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eGo Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer, Flat Tip

eGo Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer, Flat Tip


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SKU: 3225

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  • Holds 5mL of e-liquid

  • 1.6 ohm dual coil cartomizer

  • No cone required giving your eGo battery a great look



eGo Mega Dual Coil Cartomizers, Flat Tip

These are amazing and hold almost 5mils of e-liquid. Great vapor production with a long time between refills. Screws directly onto an eGo battery with no cone required. Gives a great finished look. Price is per cartomizer. Approximately 1.6 ohms.Does not fit the e-power! 


Please note: There is no warranty, returns, refunds or exchanges on cartomizers.

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SKU 3225


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  1. Beats Clearomizers hands down Review by Randy

    WOW, super easy use on Pen Batteries, I have been using Clearomizers top coil and bottom coil but yet none have not lasted long and even with replacement coils used they never worked as easy and good as this. Not to mention if u fill em up as directed here at madvapes you will not have leaks, or juice drinking. Love em , No more clearomizers for me. Thank you for making my pen batteries useful again MadVapes. Love this Site. (Posted on 7/3/14)

  2. Pretty Good Review by Bobby

    I usually get the clear eGo cartomizers but I ordered these since the clear ones were out of stock. I still prefer carts to tanks, but these are now my go-to ones. The casing is metal, not plastic. With the clear ones they eventually crack and the adhesive eventually wears down. Don't have that problem with these.

    On average they last me about 2 weeks depending on the juice. Only notable thing that I've noticed is that they tend to get quite hot. Especially since they're metal which conducts heat very well.

    In short, I'll be ordering these again. (Posted on 6/2/14)

  3. Excellent! Review by Shayne

    personally i don't mind filling up a smaller cartomizer more often because i feel that you taste more flavor that way. Although after finally purchasing this one i now see that there are some Mega cartomizers that hold the flavor better than others. I recommend to anyone! (Posted on 9/19/13)

  4. Mixed feelings Review by Dan

    As I've heard great reviews about these Mega Coil Cartos, I finally decided to give vaping another try and switching from Ego-T style atomizer I was dripping with.

    Popped one of these bad boys on my Ego and WOW!!! Tons of warm, smooth vapor. The flavor is good. World of difference. I was totally sold at that moment and had already decided to buy another 5 to keep on the side so I can switch flavors out whenever I want.

    Went to fill another one with a different flavor... coils got RED HOT with a 1 second vape. Immediately I knew, this was not what was supposed to happen. I even made sure to saturate the filler VERY WELL and let it sit for a good hour before trying.

    I figured, hey, duds happen. I'll try the last one I have.... no dice. Same thing. Wasted like 50 drops of my new liquid that just came in the mail.

    Thankfully I have one of these mega coils that work... and it works EXTREMELY WELL. I'm totally bummed that there's such a large quantity of duds though. Even the threading on those duds was horrible, the last one seated at an angle.

    Unless I hear about some amazing changes, I won't be ordering these again. Moving on to better systems, such as the Protank. (Posted on 8/9/13)

  5. Iffy Review by Jenn

    They're my go to when they're in stock (even though I wish they came in more colors :)) for price and how well they work when they do work. That said, while customer service was very nice about it and helped me out w/ replacements, I've gotten two out of the last 10 that were DOA. Once they're clogged they are very difficult to clean out and you can easily end up screwing up the wires inside by trying to 'clean' the clogged port, so they don't last that long -- maybe a week, a week and a half? It's not bad for cartos, but you know, for those of us that are super broke and vape in part because it's so much cheaper than analogs, I wish there were a cheap carto on the market that had consistent output. Still, they're at least more consistent than some of the other cheap ones out there, and they do hold a lot of liquid! (Posted on 6/8/13)

  6. My go to cartomizer Review by Matthew Mead

    I have been using dual coils for about a year, they are my go to for any cartomizers. I have noticed the quality of these cartomizers starting to decline (I am thinking it is just bad batches here and there,) but they produce excellent vapor, the steel ones are great. Normally lasting me about a week to a week and a half before I replace them. For the cost, they are the best for a easy no maintenance vape. I highly recommend them (Posted on 4/9/13)

  7. GREAT Review by Pete

    Easily the best value out there! Here is a tip for longer life; Wash out simply under a Fawcett with pressurized water every carton equivalent. eventually the clear plastic tank will crack at it's base from exposure to heat; NO PROBLEM this also makes it loose on the metal base so just reverse it placing the cracked end at the tip. Eventually this will crack too; NO PROBLEM; Buy 15mm heat shrink tube on Ebay just $6.80 for 16 ft. (any color you want)This will keep it going for months.

    I love these things (Posted on 2/21/13)

  8. Work great for the short time that they work Review by Jason

    Went through two in one week. After the initial fill and possibly two refills one is dead and one feels like trying to drink a milkshake through a coffee straw. While they worked they were great on the ego twist (not recommended for regular ego batt.). Now I have 5 -6 ml of e-juice stuck in each. What a waste. I do not want to use the 3 I have left and have to throw away more e-juice. (Posted on 2/4/13)

  9. Finally what I was looking for !!! Review by James

    I finally have found the thing that made me put down cigarettes for good. I tried all kinds of ecigs and had never put down traditional cigarettes until I walked into Madvapes in Mooresville and they hooked me up with this SMOK TECH set up and I am 100% satisfied. (Posted on 2/3/13)

  10. Will Get You Off Analogs Review by William

    Bought from Mad Vapes retail store in Mooresville, NC. This is the BEST cartomizer, or any mod, you can do to an ego. I smoked analogs for 35 years and an ego e-cig with this cart made me stop. Tried e-cigs before with no luck but the huge throat hit from this cart made the difference. Holds 60 drops of e-liquid. A MUST buy. Try it you'll like it. (Posted on 1/2/13)

  11. Well done Review by Connor

    Great flavor and big enough to run all day. It's nice not having to top off a cartomizer constantly and produces a huge cloud of vapor. I would recommend using a VV ego for this one, but is okay with standard ego too. (Posted on 12/23/12)

  12. Needs a different tip Review by Aaron

    I reviewed this once before. Hands down my favorite, but a smaller hard plastic tip would make it perfect... for me anyway. (Posted on 12/6/12)

  13. Great! Review by Jason

    Little longer than I expected, but they work great. I ordered 10 and I haven't gotten a bad one yet. (Posted on 12/1/12)

  14. These are great, if you recieve the correct item!!! Review by lisa

    I've been buying here for a while now, most of the time the service is great. This particular product is very good. I happened to recieve the wrong item this time, and I was told that I could return them for replacement or store offer to pay return shipping. I AM EXPECTED TO PAY RETURN SHIPPING AT MY EXPENSE FOR THEIR ERROR! Someone named Jess responded to my ticket and closed it as resolved. It is not resolved! Although it was only three of these in my order that was incorrect, I have to stand on principle. There is no way I should have to pay for their error! I hope this issue is resolved soon because I really like the products! (Posted on 11/29/12)

  15. Good and Bad -- Agree with Candace Review by JMed

    The Awesome: This Cartomizer is why I picked my egoT back up and tossed the analogs out (once again). I have made two orders now. Out of 5, 3 work like a champ ($3.00 can't complain). The hit is phenomenal. Used with the menthol juice from this site it's a hell of a throat hit, and the vapor just pours!.

    The Bad: Two of them resulted in everything Candace described in her review. Maybe something changed in how they're manufactured. It was as if the liquid didn't even burn. I felt like I was inhaling plastic fibers that were set on fire. If you experience the same, just stop. Throw it away. No need to waste anymore juice in hopes that it will eventually work correctly. Some just seem to be duds out of the wrapper.

    All in all: I will still buy this product. Despite the duds, when it works I forget all about the analogs. Four months ago I put my egoT down because it was just as expensive (or more expensive) to constantly replace atomizers and gooped up tanks in addition to juice. I'm the type that's taking drags off the ecig all day. (Posted on 10/25/12)

  16. Best Ego Cartomizer Review by Rob

    Used this cartomizer with a 900MaH 510 and an Vision Spinner. Great vape out of the probably 50 I've ordered, only 1 has been bad, and it was only bad because i burned out in 3 days. All others last 2 - 3 weeks and I vape pretty heavily, (re-fill 2 - 3 times a day). (Posted on 10/20/12)

  17. Great Design! No More Tanks, Aotmizers and Cheap! Review by Justin Medlin

    Ego's are a gret product, but I stopped using them and went back to smoking cigs for a while because of the following:

    --Atomizers for the ego's are expensive to replace, and burn out quickly depending on use
    --Tanks are a complete mess to refill and break easily
    --Atomizer cleaning is a pain, and still never hits as well afterward

    I almost bought a completely different model with the wick system until I came across this accessory and it's great. I'm glad I found this too because the ego-T battery works well, and I like the ability to lock it when it's in my pocket. They hold a lot of liquid (approx. 65 drops will do you good) and they're cheap! Great item to stock up on. You just trash it once it doesn't burn correctly anymore like you would with a disposable.

    I also agree with Jonathan's post. If there was anyway to recycle these let me know. (Posted on 10/16/12)

  18. Great Product Review by Jonathan

    I have been using this product for about 5 months and it has done the job. I had been smoking for about 15 years and I was just over it, but I love to smoke, so I was told by a friend to try product to get me off the cig's and I haven't turned back.

    These tips are great and only need to fill them once a day, but I still have extra juice laying around where ever I go just i case. They last about 10 - 14 days, but thats up to you not to burn them out and after that just CAN them.

    But I have a question for, it would be great if we could send the old ones back to you, when you order NEW ones, to be recycled. What do you think people out there, maybe a good idea? (Posted on 10/11/12)

  19. What happened? They suck now. Review by Candice

    I was only using these for almost a year. They give me GREAT flavor. I buy about 4 a month. The past few orders though, all but maybe one of my 4 tasted correct. The others tasted burned and there was almost no vapor production. The flavor was just all wrong.. I'm so upset because I only vape one flavor and it took forever to find something that brought out the proper sweetness in it. Until I'm certain the quality will get better I'm stuck using an atomizer and it sucks. (Posted on 10/9/12)

  20. Best Yet! Review by Aaron

    I highly recommend this product. I have tried many different configurations, and this is by far the best yet. Great flavor, vapor and best of all, I no longer carry around a bottle of liquid. You will not be disappointed. (Posted on 9/24/12)

  21. Something betty betty wong........... Review by Angelique

    I have been ordering these about 30 at a time for about 6 months now, but lately every 2 out of 3 that I open are bad.
    Bad meaning, low vapor production and bad taste. I have complained to Madvapes but they did not even bother to respond. I am leaving these alone until somebody figures out what the problem is. (Posted on 9/14/12)

  22. Easy All Day Vape Review by Sandy

    Have been using, cleaning and reusing these for a long time. Works with my eGo Twist and 900ma T-batt. Never will I go back to the Tank. This is a no brainer...fill...vape. Get you some! (Posted on 8/22/12)

  23. Great product Review by Russ

    I've been using these for months and love them. They hold about 80 drops of liquid, so i don't bother to carry a bottle of liquid to work. I also love the rubber flat tips that come on these. Works great on any eGo battery, or a $20 gripper with 44mm extension. Lifespan is about 5-7 days of use. (Posted on 8/17/12)

  24. Awesome ! Review by Shane

    Awesome ! Works well with Volcano Inferno.

    Service from MadVapes was excellent . Received it in one day.

    Will buy more of this item for sure. (Posted on 8/12/12)

  25. Oh so nice Review by Luke McGee

    Just got a couple of these in today, filled em up and let em sit. Soon as I fired one up I was hooked. Great flavor, awesome throat, impressive vapor cloud. For my money, it's a spot on product. Cheers! (Posted on 7/27/12)

  26. former smoker Review by Greg Sherer

    Having tried several other cartomizers, I finally came upon this one and I'm hooked. Good reliability, good flavor, and they last a good while. Not as long as some people have said, but I can get 3 or 4 days out of one. Also like the fact I can fill it once and it lasts all day (Posted on 7/8/12)

  27. eGo Mega Dual Coil Carto Review by Alice Birmingham

    My favorite carto! I've tried nearly all of them and most of the tank style cartos and I always come back to this one. I could have saved a small fortune if I would have just stuck to this and not tried all the other stuff that failed for me. I love the flavor and the strong vape I get with these. They last me close to a week of hard vaping and at $2.79 each that quite a bargain. I highly recommend this carto. (Posted on 6/28/12)

  28. Mr Review by Marnus Zwarts

    WOW! These are truly awesome! Been puffing away on some 1.5ohm dual coil XXXXL 510 Carto's and these blow them away. Perfect TH and flavour. Tasting my juice for the first time in a long time. Goes great with the silver anodised drip tip for the EMDCC. I fill 5 drops, then blow lightly from the mouthpiece side, then 5 more and blowing, until it's full. Takes about 105 drops on initial fill, then let it sit for an hour and experience vaping heaven! (Posted on 6/28/12)

  29. Ego Mego Dual Coil Cartomizer Review by Harold Baylis

    It's not the tip, as much as the brand of Cartomizer (EGO Smok, Dual Coil ). The flat tips, and the round tips are interchangeable. These Cartomizer last me about 3 weeks, give great throat hits. Haven't had one burn out yet. I use these with a EGO USB passthru. Each holds about 53 drops. ( I only load 40 drops at a time) I use these constanly all day long. The SMOK brand Are excellent!!! Great price from Mad Vapes. (Posted on 6/20/12)

  30. Junk? Review by Charles Beach

    This one really let me down got 4ml worth of juice in it let it sit for two hours only to find it has a burnt taste. Idk what to do with it mad vapes states no returns on carts so know one is willing to stand behind defective merchandise? (Posted on 6/19/12)

  31. New to this e-cig thing. Review by Rebecca Campbell

    I Was really surprised at how much these hold. Lasts me all day. 1 fill up every morning. I just re-ordered some more. (Posted on 6/13/12)

  32. how long it last Review by Silvana Silva

    for how long can I used this cartomizer? (Posted on 6/10/12)

  33. These are Graet Review by Kimberlee Metz

    I really love these & so do my friends, they hold a lot of juice & you only have to fill them once a day. I would tell anyone to buy these!! (Posted on 5/29/12)

  34. GREAT for eGo T atomizer replacement Review by Jeannah Haber

    LOVE these! Thanks to ECF members for recommending them to me. Had many issues with eGo T atomizers (mostly short life span of approx. 2 wks at $13 a pop). The price on these is awesome. First one lasted a little over two weeks, even with dark juice. They hold so much more juice and no issues with taste at all. MadVapes has great and very quick service/shipping. Thanks MadVapes! (Posted on 5/24/12)

  35. lin Review by Linda Standley

    great cartomizer! really like this works great. good hit. vapes good (Posted on 5/9/12)

  36. great all around Review by Erin Bertagnolli

    I love these bc you get good vapor production and great flavor. these usually last me about a week, but i hit them a lot. (Posted on 5/9/12)

  37. great cartomizers Review by Ronald Winsor

    I got these for my ol lady she just started vaping went from 3 packs a day to a 510 to a ego in two weeks now she has my epower she loves these things I fill her up four of these and shes good to go for a week damn good cartos (Posted on 5/7/12)

  38. Oldcrab Review by William Merrell

    Holds lots of liquid, good TH, last a good long time especially with light colored liquid. Very fast shipping from mMV, I recommend MV to everyone, for speed and value. (Posted on 5/2/12)

  39. 50/50 Review by daryn sampson

    Awesome taste. Really helps the flavor pop. Minus 2 star cause it didn't seem to give me noticably more vapor which is what I was assuming and its kind of too big... if you want to switch flavors... it takes a while to dry out enoigh. I moved on to the vision ego clearomizer .... now that's what you need if you want flavor, vapor and style and also it easy to clean and reuse or switch juice... comes it like 5 colors (Posted on 4/27/12)

  40. best of the best Review by Sean McDannel

    These are the best thing for the ego. Holds just as much as a tank but gives more flavor and TH than most tank cartomizers. (Posted on 4/24/12)

  41. Great Cartomizer - Dont use very thick juice. Review by Joe Petner

    I really do love these. They hold a ton of juice and you blow CLOUDS. There is only one problem. Very thick juice (i.e. Alien Vision Juice) really doesn't work well. They clog and vapor production is very weak. Stick with a good 70/30 PG/VG with these. The top vapor juice sold here works perfect. (Posted on 4/18/12)

  42. great hits Review by travis tarpley

    This thing gives a great hit with tons of vapor. The only downside is that it is huge. It adds a lot of length to an ego 1000 mah battery. Not great for a front pocket. But I forgive it because of the mammoth hits and low maintenance. If you happen to overfill it, your going to have a bad time. Even then, it's fairly easy cleanup. (Posted on 4/17/12)

  43. Not so good vapor production Review by James Bell

    Maybe I'm unlucky but two of these have both underperformed for me. I get great vapor for the first day but then I get considerably less. What's even more confusing is the seemingly identical model with the clear plastic shell lasts me about 10 days and has great vapor. (Posted on 4/11/12)

  44. awesome purchase Review by joshua lamb

    these are awesome...really make vaping affordable, easy to do, and taste great. I will say that some vendors(maybe madvapes does now too...?) offer a low-res version of this cartomizer that i like even better...but even the normal res version is great. 5 stars! (Posted on 4/8/12)

  45. Simply the best carto out there Review by Adam Duran

    These are by far the best cartos I have ever used. Tons of smoke and a throat hit beyond compare. They use niquid very sparingly too. (Posted on 4/4/12)

  46. Work just great Review by Heidi Gilboa

    using this for over a week now , filling the juice in the morning last all day long ,works just great the only bad thing is the cheap rubber tip ... (Posted on 4/4/12)

  47. Almost perfect. Review by Jordan Qualls

    These carto's produce tons of vapor and great flavor. I only have one problem with these. They don't seem to preform as well with the darker and thicker juice. (Posted on 4/1/12)

  48. dual coil ccarto,s Review by teresa marsh

    Dual coil carto,s The dual coils are super . I wont use nothing but these and mv is doing super w/ thier fast service .cool beans . keep it up mad vapes . i dont order from any other co now . they are my main squeeze. (Posted on 3/30/12)

  49. A cart for picking up women. Review by marco borrino

    I pulled this out at the bar, and it was like I was made of candy. Women are drawn to big black things I guess. Big clouds of vapor, but the taste could be better. The clear mega, and the super shorty taste better than this carto. But the combination of this sexy carto and my Deuce Custom Ink hoodie, I didn't leave alone. (Posted on 3/26/12)

  50. Awesome, good buy for ego users. Review by Nathan Sheaffer

    I have only good things to say about these. vape good, good taste, hold up to about 2 weeks of use before needing cleaned or tossed. (Posted on 3/20/12)

  51. great Review by Nina Cline-Ziolkowski

    love the output and durability,,,got flat tips last time b/c there was no round in stock,,nice change,,love them will definitely order more (Posted on 3/16/12)

  52. Very nice! Review by Don Thiede

    Easy to use, easy to fill,and easy on the wallet too! What's not to like about it? (Posted on 3/14/12)

  53. easy Review by Russ Wilson

    I've had 2 duds out of the 20 or so I've ordered. I prefer the flat tips for some reason. They hold plenty of juice to last a day without refilling. I find that 5 days is a normal lifespan for one of these. They will typically last much longer but, they get weaker and the flavor is muted after a week. This carto threaded to an eGo battery makes for the perfect, trouble free, all day vaping machine. (Posted on 3/13/12)

  54. TAKING THE GAMBLE Review by Danny Plank

    These carto's are awesome if your lucky enough to get working ones. I recently ordered 5 of these with a round tip. 3 of the 5 where DOA on arrival. Upon contacting madvapes I was told that the fail rate on carto's is 1 in 5000 and that they can do nothing for me. Maybe the fail rate for others is that high but the odds of you getting a bad one with these is very high. So be prepared to throw alot of money in the trash with these (Posted on 3/9/12)

  55. My absolute favorite vape. Review by Mike F DiBenedetto

    These are made by SMOK. It is definitely my only way to vape from here on out. I use it with my ego-t battery and I will never vape any other way again. Produces a lot of flavor and good amount of vapor. (Posted on 2/25/12)

  56. Mr Review by christopher adcock

    I've been using these for about 6 months now - I do like how much juice they can hold - however, I do toss it and start a new one about every 7 days when they start to become harder to pull - but at this price I don't mind that at all. (Posted on 2/24/12)

  57. N. Cox Review by nina cox

    This is the only caromizer I will use. One drawback is you absolutely have to order a circuit spacer with these in order for them to work but once you get it together, I love it and can't imagine vaping any other way. Just remember, order the circuit spacer too or they don't work well. (Posted on 2/23/12)

  58. Last Forever... Review by Cindy Fox

    I've purchased these a few times from MadVapes...and they last for months. Great vapor, throat hit, flavor. Definitely worth the $$. (Posted on 2/18/12)

  59. Good deal, good vape. Review by Sean Sullivan

    Its an excellent carto for ego batts. One quick note: These black versions are made of metal. THe body and everything except for the rubber tip. Its sturdy, but the downside is they heat up much faster than the plastic/clear version. (Posted on 2/2/12)

  60. david joseph Review by david pellicane

    simply the best cart to use with an eGo battery. as easy at it gets, and they last forever. tons of vapor. there is nothing better. Madvapes is the best! (Posted on 1/31/12)

  61. EMDCC Review by Ronald Sammons

    These things are awesome, ya gotta give em a try. I have even used 100% VG in em ;) (Posted on 1/26/12)

  62. Awesome Review by Corey Thomas

    These things rock!...but as far as juice consumption goes, they get the same mileage as my grand dad's Buick...ah well, worth it! (Posted on 1/25/12)

  63. wonderful Review by Ray Cahill

    I love them. No leaks no fuss, work great. They put out pleanty of vapor very happy with them will order more. Also great price. (Posted on 1/22/12)

  64. once youve gone black you never go back Review by Louis Marchetti

    i buy these three to five at a time,i just received my last five and i loaded it up with some excellent rye4 and as usual it produces warm tons of vapor,actually to much some times.i will never have to buy anything else but these.i have bought over twenty now and i just change them when i feel like a new one would be better.not happening,they all have produced the same quality of vapor/ my problems of searching for a really good vape is always at my fingertips. (Posted on 1/20/12)

  65. doa Review by billy mccormack

    got the clear one the first order working just fine.ordered the black one dead on arrival (Posted on 1/20/12)

  66. HELP Review by anna camyre

    what piece is it called that you put between ur battery and the car...???? (Posted on 1/18/12)

  67. Welcome to a whole new world! Review by Daniel Largent

    If you have been vaping on little 510's and the like for a while this guy is for you. It holds TONS of juice will go all day long without any dripping or futzing. The one we are using right now has lasted us over a month with nothing but an occasional light blow out & wipe down. YMMV Put this guy on a large eGo bat and enjoy the day futz free. (Posted on 1/15/12)

  68. JuiceHog Review by Dave Roland

    Picked up one of these to try and 3 weeks later it's still kickin' butt @ 3.7v - with an adaptor on a PS V3 @ 6v it's kickin' even more butt - now someone just needs to build a mondo tank to put this in. (Posted on 1/14/12)

  69. Awesome Review by Laura Miller

    I love the dual coil cartomizers. I'll never go back to anything else. Produces tons of vapor. (Posted on 1/13/12)

  70. Double the happy Review by Joseph Davis

    What more can be said than these are just fantastic. Combined with MV's Minthol and a 1000mah battery, I'm set. (Posted on 1/13/12)

  71. Perfect Review by Ken Short

    I had been searching for something to get the feeling I wanted from my ego kit...and I finally found it. THese things give the perfect throat hit, the perfect amount of vapor..just a very solid product. I ordered 4 and so far both I have tried have worked. They really bring out the flavor of my juices and I had no idea what I was missing with my regular 510 atty's and carts. (Posted on 1/10/12)

  72. these rock! Review by kiel barkdull

    cant say enough about these. have purchased several and will definately buy more, they're awesome!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 1/9/12)

  73. Great design, inconsistent quality Review by Kevin Braughton

    I bought four of these recently and the two that do work are spectacular. Insane draws and great flavor. Plus the width makes my ego look much sleeker than the standard carts. Could stand to be a little shorter though. As for the other two, way too much current, causing the filler/liquid to get burnt, and very little vapor production.Would've given 5 stars based on the good carts, but I'm afraid 50 percent is not good enough for me. (Posted on 1/9/12)

  74. eGo Mega Dual Coil Cartomizers Review by Jay Taylor

    I love these carto's and will definitley order again. The only issue I had was I ordered round tip and got flat tip but that's definitely not a deal breaker, these things kick! (Posted on 1/8/12)

  75. Best In Class Review by Jon Shoemaker

    I've tried almost every Dual Coil Carto out there and this one beats all hands down when it comes to length of use, TH, vapor porduction, and the ammount of juice it holds. I vape very heavily and I can go half a day with one refill. I have not had a DOA yet... fingers crossed. (Posted on 1/4/12)

  76. Awesome! Review by Kris Erickson

    Was disappointed in my eGo T until I found these! Strong smooth vapr, large capacity, great price! Perfect for all day vaping. (Posted on 1/2/12)

  77. Excellent product from a company you can trust Review by sean mcbratnie

    These cartomizers are great. Madvapes offers reliable products, excellent customer service and fast shipping. (Posted on 12/30/11)

  78. very good product Review by greg noel

    got one of these today,in one week,by the way,filled,holds alot,srewed it on my ego,and it works great,good flavor,not to hot,and love the flat tip,it wont break or fall out,plus i ordered a ego lanyard it works great too,no more falling out of my pocket.thhanks madvapes. (Posted on 12/29/11)

  79. Great Cartos! Review by Andrew Bourgeois

    These are amazing. Hold tons of liquid, great taste & TH, coupled with a solid ego batt, make for a great vaping experience. Highly recommend these. (Posted on 12/21/11)

  80. Big Thumbs Up! Review by David Stahl

    Ordered several times now and received a perfect vape every time! Coupled with your eGo battery & juice of choice they are inexpensive & hard to beat. They last very well for me. Wish these were around in '09 when I started. Would have made life much easier then; as it is right now! Vape On! :) (Posted on 12/20/11)

  81. Very Happy Review by Rebecca Griffin

    I am purchasing more of these today. Work very well with my ego batteries! (Posted on 12/18/11)

  82. Quite decent Review by J. Adam Morris

    I really like these a lot. I was pretty staunchly committed to my Bauway 510 attys but I do a lot of interstate driving and it's just not practical to drip in the car. Being as cheap as they are, I ordered a couple just to try and the 510s I bought are still in the wrapper, weeks later. I prefer the flat tip to the round...the round is kind of like sucking on a sharpie and the flat is more like a black & mild. Also, DO NOT let them dry out, or they are ruined. (Posted on 12/12/11)

  83. Awesome Review by Judy Widmer

    Great cartomizer. Holds a lot of juice, has lots of vapor and taste. It does run down the battery faster so keep them charged. It's worth it! (Posted on 12/10/11)

  84. Love it Review by Jon Steir

    This dual is great holds plenty of juice burns through it faster being the dual coil but has good flavor and plenty of vapor. Have used both the round and flat tips prefer the round but that is me not as hard a draw as the flat tip. (Posted on 12/2/11)

  85. awsome cartomiser Review by victor girouard

    one of the best dual coils i have used works awsome even on an ego 650mah battery. (Posted on 12/2/11)

  86. Great Review by Aleksandar Basovski

    Just what I was expecting! (Posted on 12/1/11)

  87. Powerhouse Carto Review by janice williams

    Have never gotten a weak hit of this monster! A must have for any large battery. (Posted on 11/30/11)

  88. gramdody Review by Dora Perez

    I really like the vape on this seems to last pretty good i have used one of mine for three weeks now !! (Posted on 11/29/11)

  89. Great Buy Review by Wayne Varner

    These really work great with my egoT (Posted on 11/28/11)

  90. Dual Coil's Review by Stephanie Eller

    LOVE THESE THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!Large amount of vapor, holds flavor longer. We love these and buy them often!! Excellent product. (Posted on 11/26/11)

  91. NA Review by Mark E Fleming

    This Cartomizer is great~! Produces great throat hit and tons of vapor! Love this cartomizer bunches! (Posted on 11/22/11)

  92. Best mega DC yet? Review by kevin robertson

    Just got these they produce tons of vapor with a light draw, taste is good as well. Because of the HUGE diameter you can just about fill them with a bucket and not worry about spills. They look and feel great on the E-power too; If my e-power switch worked reliably it would be hard to beat. But if you have a 510 extension and a big battery mod these work great. (Posted on 11/20/11)

  93. great so far Review by Thomas J Sharrock

    Loving these on my 3.7 devices. (Posted on 11/19/11)

  94. Good Stuff Review by Chris Prentice

    These carts last a very long time. The flavor really comes through. Just a little bulky. (Posted on 11/10/11)

  95. LOVE IT!! Review by Jeffrey Webster

    These are an all-around good product. As the description states, good vapor production and looks good on the Ego batts. Will definitely be buying more. (Posted on 11/10/11)

  96. Awesome Carto's Review by Jayson Holmes

    I have many of these. Vape 'em all the time, plumes of vapor. They only leak if you overfill. I love Madvapes so much, I want to take it behind the dorm and get it pregnant :> (Posted on 11/7/11)

  97. ego mega dual coil cartomizer Review by debbie durren

    this is the best damm carto ever fillup in the morning vap all day (Posted on 11/4/11)

  98. Great cartos Review by Anthony Milosz

    I have heard of units where the coils are mislocated and never get juiced. Others have had filler swelling, rapidly causing hard draw. Mine are absolutely great. Immense vapor and flavor better than the Echo-E. Keep them wet but blow out the excess for best flavor. If you use them on eGo batteries, it's over the line current-wise, so at least take it easy on the button, and don't expect the battery to last as long. The 2.4/2.2 ohm resistance of the single/dual coil Echo-E is its advantage. (Posted on 10/25/11)

  99. These are great Review by jayme winans

    Only cartos worth purchasing for an ego. tons of vapor! (Posted on 10/22/11)

  100. Love 'em! Review by Jeannie Francis

    Tried these on a recommendation. I'm sold! All the way around an excellent vape. I'll definitely be ordering more from MV. (Posted on 10/22/11)

  101. ego mega dual coil Review by Alex Chaffee

    Best atomizer around period, been using this same one for nearly 3 weeks now.Produces more vapor than practically anything else out there, have yet to get any liquid in my mouth after going through nearly 50ml of fluid in 1.DO NOT EVER let them run dry, the coils will melt the filler and ruin them. I accidentally fired one as I was filling it and never could get it to stop tasting burned after that. (Posted on 10/15/11)

  102. So Far So good Review by Joseph Carl

    Just got these; one of the best cartos i have ever used; nice vapor and throat hit with my favorite flavors. Makes the ego look nice as well; don't exactly hold 5ml of liquid; i wouldnt put that much in at least. just top of everynight and you should be good. (Posted on 10/11/11)

  103. Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer Review by xenodohidis sokratis

    for me is the best cartomizer 4 ml enough steam and very good hitting I bought 5 pieces and they were all ?? (Posted on 10/8/11)

  104. eGO Mega Dual Coil Cartomizers Review by David Potter

    Well I have to say from reading all the reviews I was expecting something amazing and to be perfectly honest I am not impressed at all. I am not sure if I am missing something but I filled these and started to take a draw and found myself coughing and very little vapor was produced. I have not experienced this with any other dual coil cart. I will try another one with different juice but I have a feeling I am going to get the same result. I give these a thumbs down. (Posted on 10/6/11)

  105. eGo Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer's with the flat rubber tip Review by Sharon Luers

    I simply love these carto's Good flavor, great vapor, and a lot less time spent filling and topping up. I also like the flat rubber drip tip, it feels better to me that the round tips. In all honesty, these carto's do not hold anything close to 5mls, maybe more like 3-3.5 mls. I'm sorry to see that the price jumped up .40 cents. I am so glad that I stocked up when they were $2.49 each and I got 5% discount with the FB code that was good until 9/30. (Posted on 10/6/11)

  106. Great product for less! Review by Aaron Meek

    I like the idea of putting the sponge" next to the atomizer instead of in the mouthpiece. It seems to provide a more consistent vapor than the original unit. Despite the price being way cheaper than any other cartomizer I have actually works better than the more expensive carts I have used! Great product for less!" (Posted on 10/1/11)

  107. New & Improved!!! Review by John Katz

    The eGo DCC's are much improved over the first batch that was released. Excellent draw, vapor production and flavor. You can also fit a standard 510 drip tip in the opening of the mouthpiece. They fit perfectly and actually look pretty cool. (Posted on 9/25/11)

  108. I Love these Review by Glenda Smith

    These are the best! They don't leak, flavor is fantastic, and lots of vapor. They last a lomg time, also. I switched from an ego B tank atomizer which continuously leaked or burned up and gave minimal flavor from the juices. (Posted on 9/20/11)

  109. GREAT Review by Don Young

    I can't more about this eGo Mega Dual Coil Cartomizer Flat-Tip, It is great, I just wish I had found it sooner. Thanks MadVapes (Posted on 9/14/11)

  110. I was skeptical at first... Review by Justin Boughton

    I was skeptical about these when I first saw them on here, I decided to order a couple to try. MadVapes did make a mistake and send me the bulb style tipped ones instead (and has yet to reply to my ticket where they did so, and also did not send me my drip tip that I ordered!)However, these are pretty solid.They work extremely well, give good vapor and throat hit, and go much longer between refills. I've only been using one a few days now, but I see no signs of degradation. (Posted on 9/11/11)

  111. Boge Who??? Review by Rick Berthiaume

    I've been using Boge 2.0 with my ego-t batteries and never again. I can actually go a whole day without refilling. Easiest cartomizer to refill by far. I'm getting almost 3 weeks of solid use. FINALLY, something made for me. (Posted on 9/11/11)

  112. Nice carto Review by Athanasios Agianoglou

    Great carto and cheap !! (Posted on 9/8/11)

  113. Excellent, fits OEM! Review by Ricardo Torres

    I purchased 6 of these and from the very first one used I was convinced I made a wise choice in my purchase.Screwed right on to my Janty eGo-T with no problems and holds a ton of juice. I will keep buying more. I highly recommend this product. (Posted on 9/8/11)

  114. YES! Review by Lori Switala

    I love these and sell them in my store. Most customers like this mouthpiece better than the bulb type. They perform so perfectly. Keep them topped off and they work for a really long time! No leaking like the tank atomizers can. (Posted on 9/7/11)

  115. Ego mega cartomizer Review by Debra Custer

    I love these cartomizers...I'm one that likes throat hit and vapor and these beauties deliver love love em (Posted on 9/7/11)

  116. The BEST!!! Review by Eric Allmond II

    I LOVE THESE!! I have bought several of these to put up for spares. Tos of vapor...clouds and clouds!! Strong throat hits no matter what juice I use! Finally found a substitute for my LR tornado tanks!! I like these better because I donthave to fill as often as TT & these bring out the flavor of all my juices! Get one...they are only $ will not be disappointed at all! (Posted on 9/3/11)

  117. Awesome!! Review by Lindsey Rosas

    These are awesome! TONS of vapor and great flavor. I have only filled this once so far and it has lasted me 2 days! The only down side is that it is bigger than I thought - almost as long as the eGo batt and the same width. I can deal with it though since I don't have to worry about refilling as often. Definately will be buying these from now on. (Posted on 9/2/11)


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