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ARO Bottom Coil Tank

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Quick Overview

> Warm Vapor, Smooth Flavor

> Holds 2mL of Liquid

> Reduced Leaking



Product Details

The ARO is a bottom coil clearomizer tank system made by Smok Tech. The tank tube itself is made of plastic so it is very economical. It is similar to the Kanger MT3. Bottom coil clearomizers provide a nice warm vapor, with a superb clean flavor, and reduced wicking issues. The ARO has a replaceable atomizer head and holds about 2ml of e-liquid. The ARO has an eGo connector, but unlike most eGo clearomizers or cartomizers, the ARO uses the outer threas of the eGo battery. Therefore, if you are using a device with a 510 connector it will be necessary to use a 510 to eGo adapter (sold separately). The center post of the connector is unsealed. There is a vent hole in the bottom of the tank which provides the right amount of airflow. Due to the design of the tank we have yet to have one leak. The rubber gaskets keep the e-liquid where it is supposed to be, in the tank wicking to the coil.

To fill the ARO: unscrew the bottom atomizer head, hold the tank upside down and fill with about 2 ml of eLiquid. With the tank mouthpiece-end down, screw the atomizer head back on. To replace the heating element unscrew the bottom of the clearomizer. The heating element unscrews from the base.

The ARO has great vapor. It comes with a 2.4 ohm coil installed and produces excellent vapor and a good hit. This is sure to be a huge hit.

The correct replacement coils for this unit can be found here

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SKU 11056

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Customer Reviews

Favorite so far Review by Dave-NY
I was really hesitant to buy these, because I've had so many bad experiences with clearomizers and tanks in the past, but decided to give these a try anyways, because it's been a long time since then (2-3 years)... and I'm really glad I did.

I've been using mine for about a week now and haven't had a single problem. Have been really impressed.

I have times where I vape a lot and it doesn't dry up or burn at all. I have times where I set it down or put it in my pocket for extended periods of time and haven't had any problems with it leaking. I've laid it down on its side, right side up and upside down and it still hasn't leaked. I've even dropped it a couple times.

Also, I've been using the same coil it came with and haven't had to change it yet. (I've only vaped about 35ml of e-liquid out of it so far though... and cleaned it out after 30ml to change flavors). The flavor I've mostly used so far is Dew Drop by Lion Head and it works really good and stays clean... and have been using it with an ARO vv/vw 2000mAh winder battery.

Definitely going to be ordering more (with extra coils) in the future. (Posted on 3/8/2015)
Leaked after 24 hours of use. Both times Review by LARRY
Yep, when it leaks into the tube that you breath out of and on the battery after 24 hours. I even went to my local shop to buy a new coil thinking that was the issue. same issue. I thoroughly cleaned everything twice using the new coil and the same leak was present. Thanks for a defective starter kit you sold my local vendor I buy from. (Posted on 11/19/2014)
Works Great !! Review by Snazzy
I bought this tank tonight in store and I am so pleased with it. It gives off lots of vapor and the flavor is 100% it's very quiet also and it dosen't leak. I upgraded from a starter kit .I recommend this product to everyone !! (Posted on 10/25/2014)
worth it Review by Justine
I have neen vaping for two years and I just recently had all of my tanks break one right after another. So I immediately went on mad vapes and hoped I could find a cheap but sturdy tank and I chose this one. Because they are as cheap as they are I was sceptical I bought two just in case. I just recieved my tanks in the mail and I am so impressed and happy with my order and the tanks. They put off a nice cloud and has a clean fresh flavor unlike the ones that had that had coils and would burn and give off a stale burnt taste. If you are in need of a cheap, reliable, sturdy, and efficient tank then I definitely recommend this tank. (Posted on 10/23/2014)
good and bad Review by Trips1103
For the most part, a steady vape. I like the pastic tip. Tanks made with metal tips feel so cold against the lips. It would be nice if they held a bit more juice. I've also had two that started leaking around the base of the tip. The tip became loose in its fitting. (Posted on 10/13/2014)
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