is a compact vaping machine that is as beautiful tucked in your pocket as it is in your hand. This is NOT a stealth solution as it has a bright chrome endcap and looks 420ish when vaping but is nice to carry and the design protects the carto's well. Shorty 510 extension works fine as do the 18350's (Posted on 5/20/12)

  48. My go to 'To Go' Device Review by William Balsom

    I was concerned in losing or damaging my mod set ups when away from home. The Gripper is proving to be a compact and inexpensive solution to vaping on-the go. Good results with several different mixes using Smok Tech Stainless 1.7 ohm 510 Mega Cartomizer" and recommended batts." (Posted on 5/5/12)

  49. Jerry Review by Jerry Cassel

    Got my Gripper today. It rocks, it has a nice feel. And it will vape your face off. The ultrafire 18350, 1200mah batt fit fine. (Posted on 5/2/12)

  50. X Smoker 40 yYears Review by blase rode

    This is the best one for the money, with 1.7 cartoes its almost as good as my vv mod the trustfire 18350 battries item #3116 from MV Work, just insert them upside down and the battrie cap closes up tight, What we need next is a gripper that will hold the small tank that MV sells,Ill buy a bunch of them (Posted on 4/19/12)

  51. Pocket friendly Review by Chris Haman

    My first gripper arrived DOA. I opened a ticket with madvapes and they had a replacement in the mail the next day with a prepaid label to send the dead one back. It's simple, gives a good hit using AW IMR batteries and is safe to carry in your pocket. The button doesn't accidentally fire and the side tube really protects the carto and contains any excess juice with ease. Nothing better at this price. (Posted on 4/17/12)

  52. Wow Review by Daniel Miczulski

    Bought this for the wife's purse and found that when I leave the house this gripper comes with me and her purse holds alot of my junk. Seriously, my bolt stays at home and the gripper fits perfect in my pockets. It has a great hit and along with my 18350 batteries I get an all day vape. (Posted on 4/7/12)

  53. This thing is awesome Review by Kyle Heebl

    I just got this mod in today and I love it already. It is much smaller than I was expecting. With 1.7 ohm mega cartos this thing hits amazing with tons of vapor with minthol juice. I will be buying more grippers for backups. (Posted on 4/6/12)

  54. Well done Review by Darryl Roberts

    I always liked the 'sidecar' look of the GLV, but not the price; this is a great economical option. Looks good, works good, priced good-everything I could ask for, although I would consider paying a little more for an all-metal version. (Posted on 4/4/12)

  55. great little mod Review by john cleary

    this little mod is just perfect it really does the job,great full vapefeels great to hold,horn button feelsjust right.I love it. (Posted on 3/30/12)

  56. Great Little Mod! Review by JD McEwan

    This little thing rocks! I've been using it with the Smok 1.7ohm XLs (As Hoogie recommends) and have been very pleased. Its my go-to portable for out-and-about vaping; and if I drop it in the river, it's less then $30 for a complete replacement! Try that with a Provari! (Posted on 3/29/12)

  57. Good Buy Review by david tompkins

    I purchased this little mod on a whim when looking for some cheap options for my smaller batteries. I haven't had any problems with a tight draw, and have been using it with DCCs only. It fits 16340's perfect, and rocks 18350's with the bottom cap just a thread or so short of completely screwing down.Anyone looking for an inexpensive way to check out 3.7 mods should check this out. I own mods ranging from eGo to Silver Bullet, and still enjoy taking the gripper out. (Posted on 3/22/12)

  58. 14/500 batteries Review by joseph cangialosi

    The aw 14/350 batteries do fit and work great I recommend picking up a pair (Posted on 3/21/12)

  59. Sorry for the last review Review by Jenn CangialosiJennC

    Sorry I made a mistake in typing the last review I was reading the other review and got screwed up not 14/500 or 14/350 the aw 18/350 batteries work great they fit perfect no problems at all I recommend picking up a set of AW 18/350 batteries (Posted on 3/21/12)

  60. Pretty good lil mod Review by Teena Counts

    I just received this today so I cannot attest to longevity. I got my CE3 and went to screw it in ... OOPS the hole isn't big enough for my CE3 or CE2. So disappointed! Then I thought maybe I could whip out the dremel and well out the tube. It worked and I am vaping away! Love the horn switches, feels good in the hand. I wish it could use 14500 batteries. Over all for the price it's a nice lil mod. Madvapes always has the right prices and are inventive. 4 Stars b/c the carto hole should be wider. (Posted on 3/20/12)


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