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EHPro Trident RDA

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Quick Overview

  • Adjustable, copper positive pin

  • Adjustable air flow

  • Single or dual coil compatible

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Product Details

The Trident from EHPro is an excellent all-around Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. 2 ground posts and 1 positive post allow you to build single or dual coils. This RDA is a 3-piece design, allowing you to adjust the airflow to accommodate your vaping style. The smaller air holes are perfect for cigarette-style drags, while the larger holes allow you to take “lung hits” for massive clouds of vapor, without the need to drill out larger or additional holes.

The Trident also has an adjustable copper positive connection for versatility and great conductivity. The center sleeve and top cap are constructed of brushed stainless steel for durability. Whether you drip for better flavor, or you're a cloud-chaser, this RDA is sure to please.

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SKU 11179

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Customer Reviews

Solid little RDA Review by Chris
This RDA is pretty good, solid vapor the only complaint I have on it is the caps that go over the posts that make the connection with the coil, (THEY ARE A PAIN IN THE BUTT!) after installing multiple single coils in this RDA I've almost lost the caps multiple times after trying to screw them back on with a coil in place, not only that they don't seem to thread on there very well and sometime stick out at an awkward angle. if they decide to change the posts to something else like a simple Phillips head or even the hex screws like the Nimbus I think it would be awesome (Posted on 5/13/2014)
Nice - except for screw posts Review by Will
The Trident is nicely machined and has good part fit. The airflow adjustment works smoothly.

There is just one BIG negative. The posts are not threaded well and the slots are not cut deep enough. The only way I was able to install a coil was to screw on the thread caps so that they barely held, then push the ends of the coil wires through the resulting holes. I then had to be VERY careful to not cross thread the caps. (Posted on 3/17/2014)
Awesome Review by 808Vape
Great little Atty for an awesome price! i'm not to sure with the review regarding the holes not being large enough because i was able to get 26 and 24 gauge kanthal in there no problem. If your just starting out and want a price effective Atty that works, this is the one for you. Also MadVapes is awesome, got mines in the mail about 4-5 days after placing the order, very happy customer :) (Posted on 3/13/2014)
boss status Review by shenron
alot of my buddies recommended this atomizer to me! they all had great experiences with it. so i snatched one for my collection. when i received it i did a little pmcs of it i found that my positive post was stripped and the only wat to keep the center post screw down was to cross thread it. I KNOW i could of fixed several different ways but choose to cross thread it on purpose because i had like 2 mins to wrap some coils and get back to work. it still does its job tossing vapor. im going to order a couple more tridents this week just because i can. and because i would like one without having a cross thread positive post. but even with that i still think its my favorite atomizer in my collection. (Posted on 3/11/2014)
Very Good Quality Item- BUY IT! Review by Scott
'Ignore the negatives, this is why:

It accepts 26ga and lower, outta the box.

Speaking from an extremely experienced perspective, this is the easiest rebuildable to build; single AND dual coils.

The two reviews here stating THOSE issues are the fault of the reviewers, not the Trident.( I am guessing they're new to vaping.)

now all the plusses:

Rock solid build, feels heavy in your hands.

Posts are well machined and probably the wildest but most intelligent design for rebuilding. You can make your coils and install from the top (in the slots) thus negating the PITA of "threading" the wire through insanely small holes.

And, uh, yeah, regarding the "leaking" comment? Ya think? Any rebuildable dripper with a good size vent hole will leak if laid on it's side. There's this thing called "gravity"............

Anyway, disregard....IT DOES NOT LEAK. (With common sense use)

This is a great choice for beginners and experts alike.

Also this is a genuine EHPro atty. Excellent quality.
Beware the cheap and cheesy looking clones out there that have "Trident" stenciled on the side, they are inferior quality.

You should get one of these, they are the BEST!

(Posted on 3/9/2014)
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