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Diablo e-Pipes

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Diablo e-Pipe, Orange
Diablo e-Pipe, Grey
Diablo e-Pipe, Patriot
Diablo e-Pipe, Pink Marble
Diablo e-Pipe, Copperwood
Diablo e-Pipe, Purple
Diablo e-Pipe, Red
Diablo e-Pipe, Emerald Green
Diablo e-Pipe, Pacific Blue
Diablo e-Pipe, White Marble
Diablo e-Pipe, Bloodshot Grey

Quick Overview

  • Made right here at MadVapes!

  • Designed for a 3.7 volt 18500 protected battery

  • Auto switch with a red LED



Product Details

This is an awesome e-Pipe made right here at MadVapes! It is carved out of acrylic on our CNC machines and then outfitted with an auto switch for button free vaping. The curves of the pipe really bring out the detail in the acrylic. It is polished to a high shine and has a red LED under a molded piece of translucent acrylic that is lightly finished with black paint that closely resembles ignited pipe embers.

The Diablo is designed for a 3.7V 18500 protected Li-ion battery which will last all day. The auto switch has a red LED when vaping but has a blue LED that flashes when you first install a battery, when the battery is low or if there is a short detected at the connector.

These look and work great with 510 tanks like the Artemas or the Artemas Slim (shown).

Price is for 1 Diablo e-Pipe. Artemas Slim, batteries or other accessories that may be shown in the pictures are sold separately. Colors and patterns vary on acrylic mods as they are custom made.

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SKU 4236

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Customer Reviews

Poor Construction Review by Philip
The 510 receptacle into which the tank is screw is held into the pipe base simply by friction. Consequently, after screwing in a tank two or three times, the receptacle becomes loose and eventually dislodges. As a result, when the tank is then screwed in the receptacle can rotate and sever the wired battery connectors rendering the pipe useless. I went through two pipes in two weeks. Great idea but poor design and shoddy construction. (Posted on 10/20/2013)
What a Pipe! Review by M.L.T.
I am impressed. The Diablo (I got grey) looks really nice. Different. Makes me think of Middle Earth and wizards. I love the automatic switch! I'd forgotten what a pleasure autos could be. The draw is great, and lots of vapor and TH. Ordered a e-pipe stem to go with..and I got the stand, too. Very pleased. I don't see a need for VV. This is simple, and very satisfying to use. Just like a pipe ought to be! (Posted on 9/7/2013)
Precision? No. China Quality? Yes. Review by Travis
Got it going after pulling the spring out and stretching it about a half inch. Once I did that it works well. I am using a Iclear 30 on the pipe. It could use a little more power and for the price and what you get would expect VV. But its not. I dont see anyway a kick could work unless your handy. I would be willing to bet it could fit without stretching the spring though.

All in all I am happy with it. But would I buy another one. No. You got to make what works for everyone if you want people to be happy. VV is a must IMO. If the price goes up than so be it. This is basic also IMO. (Posted on 9/5/2013)
So far, so good. I really like it! Review by Lorraine
I loved the idea of this so much I didn't read the reviews before I bought it. So I just got it and couldn't wait to try it. Filled up the SmokTek Pyrex tank, put on the GORGEOUS red bishop drip tip form MV, and it works perfectly. So then I read the reviews and thought...uh-oh. I have checked every fitting and joint on this device and it seems rock solid. Ok..I didn't take vice grips to it...but I used more hand force than I normally would if I was putting something together...and nothing budged. I have small hands so was even able to stick a pinky into the bowl and feel the wiring and PCB....even THAT was rock solid. It's too bad a few people had bad luck, and I do know that happens. But so far I am thrilled to have a big battery auto device! (Posted on 8/28/2013)
I saw this item on the website and was smiling all the way to the computer to buy one. $60 bucks seemed high, but it's new, it's sexy, it has an 18500!

So, it arrived. When I picked it up, it rattled a little bit, so I took a closer look -- and the two pieces fell apart in my hands. They had never been put together. Fortunately, the wires had been connected (but I think they were right at the point of pulling out when the two pieces came apart.)

I'm not a mechanical guy, but I realized that my options were 1) try to fix this; it's just some glue, right? or 2) mail it back, and be without it for weeks. Went with 1). Problem, though. Not being a mechanical kind of person, I didn't get the internal alignment right (There's an internal alignment??). When I went to put the battery in, it didn't go in.

So, spent about a day tinkering, thinking, and fuming, but finally got the battery to fit without breaking anything. Aaaaaahhh. Agree with the 'Hugh Hefner' review. . . . except. . .

About 10 minutes after I had turned it on, the threads where the battery cap screws into POP OUT OF THE BOTTOM with the cap still screwed in. . . It appears that the final stage of assembly -- you know, the attach all parts securely stage -- was just completely ignored!

So, it's OK. I glued it once, shame on me, glued it twice. . . you don't get glued again (subtle GWB reference), but then I started thinking:

This is a pipe mod made out of plastic. It's exclusively "made right here" at madvapes. It has about $3.00 of soldering and assembly done on it. I paid for shipping. I'm not really happy about what I got.

So, hearing about their excellent customer support, I sent them a trouble ticket, briefly mentioning the first problem I ran into (the two main pieces). In response, I got a form email saying "Nothing we can do unless you return it."

So, in the end, THIS MOD ISN'T WORTH THE MONEY. For a 2000% mark-up, you get a set of plastic pieces with some wires soldered into some of them that you get to guess how to assemble. And if you get it wrong, you get a form letter.

I found a 618 complete set-up kit in China at Fasttech for 2/3 of the price of this piece of plastic . . . I doubt I will have to assemble any of it. . .

I suspect Madvapes can do better. They just didn't. (Posted on 7/29/2013)
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