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CE2 Style Tank Replacement Single Coil Cartomizers, 2.0 Ohms, Dual Hole

CE2 Style Tank Replacement Single Coil Cartomizers, 2.0 Ohms, Dual Hole


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SKU: 3995

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  • Replacement for your dual coil 510 tank cartomizer

  • Great vapor production

  • Dual predrilled holes that are larger than DCT cartomizers



CE2 Style Tank Replacement Single Coil Cartomizers, 2.0 Ohms, Dual Hole

These CE2 style 510 cartomizers are replacements for your Dual Coil 510 Tank Cartomizer. They come with a flange and dual predrilled holes that are larger than standard DCT cartomizers.  The larger holes are to accomodate the design of this cartomizer.  The CE2 style has thread that wicks the e-liquid to the coil like in a clearomizer.  These are single coil and produce tons of vapor.

Please note: There is no warranty, returns, refunds or exchanges on cartomizers.

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SKU 3995


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  1. WONDERFUL Review by anthony

    Finally, A carto that is trouble free. No more burnt hits or flooding. Just put it in your tank, put two or three drops in the center and vape away! Plus they don't have any poly fill in them so you can cut them down and make a super shorty tank mod with them. Please keep these in stock. (Posted on 6/24/13)

  2. OMG AGAIN Review by Melinda

    found out how to toot this carto put vaporizer up level with your lips so while your tooting your feeding the juice. DO NOT toot it like a regular carto or you will dry up the wick and you will get a burnt taste......GOOD ONE MADVAPES KEEP IT COMING!!! YOU GUYS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT WITH MY ORDERS!!! THANKS
    (Posted on 5/21/13)

  3. OMG!!!! Review by Melinda

    I always like wick tank this carto gave wick a new meaning I LOVE IT!!! (Posted on 5/21/13)

  4. work almost as good as this website Review by ugh

    madevape has no embaresment with this website and to refuse to take back products that are not even close to what you bought. don't waste your time. (Posted on 3/15/13)

  5. May work better with thicker Juice.. Review by anthony

    I have purchased this cartomizer from another site and have found them to work better with heavier VG juices. The 1st one I tried with a 50/50 blend. Like many of the reviews I have read I had wicking issues and would get dry then burnt hits. Now, after running about 3 mils through with the 50/50 it began performing more consistently if I would take a primer puff with no power to my mod every couple hits when chain vaping. The flavor was great, but the draw was very airy. Now I have read on other sites these don’t work with 100% VG. I put a new one in my tank filled it with boba's bounty dripped 2 drops down the center to prime it and it worked instantly and well. I have found you may need to tilt your PV horizontal every now and then to assist with wicking but its working for me. (Posted on 2/1/13)

  6. ugh Review by kim

    Mine just floods. Boo (Posted on 1/19/13)

  7. no very good. Review by Tadege

    Some will work great but about half only give a burnt taste. even tried opening the hole a little more, did not improve them. very expensive to throw half out. only buy a couple to try them if you must. go with the duel coil 1.5.. (Posted on 12/2/12)

  8. Finally !!! I almost Cried !!! Review by Karl

    Ive only had these cart's for about a day now but i must say I personally will never buy a poly filled carto again. These require almost no setup. I simply put a fresh one in the tank, filled the tank about 2 thirds full, put about 2-3 drops right down the middle to help the initial wicking on the coil. I don't know if this was neccary but i figured, the juice i got from mad vapes being 80 is % VG it couldnt hurt. Then I took a few primer puffs, let it sit for a coupple min while i setup another tank. I've been in love ever since. Way to go Mad V\apes. (Posted on 12/1/12)

  9. exactly what ive been waiting for! Review by mikenoise

    I have never been a fan of ce2's or any of the ce models for that matter. that was because the coil was right next to your mouth. these have the coil at the base, genius! flavor and vapor are plenty. I will say both models of these I tried required low amperage and voltage ortherwise they would taste burn occasionally. so on a standard ego style they are great. vvmods up to 4volts and 2.5amps (Posted on 11/14/12)

  10. I really wanted to like this Review by Dustin

    First hit was AWESOME. vaped well for the next few hours. Not sure if it was fault of mine, but suddenly got a burnt taste (first hit of the morning - so it had been sitting over night). Now i cannot get a good tasting hit from it.... so sad, because it hits really well. it may be that I am using 60%pg/40%vg eliquid. I can see down to the coil, and it does not look burnt....still looks new.. not really sure what the problem is. doubt ill be using one of these again. may make a switch to the vision clearomizers or the VIVI nova. to many problems with cartos fro DCTs..... (Posted on 11/9/12)

  11. Good But QA is LACKING Review by saneVapes

    ordered 5 of these, and 2 of them had some issue where the 510 threads were NOT connected to the cartomizer tube, lost 3.5ml of liquid b/c of this.
    the ones that worked did so extremely well, wick system is definitely better than poly fill dct tank carts IMO.

    Thick vapor, was NEVER dry, will have to say there is a break-in period it seems, i just dropped 2 drops directly in the hole on the bottom and that really helped

    they say about 5 days of life expectancy, but i am on day 7 and still good. will order more of these and a few of the dual coil ones as well.

    I don't know if defective products can be returned but odds are they can't. :*( i cried a snowflake. (Posted on 11/3/12)

  12. A great concept but needs work Review by John

    I got one of these to try dye to the mixed reviews. This carto works but not as efficiently as it should. You need to let it set awhile after filling for it to wick well. And it performs best at lower voltages. Also after setting awhile take a few non firing puffs that seems to keep it from giving a dry or burned hit. I think with a little modification these will be a good thing. (Posted on 10/28/12)

  13. Bad Review by Noelle

    out of 5 of these only one would actually wick any juice at all. and that one was amazing until it got old..

    The rest of them did not absorb any juice and gave nothing but burnt taste off of every hit no matter what I did.

    Don't waste your money (Posted on 10/26/12)

  14. Nothing but burning. Review by Chris

    I purchased 6 of these and a DCT in hopes these would work, but it's nothing but severe burning on the first 3, even at 3 volts (4.5 watts). They refuse to wick juice to the coil, and the silicon cup cuts off juice from getting to the coil. The wick itself tastes burnt as well, almost like a charred flavor.

    I was excited to try these as I despise cartomizers, but I would not recommend these. (Posted on 10/22/12)

  15. GENIUS!!!! Review by robert

    Finally!! Someone finally did it and whoever delved into it is an absolute genius. I have been looking for something just like this and I love it. It works better than I hoped. Please continue to stock these. (Posted on 10/3/12)

  16. Wow Review by Amy

    Love these, clean taste, big clouds, awesome! (Posted on 9/27/12)


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